Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paris 2005

Due to business (see below), posting will today be something of an opposite to yesterdays, with er, less words. So here's a holiday snap I took while in beautiful Paris, it's one of my favourites. When camera focussing goes wrong and it turns out oh so right. But anyway, must run, happy almost Friday!
ps - and I'm still reeling from lugging that Gymnea lily around. They're HUGE!!!


  1. Pretty bokeh. I don't know if that means what I think it does, but I'm tryng to sound knowledgeable again!
    Read your name in the paper today- you clever finalist you!

  2. I just googled it and you're correct! And SO clever :) And I totally went for the bokeh effect here. It was all planned :)
    And I just ran outside all excited to get the paper...we're practically famous!! How exciting!

  3. As a Paris tragic, I love this photo and its dreamy haze (I can make out the Arche de la Defense in the blur).
    Lee Tran

  4. Thanks Lee! This photo's one of my (accidental) favourites. Paris is still one of my favourite places too. So beautiful! And the food...


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