Friday, December 25, 2009

On the first day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

So, being a romantic, really, it would just have to be a hug, or being told of eternal love, or being given my first kiss, but as I'm sticking to the gifts thing, and don't want to make you keel over from corny-itis (deadly thing, is corny-itis), I'd like one of these please. I saw the plain one first, then I saw the plain one with the heart shaped top. So very very lovely.

And as it is now Christmas day (weeee!), I would like to wish you all the Merriest Christmas possible, celebrating one of the greatest miracles and the most beautiful act of grace the world has ever seen. It's going to sound corny, but as we've already gone there I figure we can go there again (corny-itis...deadly). You, my lovely followers, have made my year. I love your comments so much, so keep them coming! And I hope all of you lovelies have the most relaxing, exciting and joyful day possible.

Merry Christmas! xx

lovelyprettycheerythings is taking a wee break but shall be back with loads more lovely, pretty, cheery things in the New Year. Lots of love xx

Thursday, December 24, 2009

On the 2nd Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

Two tickets to the St George Open Air Cinema! Nothing quite like looking at a magnificent view, watching a lovely movie in the warm Summer air, good company and yummy food, and bat poo. Also? Free Lindt balls. I wouldn't admit this to many people, but it's one of the main reasons I go. One year they didn't have any. It was a St George Open Air Cinema Christmas Time Disaster. All in capitals. But it's ok. I've recovered and am commited to pushing through. I'm pretty mature like that...

Merry Christmas! xx

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the 3rd Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

Some serious pampering. Anything. I have a theory. Get ready for it, because it's pretty much genius. I believe the world would be a happier place if we had regular massages. Therefore, the government should provide free massages. Its the only logical way to solve this problem. I know. You're blown away by my intelligence. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I'll be the next Prime Minister. ..ess? I've never had a facial before, received a voucher the other day and am SO EXCITED you'd think I'd have won the lottery. Problem is, I feel like I need to give myself a facial first, so my skin isn't to yukky when I get there. 'I'm sorry ma'am. There's nothing we can do for you'...

And in the spirit of Christmas...3 of them.

Merry Christmas! xx

Monday, December 21, 2009

On the 4th Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

Anything from T2. Everything from T2. 4 Things from T2. Gorgeous mismatched teacups, delicious green teas, beautiful little strainers and lovely teapots. I believe you can even buy gift vouchers at this heavenly spot, so if you're stuck and would prefer not to run around like a headless chicken (they really do that you know, which is just a weird mental image to be seeing right now...) at your local Westfield with the masses tomorrow, go into your local Westfield (ok so this just backfired, but stay with me), don't make eye contact, keep your elbows in and wear running shoes. Head straight for T2, buy lots of treats and vouchers, and I guarantee your Aunty/Mum/arty friend/sensitive friend/hippy friend/stressed friend will love you. And not just because you're wearing your sparkly Christmas earrings. Even though they look hot.

Merry Christmas! xx

On the 5th Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

Date night! Ok, so I'm not sure how this works in with the numbers, but let's see what we can do. I have a strange life, no routine, so staying in is absolute bliss! So, as completely boring as it may sound, if my true love organised a night of yummy snacks, good movies (I imagine we could compromise on actual dvd choice), lots of cosy blankets, no phone/web/blackberry interruptions and some snuggling on the couch, I'd be one happy girl. Even better if I can wear my trackies! My goodness. How boring. But just. So. Good.

Merry Christmas! xx

Sunday, December 20, 2009

On the 6th Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

Peace trees from the Moontree Gallery in Leura. Lots and lots of Peace trees. Well. I suppose if we're sticking to the whole '12 days' thing* it should be six. But I'd be ok with more...

ps - You may have noticed I miscalculated the 12 days. Hence why I'm firing them out like a champion clay pigeon shooter. I'd try to figure out a fantastic excuse but all I can come up with is Hugh Grant in Love Actually saying he's very busy and important, and I believe he plays the Prime Minister of Britain. I'm not that busy and important. Wouldn't mind having that many staff though. Wouldn't mind being brought chocolate biscuits while working either. Pity though. Don't think I can dance as well. Darn. There go the similarities...

Merry Christmas! xx

On the 7th Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

A set of gorgeous mugs from the all things Jane Austen store Brookish, Christmas baubles (how appropriate!) filled with favourite sentences from the famous books, and some very sweet bangles wrapped in love stories. Every girl needs a good love story!
Merry Christmas! xx

On the 8th Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...
Handfuls of gorgeous Cavallini&Co pocket notebooks from Notemaker, bundles of Moleskines in every colour for my witty and heartwarming tale that will one day be an international bestseller (dream big I say...), mini Goldilocks notebooks from Monjojo to scribble my (super intelligent and wise) thoughts in, a bright canary yellow notebook for when I like to look very busy and important, and a 365 diary to keep track of my non stop (dull-ish) life, both from Kikki K. Aaaand as that's only 5 items, any fabric covered, leather bound, sweet smelling, beautifully illustrated, small medium or large notebook to fill with things best not said to people. Always best to keep ones crazy to oneself, one might say.
And pens!!! Lots of lovely pens...
Merry Christmas! xx

On the 9th day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

9 scrummy smelling scents, starting with these old favourites of mine. Chloe, Hugo Boss Orange, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Gucci Flora. And just for funsies, let's think of some more! I do need nine after all...
Ralph Lauren Polo, Jean Patou Joy (TOPS name), DKNY Delicious, Issey Miyake and Marc Jacobs Lola (which I would seriously buy just for the bottle, let alone the delicious smell).
Yummo! And Merry Christmas! xx

Friday, December 18, 2009

On the 10th day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...
10 gorgeous headpieces from the lovely ladies at The Hummingbird Road. Absolutely stunning, all handmade (with love) and in all the colours of the rainbow. And the best part? They're sent right to your door! Which, let's face it, is almost like a double present. And a double present is definitely better than a single present. Heck yes. Oh how I love getting mail!
Take a hop and a jump over to their store and choose some lovely treats for your girlfiends (and self *cough*), just in time for Christmas! Hurray!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the 11th Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

Shiny nail polishes, raspberry and pomegranite handcream, Korres goodies, gorgeous Magnolia soy candles, divine Hei Poa coconut oil, apple scented milk bath soaks, limited edition Bronzed Body kits, Kit makeup tote in vivid pink and heck, why not canary yellow too, Face Boutique In The Buff body wash and a delightfully smelly Smiley EDT from the easiest place to shop in just about the whole wide world...Kit Cosmetics.

In other news, my Christmas tree fell on top of me last night. Seriously. Smashed baubles, water and sand everywhere, half the fairy lights out. I got itchy. Naughty words were said. It wasn't pretty. But then I realised I got to decorate the tree twice this year! And I'm pretty sure in some Armenian countries that's considered good luck for the year ahead. Yep. Armenia.

ps - We missed the 12th day. I've made my peace with it. I'm unorganised. Very.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wreckless Eric

So, I'm going to say what everyone is thinking. He's a hottie. But more than that, I've been listening to 'Whole Wide World' on repeat for months now. And you should too. Now. It's just a bit cool.

Exciting news my lovelies! Today is the first of many (fingers crossed!) guest posts over at the gorgeous amouramour blog! Filled with beautiful wedding advice and inspiration (not my post, the blog) it's the perfect read! I was going to put a screen shot of it here, but it got much too technical for me, what with all the copying and pasting, so I shall leave you with this pretty picture instead from the super talented Denise Fasanello. Which also means you HAVE to go to amouramour (ha!) to read the fabulous (mediocre) piece (words) I have typed with love (and spellcheck). Woo!

A white Christmas...

One day I shall have a white Christmas. I'll wear my big soggy boots to go tramping through the snowy fields to find the perfect tree. I'll make mulled wine full of spices and orange. I'll have a nose so rosy it will be like I'm missing from Santas sleigh team. I'll sing carols about snow and they'll actually make sense. I'll go ice skating in every rink possible. I'll find real mistletoe and hang it about every doorway. And I will most likely fall down a lot on slippery surfaces.
Can't wait! xx
1st image from 1000 elves

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Two more shots from our super fun and fabulous headpiece shoot a few weeks back! This is really just sneaky way of me bludging on our beauty post, as I had 1 hour of sleep last night and then showered with my socks on. I took that to mean I should not enter into any heavy discussions nor cock fights, as we all know betting on fowl when incoherent can lead to unusual situations. But also, discussing anything that will need to make sense is probably not going to happen. Therefore, one simple rule for party season. Use colour. It's more fun. It's more flirty. It's more fun. Wait.

Try not to look like a clown though. That's not really the look we're going for. Unless you're a clown. In which case I'd like to know how you all get in the tiny cars. Seriously...I'm intrigued.
Happy weekend my lovelies xx
snaps by Lizzy Allnutt

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

She had looked for is coming as warriors come
With the clash of arms and the bugles call:
But he came instead with a stealthy tread,
Which she did not hear at all.

She had thought how his armour would blaze in the sun,
As he rode like a prince to claim his bride:
In the sweet dim light of the falling night
She found him at her side.

She had dreamed how the gaze of his strange, bold eye
Would wake her heart to a sudden glow:
She found in his face the familiar grace
Of a friend she used to know.

She had dreamed how his coming would stir her soul,
As the ocean is stirred by the wild storm's strife:
He bought her the balm of a heavenly calm,
And a peace which crowned her life.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas treeeeee!

So it would seem I'm slightly allergic to Christmas trees. I was being all 'independant woman' carrying it into the house by myself (which just by the by is very similar to throwing oneself into a forest of pine needles only coming up when oxygen is necessary) and enjoying the pine-y smell when I realised my legs were just a touch itchy. Note to self - do not wear short skirt when frollicking through Christmas tree fields, or when lugging said tree indoors. Itcherama. Anyway, unless I'm planning on spending Christmas IN the tree I think we'll get by just fine. Especially if it stays all fat and bushy and green and lovely smelling.
So this is a family pic of our lovely chosen tree before we er, killed it.
Hurrah for Christmas! xx

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

On a Monday! Woo!
Mainly because of work, but also because 'tis the season to get horrifically overworked leaving not one miniscule secomondo for my little blog. Very sad. BUT! Situation rectification (if that does indeed make sense)! Exciting news from the er, news rooms of rubyandjoy! I got a fringe! A kindergarten fringe! You know, the ones that start half way back of your head? Yep! I went from super low maintenance hair for Summer, to super high! GOOD times! Worthy of another exclamation mark! But the good news it it hides those little fluffy bits of hair that stick up from the side of my head and tend to look like little devil horns. And know one wants devil horns.
When I went to my hairdresser (who by the way is having a baby and leaving, crapola!) I took this pic of lovely Rachel Bilson. Because I look so much like her. Ha! Not. But I had you going for a second there yes? Yes.

And Kiera, looking all minxy, in the pic I took when I wanted to make the swaperoo from blondette to brunette. I colour it myself now so it looks nothing like this. But I like to think we have some similarities, Kiera and I. We wear eyeliner, for starters. And we have hair.

I didn't take this pic to the hairdressers at any point, but it would seem Sienna here has copied my fringe idea. Even if this image is rather old. And she lives well, a long way away. Its the only way this makes any sense at all.
And I've no idea who this muffin is, but doesn't she have a pretty fringe? Now, if you've got to this point of this post, and are thinking 'whats with all the crazy fringe talk?!', you've passed the test! What test is this? The 'you've figured out what I'm talking about test!'. Harder to pass than you'd think.

And of course, Miss Kate. I'd like to think if I had money to buy excessive things like pet monkeys (not saying Kate does), I would have good hair. Effortless good hair. But unfortunately I just don't think I would. No one can tame those horns. Seriously. They laugh at product. If they could laugh.
SO! I think I've spread enough wisdom for one day, but shall leave you with just a spot more. Fringes are fun. Even if they are a pain in the arse. Now wasn't that worth waiting for?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Real Weddings | Jordyn and Bradley

Another gorgeous wedding from the uber talented Tec Petaja, filled with delightful details and gorgeous colours. I've always been a huge fan of the 'groom with bouquet' snaps, and I absolutely love the personalised fans and all the vintage details! Hurrah for vintage details! And also, are these not some of the most beautiful saturated and colourful wedding photos you've ever seen?! Yes? Yes.
ps - Driving home at 2am on Sunday morning after a huge wedding packup a bird flew into my windscreen. Or I drove into a bird. But holy moly, that was a loud smack. And quite an effective method of keeping me awake. HELLO bird adrenaline! Good times...

All snaps from Tec Petaja