Sunday, February 28, 2010

Because on Monday's, sometimes sweets are the only answer...

Pastiglie Leone Candy pastilles from Lark .

In strawberry.


And also.

How sweet is the box?
Ahh packaging, how you get me every time.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

It's a Friday! Which is absolutely wonderful for all you busy workers out there! Not so much for people that work on weekends, but I promise you Monday or Tuesday, or whenever your next day off is, is coming. So let's celebrate that too! Most likely with much less enthusiam. BUT! Saturday is peeking it's little nose around the corner, all smiles and promises of long lie ins. Except for those who have to get up (this could be a long post).

So! Let's go through a few more bits and bobs I managed to tuck into my yellow handbag while I was away (in a totally non thieving-like way). Which will not only be ridiculously exciting for you (I can only imagine), but will give me an excuse to ramble on mercilessly about some more of my pretty new things! Huzzah! Let's start with facewash. See? The excitement is already palpable. Now. I've been a commited Cetaphil girl for a good few years, it's for sensitive skin, its cheap, and is always a classic in the mags (what do you know, advertising works). However, upon discovering my little bottle was on its last drops whilst in gay Paree I ventured out to a pharmacy in the hope of buying something which would wash my face in the most splendid of fashions, and make me look French. Totally possible. I chickened out in about 3 pharmacy's before being brave enough to mime out what I needed, and they presented me with this lovely little treat below! La Roche-Posay something in French which I assume means facewash. And boy is it lovely. I've just done some very in depth (not at all) research and it seems it's not available here in Australia, not even in Mecca (gasp!) which is very sad news. I love it. Is tres good.

And then we have this little beauty, which I must say was puchased on one of my favourite shopping experiences while I was away. It was my first day in London, and having arrived at 5am I was feeling that odd mixture of ridiculous excitement at seeing things like big red buses and squirrels, and disbelief that I was where I was, and absolute exhaustion. So was heading down Oxford Street when I spotted a tiny little Penhaligons store, very exciting. Knowing I am not posh nor rich enough to enter a store like this I hovered outside for a few moments before deciding for all they knew I was a secret millionaire on a perfume sourcing expedition from Australia (I hear they're quite common) and was going to purchase one of everything. So I put on my most expensive smile and waltzed in, almost knocking over a table of bottles as I entered which somewhat dimished my rich looking entrance. BUT! The sales lady was just the nicest sales lady I have ever encountered, so lovely! She kept getting me to try scents, and making jokes. She even gave me a hand massage! Thought my brother was my boyfriend which is always somewhat awkward. But I did walk out of there the happy owner of the Lily & Spice solid scent in this lovely silver case, and feeling like I'd made a new friend. The lady, not the perfume. But my gosh. The scent is just lovely. Like lilies and spice. Funnily enough.
Next up is Mr Frederic Fekkai and his magical hair mask which smells like raspberries and works like nothing else. After being away 3 weeks and not brushing my hair the whole time, and what with the rain and wind and hot showers, my hair was feeling a bit sorry for itself. Well. That's a lie, hair can't really feel sorry for itself, can it now. But it was a bit ratty, and I had conveniently stumbled across another Sephora store (out of NOWHERE I tell you!) so decided it was a clear sign I needed some deep conditioning, and now! It's awesome. Buy it. And eat some raspberries. They're yummy.

And one more little beauty I purchased whilst on my grand adventure was this brilliant little mascara...which just between you and me I kind of bought just for the little Dior paper bag which is horribly superficial and materialistic of me, but what can I say? Those bags suck me in every time. Anywhoodle, I'm undecided. It's fantastic, don't get me wrong! But seems to be very smudgy. Like when in the snow. Maybe tis best not to wear mascara whilst playing the snow. Or when in torrential Summer rain. But these are lessons best learnt when in mascara school. So for now I will say 7/10. Because it's nice and black, builds up nicely, and last very well. And because my opinion totally matters.

So my lovelies who are both working and not working this weekend, I hope you have a splendid time whatever you're up to! I'll be at my nieces first birthday party. It's exciting. There'll be cake. And my niece too. Who just learnt to say my name! Cue tears of emotional inappropriateness. And apologies for the waffling on about my grand adventure. OH so many more stories to tell! I'd love to come up with a really cool sign off here, but I've got nothing. I'm off to eat some chocolate.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Oh Herro!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Lucy here. Missed you too! It's been a pretty interesting week so work uber early (ok slight exageration, but still! Early!) on Monday... this being a new resolution AND with fitness gear in tow - another well thought out effort - minus crucial joggers I might add...let's put that one to tomorrow's to-do-list....

Tuesday = flat tyre and despite my best damsel in distress no help from man at petrol station. hmmf.

Thankfully, I belong to NRMA and they came to my rescue at lightning fast speed! seriously! It was like a pit stop in the Formula 1 and I was happily on my way to work again! Plus I think they are running the mechanics through happy customer training. 1. Greet customer 2. Introduce thyself 3. Firm handshake - but not too firm for the ladies 4. What seems to be the problem, Miss? 5. You'll be back in the traffic in no time, lovely! And I for one was pleased.

So what will the rest of today bring? I am taking myself off to a gig tonight! Hooray! Has been awhile. Hope I don't feel ancient amongst the rockers. hehe...

"Who brought their mum?"
"Oh.. no, she's with us."
"Oh." "Cool."

And another thing, I plan on being more adventurous this weekend! planning a wee roadtrip! Kate Moss style? Well, i'll probably be no back seat rebelling for me... but yay for
longchamp handbags! Pretty. And I have fresh tyre = safe driving! (come on, that's exciting!) And besides, with Tomtom, you can't really go wrong!

Happy Wednesdaying to you...


a very pretty picture...

Monday, February 22, 2010

paper hearts...

As I was writing the title to this post I had a moment (I often have moments...), remembering the movie Paper Heart which I was lucky enough to see on le plane when the entertainment was actually working*. It was so sweet, filled with lovely music and managed to make me happy on the inside when I was feeling rather blue on the out. Twas also rather funny. Which on a plane is rather regrettable, as no one wants to be the crazy chuckling to themselves in a manical manner in seat 48A. Or more to the point, no one wants to be in the seat next to the manical chuckler. Indeedy not. But that is not the point of this here post, my dear readers. No siree.

I was lucky enough to stumble across the lovely Paperklip designs and wanted to share them with you! All kinds of beautiful garlands, sweet little birdies, happy butterflies and loads more with which to decorate your room in the most whimsical of manners. So pop over and say hello to the lovely Melinda, and be sure to say hello from me!

*Oh yes. That is correct. 13 hours with nothing to do but stare at the back of a seat. Well. Technically, nothing to do but stare at my movie screen which WAS NOT working, but lets not get worked up about that now, shall we? I'm expecting a free ticket in the mail any day now as compensation. That's how these things work. Right?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Duty free madness...

As a disclaimer, I was very emotional, I had spare pounds, and perfumes are basically free when in an airport. I was pretty much saving money. In fact, you might even say they were giving me money.

It was grand though. I had to hold back from re stocking on Chloe so I was exercising some restraint. Really. But I have been dying to try the Gucci Flora for quite some time now, it just seems so...appropriate! But also smells wonderful. Quite similar to Chloe, I would like to think my sensitive nose knows. But I'm sure there's about 72.6% of you out there now all thinking I have no idea at all what I'm talking about. Which I don't. So well done you. Anyway, once I actually get unpacked and sorted, I shall be very happy to place this amongst my other pretty bottles and spray it about with gay abandon when feeling...expensive.

Had to re stock on this old favourite too. Although it is technically a new scent. But an old favourite in my perfume world. I have seriously enjoyed it for over 3 months, which I'm thinking basically makes it a classic. And I'm hoping one of these days by wearing so much of it, I'll just magically turn into Sienna Miller*. Or all of her clothes will just turn up on my doorstep as a kind of life/perfume wearing switcheroo. I'm fairly sure it's possible.

And I put in the ad from my latest addition for good reason. Because when I start answering the door, peering through indoor trees in billowing pink ballgowns with room fulls of apples nestled behind me, you may be wondering, why? Why? To which I will prettily smile with a sparkle in my eye, while in my two hands I hold out the prettiest little bottle of pink perfume, and a voice over coming from who knows where will gently whisper 'Ninaaa...'. Yep. Tis likely. My life is basically a perfume ad. But, you know, in case that doesn't come to fruition, maybe just have sniff at the Nina Ricci counter next time your in DJ's. Who knows? You may be transported to a place of whimsical trees and piles of red rolling apples...

* Popped my head into Ms Miller's store in Soho, was absolutely delightful. Sales girls were friendly, pretty fresh flowers on the counter, and loads of lovely clothes spilling out of old trunks and old wooden ladders. So pretty!


My new favourite mug. Perfect for Monday morning tea. Perfect for Monday evening tea too. In fact, perfect for every day of the week tea. Tis a clever mug, this one. Carried protectively all the way back from Derbyshire. Made by the super talented Emma Bridgewater. Often in cahoots with chocolate cookies.
Oh yes. Cahoots.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sniggle time...

A very important question. Indeed.

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Goodmorning lovelies! I do hope you're all having a most wonderful Friday dreaming about all the nothings you'll be able to do on the weekend! As it's a Friday, and that's when we usually have our beauty post, it seems like a sensible thing to do to write a beauty post. Also, I went to Sephora in Paris. Heaven.

SO! To begin this post which should really be re titled 'Benefit and just how beautiful all their products are', I feel it's only fair to give a special shout out to Virginie, wherever she is right now. Sephora and Benefit employee, dead spit for Marion Cotillard, and just about the nicest/sweetest/funniest person I have ever met. And boy, can she sell product. Below us we have Ooh La Lift, quite possibly one of the best inventions ever. Gets rid of bags. Need I say more? Except they should probably look into selling this by the litre. Hecks yes. And it smells pretty. How I do love a product that smells pretty.
Then we have their super incredible That Gal primer. Must say, up till now, I've been a fairly strong advertiser for Napoleon primer, it also has a lovely scent. But! After trying this one (which oddly enough seems to be encased in something reminds me of my gluestick when I was in Year 4) not only smells lovely, and has a groovy little twisty worm like application, but is a pretty shade of pink too! Which, while you snigger at my shallow perceptions of said product, does actually cover grey tone with the lovely pink. The lovely scent doesn't have a purpose. Except for suckers like me that will buy anything that smells good. Good one Benefit. Know thy customer.

While travelling my skin was having, as they say in the biz, something of a spaz out. But after my dear friend Virginie slathered on this delightful cream it was all magically fixed like THAT (imagine me clicking my fingers in an enthusiastic fashion, if you will)! Non scented, not thick or greasy, but lovely and hydrating, this one is my favourite. Also, you actually get a Dear John letter in the box. Awesome packaging. But we'll get to that in a jiffy.

Sugar Bomb! Ok. So maybe this is my favourite product. Oh who am I kidding I love them all like they're new friends I just purchased that smell lovely and can't run away. The best kind of friend, really. I've always been a total sheep when it comes to beauty products, I'll try anything once. If I'm being told to apply my blush in a backwards 3 motion, on the apples of my cheeks, or under the cheek bone in a contouring fashion, indeed I shall! Sometimes all at once! Which has never ended well. But you can't say I haven't tried. Or looked ridiculous. Anywhoodle. The lovely Virginie first swirled all colours together and covered my whole cheek with colour, then picked two colours, based soley on whether I preferred sweets or chocolate (strange and delightful all at once!) to pop on the apples of my cheek. Therefore, this shall be my new way of applying blush. Gosh it's good I tell you these things isn't it, otherwise we'd all be a risk of dying of boredom.
And then there's the perfume. Boy does it smell yummy. Being in Sephora and therefore blinded to all sense and money restraint, I actually purchased 'Laugh With Me Lee Lee' as well as 'Something About Sophia', but Sophia has come out as the clear winner here. Beautiful bottle which is small enough to be carried everywhere with you, and a very scrummy scent. If I was more knowledgable at this kind of thing I might be able to tell you it has over tones of somethingerother and under notes of thisandthat. But I'm not, so I won't. And we'll stick with scrummy.
So. Here's the thing. I'd pretty much have bought all of these things simply for their delightful and sweet packaging without a second thought at whether or not they would work. And because of Virginie's incredibly lovely frenchiness friendliness. But they DO! And while working, smell all lovely and look all pretty. It's like the triple threat of the cosmetic world! Oui!
Wishing you all the loveliest of weekends filled with sunshine and sleep ins, and adventures as yet untold! x
Have a peek at their store. Go on. You know you want to...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tis true. So very true x


To see a world in a grain of sand,
And heaven in a wildflower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.

(from Auguries of Innocence)
William Blake

Is that Normal?

I am going through this phase of being quite particular with my tea. I'm the annoying person that wont drink your Chamomile after eating dinner at your place that you cooked up so nicely.... And then it comes time for the rest of the evening.



"Fine chocolates?"

"Heck yes."

"Chamomile** tea?"

"*pause as tries to think of polite response - - as well as think of an accurate description without sounding completely uncultured.*

"Do you have any "Normal Tea?"

"Black tea?"

"Yes, yes that tea."
I'm also annoying because I'm going through a non dairy phase. this one has lasted me a good 12 months, so can we call that a phase anymore? Probably not. That has qualified its way into a new classification. That's a lifestyle choice. Hoorah.

So when i walked into T2 the other day, I was completely blown away. Not by their pretty tea cups and fancy Turkish tea glasses, no. (By the way..awesome!) But by the fact that they now stock a tea labeled Normal Tea. I was home.

**disclaimer. obviously being a fan of T2, i am not a boring normal tea person all the time, it's just. Sometimes. I want the regular stuff. Is that a crime?

Photo Credit :: Inside Man


Monday, February 15, 2010


Some of the super cool works by Banksy I purchased snaps of at Covent Garden. I wish I was talented enough to create artwork like this. Or stealth enough to have no one know it was me. Psh. Who am I kidding. I would want people to know it was me.

ps - happy tuesday xx

where to begin...

So! My lovely bloggers! I have so many things to share with you, and no idea at all where to begin! I'm still reeling from the incredibly fantastical things that I experienced while I was away, and as no movie style romance is complete without a ripper of a soundtrack, I shall introduce you to a few of my favourites. Just a few, because there are a LOT.

Camera Obscura! Numero uno. Prettiest album cover, and coolest songs. Twas a very special gift to moi. Have downloaded another of their albums, tis also rather swell. Definitely my new favourite. And did I not mention the pretty album cover? It's pretty.

Amy Macdonald, in case you couldn't understand the album cover. Have had one of her songs stuck in head fairly constantly for about a week now, am not sure why, but 'Mr Rock n Roll' is firmly implanted in my psyche. Mr Rock n Roll being a song, not an actual Mr Rock n Roll. Because that would just be weird.

Sia. My love, my songs. The sad songs. Tug at your heart songs. Apart from the one called Buttons, which is not so melancholy. How could a song called Buttons be melancholy, you might ask? To which I would reply, very sensible question. It would be a grand conversation. They still make me cry, but it's a different cry. Less snotty. Thank goodness.

Reindeer Section. It does trouble me a touch that the album is called 'Son of Evil Reindeer', as I do like to believe no reindeer could have an evil bone/red nose in them. But listen to 'You are My Joy'. Tis joyful. Tis bittersweet. Tis a grand song.

There are others, loads of others, but this should get us started. In a musical way. There's nothing quite like a good muscial start. Unless there's chocolate involved. But that's a whooole other kettle of chocolate.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

once upon a time...

once upon a time...

there was a young girl, let's call her nic. good name that. she had worked very hard for a very long time, and had started to lose some sparkle in her eyes and bounce in her step. her eyes were all purpley and baggy, and when she looked in the mirror she would see how her sleepy eyes would gaze back, dreaming of how lovely it would be to escape for a little while. to feel the fresh wind on her face, sleep till midday, meet new friendly faces and laugh till her tummy hurt. so one day, on quite a whim, she speedily packed her bags and made a dash for the airport, waving goodbye to her family as she dashed through the gate to a big silver bird that was to whisk her away to adventures untold.
she slept soundly on her journey, armed with ear plugs and a very pretty eyemask. upon landing in the land of black cabs, big red buses and marks and spencer, she was greeted by her long lost brother and spent several days exploring the town. parks covered with bright white snow, markets overflowing with antiques, food and beautiful bits and pieces, pubs filled with noise, new friends and fairy lights. she dashed from place to place, soaking in every moment.
from here she skipped to a few other towns, visiting friends in new places, chatting over tea and cake, and being spoilt rotten. she enjoyed being spoilt rotten. heading to the land of thistles and kilts, she felt her blood stirring, heard the bagpipes and heroically tried to avoid haggis. she grew gravely ill, but after combining every kind of flu drug known to man was able to enjoy every moment of her holiday. phew! she drank tea in copious amounts, discovered the wonders of cough syryp, and was shown beauty on this earth she never thought possible.
she trekked back to the land of big red buses for just one night, and headed off to beautiful europe the next morning. she was feeling rather blue, because as you're about to find out, this story is about to get romantical. and gosh, is it good. you see, while in the land of thistles, she had met a boy. a boy she knew from a little while ago. this boy had already crossed country once to the land of the military tattoo to spend a day with her, and while she wasn't sure if this boy fancied her, she knew she rather fancied him. and she had to say goodbye.
she arrived in the land of the red flags and bulls, and spent 3 days stuffing her face with tapas, feasting her eyes on the galleries and palace and reminding herself what blue skies looked like. she also very much enjoyed hearing from the boy. she then jetted of to the land of the eiffel tower and chocolate croissants to be by herself for 3 days of shopping and pastry goodness. she got lost in st germaine, ransacked every chocolate store she could find, huddled outside on a freezing night cruise, wandered through markets filled with beautiful christmas decorations, and ate french onion soup. she also had happy butterflies in her tummy. the boy was going to meet her in the land of big red buses for adventures.
after farewelling the city of love and buying ridiculous amounts of chocolate, she choofed back to meet the boy. she was nervous. she didn't know what was going to happen. but she was excited.
after getting rid of the feather light (ridiculously heavy) luggage, they went walking. and talking. talking and walking. and talking. they had dinner. they had drinks. the boy asked a few questions. the girl said she liked him. the boy asked her to be his girlfriend. the girl said yes. she was happy. very very happy. there was more walking. and talking. the boy held her hand. the boy may not have known the girl had never held hands with a boy before. she tried very hard not to trip over from excitement.
they spent the next day wandering through galleries, eating at markets, walking and talking. there was a lot of walking. the boy discovered a park, a very pretty little park, right smack bang in the middle of the busy streets. the boy and girl sat here for a while. the girl got her first kiss. there was more walking and talking. and walking. the boy flew back to the land of thistles in the very early hours of the next morning, and the girl followed the boy the morning after. they spent 3 days on grand adventures, making new friends, climbing icy white snowy mountains and being spoilt with the prettiest sunsets known to man.
after the 3 days, the young girl's adventure had to finish, and she had to figure out a way to get her excess baggage back to the land of the beaches and bbq's. she also had to say goodbye to the boy. she did not enjoy this. but, and this is the best bit, she did know that she would see him again soon. and while she would be spending her first valentines day with the boy without the boy, she knew that the sad butterflies in her tummy were outweighed by the happy butterflies, and that her boy would be holding her hand again soon. hopefully very soon.
and so, the adventure that turned into a grand adventure had to finish. she is back. with a sparkle in her eyes and a bounce in her step, and is very excited about the new adventure that is just beginning. and all the pretty things she brought home. but mostly the new adventure.

the end!
or is it the beginning...

I'm baaaaaack!

Hellooo my dear blogging friends! I hope you're all going brilliantly! I've missed you loads and have so very very much to share with you about my small adventure! The most incredible markets, the new music I've been obsessing over, new clothes (Zara!), photos from ms Diana, possibly the most beautiful places on earth anyone has ever seen, and so SO much more!

Super special thankyou's to Alarna from Little Jane St and Lucy who have been blogging in my absence, and have done the most splentastic job. Good news on this front too. Miss Lucy shall continue blogging for us here are lovelyprettycheerythings, sharing all her lovelyprettycheerythings every bright and muggy Wednesday morning. She'd miss you. And I'd miss her. And Miss Alarna has fabulous new happenings er, happening at Little Jane St as we speak, so be sure to pop over and visit her regularly. She too is super cool.
So happy to be back, and have so many exciting things to share! So what's YOUR news? xx

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheer up it's Friday!

Hello lovelies!

Happy Friday! We've made it! Go us : ) Thought I'd post something bright and cheery to celebrate! Aren't these pieces colourful! amazing colours in Dinosaur Designs latest collection called "Spice".  Love the shapes too. These pieces will brighten things right up! Their Sun collection is worth checking out too! Infact. I love everything Dinosaur.

Photo credit :: Dinosaur Designs

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Amazingness Maxness - To the Max

Good Afternoon! I never get tired of looking at Max Wanger's photography. These images are so unbelievably cute. How inspirement. Hope you're having a lovely day.


Photo Credit :: Max Wanger (Duh)

Monday, February 8, 2010


Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend:) It has been soggy and wet here in Brisbane, but that is ok... it has been a brief relief from the heat, and a chance to to catch up on unfinished inside tasks! But now, I am waiting for the sunshine to return... Have a great week!

Photo credit: fernandadesu

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Feet + Friday!

Hello! It's a red shoe day. It's weird. When I wear my red shoes... I walk differently. *likes*
Happy weekending everyone. Hope you're up to something fab.

Photo credit :: Jessica Paige

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Practise what you preach

Ok, so I talked about giving yourself a break...doing something nice to help yourself through the week. It would only be hypocritical of me not to do the I choose cupcakes. These ones. cos they are the best..
And off I must go. To... run an errand... Goodbye!

Give yourself a break, Wednesday

Hello! I feel like it's been ages since we visited the same blog?  So mid week blues ey?'s ok friday will be here before you know it. I something nice for yourself today. You know that magazine you eyed off at the newsagent this morning...go back and get it...that coffee you wanted but thought you'd wait till you popped into the office because it meant that a muffin would force it's way into your bag without your consent??! I know, they have a habit of doing that. Inconsiderate really. I would have gone for the danish, because I feel that muffins and I are best left as old friends, unless of course they are of the mini variety and then they totally don't count, they are like new friends..exciting and fun and new and a suprise cos you get on so well and you would like to see them more cos there's just so much to know and talk about! Oh yeah there was clearly a point to this...sharing the love? Yep...and I'm liking Naomi Murrell's  artistic mind here. Talented much. Digging her whimsicalness. And even the pink stuff too. Which is growing on me. Normally im a fan of green myself. I will go back there now actually and see if Naomi and i feel the same way about green.
Have a great day everyone.