Thursday, September 26, 2013

starting early...

Hello lovelies! I do hope you're well! I have been to Paris this past weekend and it was absolutely wonderful...very romantic heading back there with husbando. FINALLY we have begun to take advantage of the fact that Europe is a mere hour long flight away - three cheers for us! Where to next though? Any suggestions?

We'll be kicking of our lovelyprettycheerythings Christmas gift guide soon, and are very excited to be sharing with you so many lovely makers! I know it's early, but I'm going to ask you with my sweetest smile and perhaps with a chocolate cupcake thrown in too, that you don't disregard it. You see, makers have fairly busy schedules, and I know of some who are already planning Valentines products (I KNOW - it's not me). This way, there'll be less FREAKING OUT and stressing for everyone, and instead, mucho calmness and serenity. 

There is also much to be said about present buying at Christmas time, and I do understand many people's dislike at the 'commercial' side of Christmas. I say make of it what you will, and for me, it's a special time of year. However I do hate the feeling of buying presents needlessly and without thought, so I hope this list can perhaps allow you time to consider what your near and dear ones will love. And I can guarantee (I can NEVER spell that word - google?) it will have been made with LOADS more love.

So keep your ear to the ground (not literally, you would look very strange), your ideas notebook close by and a pie in the oven (why not eh?)...I'm EXCITED!


image via rubyandjoy 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

autumn is here...

...and while I would like to automatically look like one of these lovely ladies in their skinny's and sweaters, it ain't happening. The reasons, I feel, are twofold. 

One - I am not skinny, ergo, skinny's do not have quite the same erm...silhouette. 
Two - I am still unaccustomed to dressing for the cold. 
Not the nice 'ooh there's a chill in the air, let's bake pies!' cold of Sydney, but the arctic breeze and frosted-solid-car-windscreens of Scotland.

I will either look nice and freeze, or look like the Michelin man and be cosy. 

On Friday husbando is whisking me off to Paris for a long weekend (oui!), and I feel the Autumnal fashion stakes will rise. But if there's anything my pinterest board has taught me over the past 30 minutes, it's this. Braid your hair in a messy fashion, and you will look fabulous!


pics via (from top) acupofjo, richesforrags, refinedstyle, prettypeachpeonies

Sunday, September 8, 2013

it's not that far away...

But do not despair! I am not here to bring you tidings of great joy 3 months too early! Simply to tell you of an exciting project that is coming together and will be featured in the lead up to Christmas.

I have been challenged recently to begin buying more handmade items, and began to think why I tend not to. I think at this point, it's mainly that I'm not sure where to get handmade from! And so, to quote a good friend of mine (Oprah), I had an Aha! moment (although not an epiphany of any great meaning, still exciting all the same)! I know quite a few lovely folk who make things, and they know quite a few lovely folk who make things too. So in the month before Christmas, I'll be featuring all and sundry that I can find that make gorgeous things for your loves at Christmas time. And I'm extending the challenge to you too.

So if you know anyone that makes gorgeous goodies please do let me know, and let's spread the word!

And a very happy weekend to you!