Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Furiousdreams...colour is good for you.

Mount of Venus

Dusk at Strybing
Featuring today on this wonderful blog of blogs is Furiousdreams Victoria Webb. Brilliant artist, lived in Italy, wears hats. I absolutely love these canvasses, so drenched in colour and richness, and so vivid. Don't know much art talk but will just say these would make me very happy were they sitting merrily on my wall, singing blues, reds and greens at me, and whispering peaches, yellows and pinks into my mornings. Very happy indeedy.

If you'd like to be serenaded by your paintings in the mornings, afternoons, or twilights (friends will most likely be alarmed, always best to warn them. Nothing quite like the first time you hear an artwork sing at you, I'll say that), grab hold of your keyboard and patter over to www.victoriawebb.net or http://www.furiousdreams.etsy.com/. Try and copy them, and I promise you, there'll be no singing. And a painting that doesn't sing at you? Just not worth it.

ps I've also discovered Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong make possibly THE best Winter music. They're no painting, that's for sure. But I think it's fairly safe to say something along the lines of apples and oranges...


  1. i want to paint. can we paint?! :D

  2. Yes yes!! With lots of colours! :)

  3. Thanks so much for posting my work- lovely blog, entertaining writing!


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