Saturday, August 31, 2013


                                   One day off + one very tired Scot + one very tired Australian + sunshine (actual warmth!) 
                                              - the grey skies and to do lists 
                                   + a quiet golf driving range (after a very slow morning)
                                           + a wander through the farming country that is our backyard...

                                                                                                             = quite a lovely day...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the west end fair...

Hello there my dear blog readers! I hope you're doing magnificently this fine Tuesday afternoon! If you follow rubyandjoy on facebook or twitter you will have been bombarded with images and updates from our time in Edinburgh at The West End Fair, and I PROMISE, this is the last of it! But I did just want to share a few bits and pieces with you from our time there - it was grand!

It was and will be a very special moment having a stand at such a well known and loved market during the Edinburgh Festival, and I can't believe how fast it has flown by! Very special shout out to husbando, who was an incredible support and kept me plied with food and hot chocolates (VERY important). I met so many lovely crafters (we bonded over our desperation for hot beverages in the afternoon) and made loads of new rubyandjoy friends. And the best part was, lots of our lovely products found lovely new homes! The (new) square cushions, cloud mobiles and elephant cushions were the most loved, and you might even see some more of our bits and bobs in some lovely wee stores soon!

We also launched our first campaign, which you can read more about here. We're donating 20% of every bird sold (that's £2.50) to The A21 Campaign, who are working towards abolishing slavery, and focus particularly on human trafficking. This is very exciting, as it's an organisation close to my heart. Although only a small offering, every bit makes a difference.

And now it's back to the sewing machine to restock! Have a peek here at our sale happening right now (hooray!), perfect for those super organised Christmas present folk. And if you're keen to see when we'll next be at the markets, have a look at our events page on facebook

And pop on over to these wonderful folk (my market neighbours)...they really are just LOVELY!
Skoczena, Beastie Brooches (Gallery in the Alley), Fiona Luing Jewellery, Babs Pease, Vicki Semple Designs and Helen Michie Ceramics

A big huge massive thank you to all of you lovelies who came and said hello! We had such a wonderful time and are already looking forward to the next one!

images via rubyandjoy

Monday, August 5, 2013

market time...

Hello there! I hope you're well and have had a marvellous start to your week! I for one am massively excited, and as husbando will tell you, somewhat highly strung. Because, my dear friends of the bloggy world, in 3 days time I will be exhibiting at the West End Fair in Edinburgh! This means many things, including but not limited to the fact that all diets are cancelled, 99% of my conversations with husbando are about the stall design/fabric choices/price points/logistics (which is MEGA fun for him...) and our wee flat is in what one might politely call 'a state'.

Nevertheless! Things are coming together, and even though the next few days will be filled with sewing and packing and sewing and packing and sewing and packing and then checking all the packing with copious lists...I am very mucho looking forward to being there. And hopefully, to meeting some of you lovely folk!

We'll be there from Thursday 8th until Sunday 11th (that's this week! *calming down*), and officially the markets are open from 11am - 6pm every day. Entry is free (hooray!), and the Festival is on, so there's LOADS to do in town. I will be accepting snacks and hot beverages (if you insist). 


Have a wee sneaky peek online!
all images from rubyandjoy