Thursday, September 30, 2010

*****FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!!!!!*****

*****Update***** Winner anounced on 8th October
There is nothing that excites me quite like getting mail in the post. When I first started my own business, getting a PO Box was possibly one of the most exciting things I did. Don't worry, I have joined a support group. When You Love Getting Mail So Much You Become A Little Bit Crazy (WYLGMSMYBALC). It's working. But when I check it now, it's still a little bit like Christmas! Writing a note is always lovely too, there's something so sincere and genuine about it. Popping it in the big red post box and then waiting a day or two to see if it arrives safely at its destination, hopefully bringing some mail box excitement to your loved one.
Therefore, my dear readers, it is quite obvious as to why I should be so excited about this giveaway! A beautiful box of 'xoxo' notecards from French Navy for one lucky winner to be chosen next Friday! There are lots of exclamation points here! My mail box excitement and my giveaway excitement are mingling to form HUGE excitement!! Mailaway excitement! If you will!
All you have to do is leave a little comment detailing your loveliest note, received or sent. Mine shall remain private*, but DO share! There has never quite been anything like a good love note. No siree. This one is for Australian residents only, but for the lovely internationals...we'll have one soon!
You've got until next Thursday night to enter my lovelies...better get cracking! And enjoy the weekend...I'm off to a wedding! xx

ps - check out the other beautiful paper treats on offer at the delightful French Navy store. See if you can resist...I dare you!

* 'Our relationship is both wonderful and weird. I'm wonderful, you're weird.'

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sometimes I wish for balance...

Head - OOH! Pretty shoes!
Feet - No.
Head - But just imagine, pretty bows at the ankles, lovely black velvet buckles...
Feet - No.
Head - Oh and how lovely would they look with a pretty Summer dress for a party, a garden party, with the night sky covered with twinkling stars and my tummy full of tasty canapes!
Feet - No.
Head - I think they would be comfortable too.
Feet - No.
Head - Yes indeedy, most high heels are.
Feet - No. You're delusional. And do you even know where to get them from?
Head - Not exactly. And that could cause some difficulties. But that just makes the hunt more exciting, right?!
Feet - No.
Head - Did you know my favourite birthday was the one where I bought birthday shoes? They were multi coloured! People complemented me on my shoes! It was a grand evening. And out of the number of shoes I own and the approximate 3 pairs I wear, these babies get a high rotation. Colourful AND comfy! And I get the same feeling about these pretties as I did about those.
Feet - No.
Head - But they would go with everything!!!
Feet - No.
Head - I would fall down, wouldn't I?
Feet - Yes.
Head - *sigh*

If you don't like flicking pages...

I have a lovely (and lucky!) friend in the UK who was able to pop along to Design Week in London last week, and told me about these incredible canvasses of entire books from Spineless Classics. Brilliant! Next time you want a poster to take up some more of your time, you know where to look!

Oh Pride and Prejudice, how I do love thee...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh to be in Paris!

Cool sunshine, chocolate crepes, galleries, markets, walking by the Seine, Creme brulee, the metro, chocolatiers, pastry, Sephora, French onion soup, wine bars, hazy pink and gold and purple sunsets, jet streams across the sky, the Eiffel Tower, bicycles, cruises on the Seine at night time, watching traffic from the Arc de Triomphe and wondering how people stay alive, tiny birds in the Tuilleries gardens, red coats, Monet, baguettes, raspberry tarts, Pont Neuf, the pedestrian bridge over the Seine, lots of stairs, Il Saint-Louis, sitting in cafes and watching the world go by, fresh green grapes from the side of the road, antique book stores, vintage markets...
images via rockstar diaries

Happy birthday!

It's the boy's birthday today. I think I'm more excited than him. Oh how I do love a good birthday! Especially the cake bit. Yep. Especially the cake. xx

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Note to self. Get curly hair.
Happy weekend my lovelies! Enjoy the sun! x

And the winner is...

With the sweet smell of jasmine...Sonieee! Congratulations! If you can email your mailing address to I'll get your lovely pack of Mor goodies in the mail quick smart! Honourable mentions to the lovely Katie, Allie (love gardenias!), Melody Morgan (always have a soft spot for my Granny's garden) and Caryn.
And loads of special thank you's to everyone else who entered! Keep your eye out for next weeks's going to be grand!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Observe this dew drenched rose of Tyrian gardens.

A rose today. But you will ask in vain

Tomorrow what it is, and yesterday

It was the dust, the sunshine and the rains.

Christina Rosetti

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The 'there are no words' wedding...

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From Jonas Peterson. Photographer extraordinaire.

The 'there are no words' wedding, part two...

From Jonas Peterson. Photographer extraordinaire. Again.

so pretty!

As my obsession with headpieces has neither waned nor left me, I was a little bit excited when I saw these beauties! Gorgeous prints and colours for a delightfully pretty Spring time, Gorman's SS 10 was just beautiful!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


My mum had a paper dress once. She was in a dress up competition and she was Little Bo Peep. She even had a staff and a bonnet, although sadly no lamb. I will look into that though. Imagine if she'd had a lamb! But my Nanna was as deft with tissue paper and thread as she is with fabric and thread, and so it came to me as something of a surprise when she wasn't asked to make these dresses for the MAC rafw launch party. They got some New York event designer to do it instead.

image via alldolldup

Thursday, September 16, 2010


*Update - Winner announced 24th September*
It's that time of the week again my lovelies! The gorgeous ladies at Mor Cosmetics have sent over a delicious Little Luxuries set in Lychee Flower to send out with much trumpeting and fanfare to one of you! My reasons for excitement are threefold. Firstly, I love Mor. Secondly, the Lychee Flower scent wafting from this delightfully wrapped parcel is just, so, good. And thirdly, I love some good trumpeting and fanfare. Who doesn't?

As we come into Spring and start to realise that we may need to bare some skin (oh dear), why not use some delightful Mor products to get you buffed and shiny and smelling like flowers on a warm Summer's evening! Excellent plan. Now, obviously you could nip out to the shops and stock up on some of their beautiful products, OR you could enter our competition to win this entire Little Luxuries set! No brainer.

To enter all you need to do is comment below and let me know what your favourite scent is, and why. In a rhyme! Mine changes all the time. And seems to either be dirt cheap (ie the smell of freesias at night time) or a bit more expensive (darn exchange rate! I'm going to start shopping at duty free). But DO share!

I will, as always, be judging with the mind ferocity of a small woodland animal (they are ferocious), and the lucky winner will be announced next Friday the 24th. This one here's only for Sydney residents (sorry!)...but for all you internationals (and nationals) keep your eyes peeled (eww) for our next giveaway. It's going to be grand!

Have a wonderful weekend my dear's...enjoy the sunshine! xx

Don't forget to check out the rest of the gorgeous goodies on offer over at Mor Cosmetics...delicious!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

more Springtime treats!

Look at these sweet little birdy stamps from the latest range, Var, from Kikki K! I think there's only one reasonable response to this, my dear readers. Go stamping crazy! Yes indeed. Crazy!

Check out the rest of the range at Kikki K or instore. Oh how I love Kikki K!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet treats...

I realise I'm a little behind on the macaroon trend, but I was reading through my diaries the other night from when I was in Paris last. One of my favourite memories was stumbling across the sweetest (geddit?!) bakery filled to overflowing with every kind of baked treat and sweet you could possibly think of. I, being the reserved not very sweet tooth that I am, almost sold them out. There was a slice of some kind of chocolate cake thing that was pure heaven. I even took photos as evidence. It was incredible! But I also selected for my morning tea 4 little sugary pastel coloured macaroons! And! They. Were. Delicious.
Therefore! Your aim for today! Find a macaroon shop/bakery/place that sells them, purchase a selection (you really do need a selection), and enjoy! Oui!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This morning was full of trepidation as I reached my hand nervously into a well selected (and quite pretty) bowl full of eager little names all hoping to be picked. I won't lie. The pressure was intense. I may have even perspired somewhat. But! The super lucky winner of our competition with The Hummingbird Road is Rachel *cue much applause and cheering* *as my next door neighbour wonders what the heck is going on*!!! Thank you for all of your lovely many pretty flowers!
If the lovely Ms Rachel could please email me at with your mailing address I shall get your beautiful hand made flower in the mail quick smart!
And for all the other lovely enter-ers, keep a lookout for this weeks giveaway. It's a corker!

your aim for today!

Get to it! xx

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Guest Blog :: This is Eggcellent!

Things we heart = Creative geniuses. Creative geninuses + awesome window displays.
Couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I stumbled across this gem at the Louis Vuitton Bond Street store, London. Well, by stumbled across, I mean, virtually. And by virtually, I mean...don't you just love the internet??

images via :: the cool hunter

Friday, September 10, 2010


Winners for our Friday Giveaway from last week shall be announced on Monday...which gives you approximately 2.7 days extra to enter and WIN!!!! Good luck my lovelies, and have a wonderful weekend! xx

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If I write 'smiley face', that should just about say it all!

top image via the drifter and the gypsy
bottom image via weheartit

oh gosh.

I don't want to alarm anyone.
But it's one sleep until the boy arrives.
Do you think I'll be sleeping?
I don't.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Guest Blog :: Sweet tooth

Beautiful food
Photographed beautifully
May be feeling a wee bit peckish whilst perusing these delicious looking delights...

images via :: katie quinn davies

Monday, September 6, 2010

just waiting...

I will wait
as long
as it
will take
to get
me back
to you...

coconut records - back to you

Happy Monday!

And maybe, just maybe, Spring decided to stick around! Carry the sunshine with you my lovelies, it just might make your Monday a little bit cheerier. Try some baked goods, a nice hot cup of tea, lunch with a good friend, sticking a pretty picture by your bed, flowers for your window sill and a good hug. These things help too. And make sure you enjoy! We'll only get this day once! Unless you're some kind of time travelling magician. In which case I'd quite like to meet you. I'd have made a super 1900's florist. My Fair Lady style. Bunch of violets, sir?

Thursday, September 2, 2010


*Update* Winner announced 13th September.

It's that exciting time of the year again my lovelies! The dustpan I bought years ago actually gets a workout, my hayfever goes absolutely crazy leaving me looking like a cross between rudolph and the people on those hayfever ads with the giant red noses (they based those characters on me, true story*), and all of the most beautiful flowers that exist burst forth with their pretty petals and perfumes! Springtime**! And what a better giveaway to er, give away, than a beautiful dusty pink handmade flower from the lurverly ladies at The Hummingbird Road. Perfect for just about anything (and how pretty for the Spring races) I almost kept it myself. But that would defeat the purpose of said giveaway, making this post somewhat obsolete. SO! Who wants it?!

Tell me what your all time favourite bloomin is, and to take the pressure of choosing from all of you my dear and lovely readers, I shall be popping all your names into a hat (pan or nearest bowl like instrument) and drawing at random! Living on the edge! The delightfully lucky winner shall be announced next Friday, so comment away! Floral style!

ps - and don't forget to check out all the other lovely goodies they have for sale over at The Hummingbird Road...oh so pretty!

pps - happy weekend! xx

*But not really.

** As made obvious by this lovely rain...