Friday, July 10, 2009

Red lipstick looks weird on me, hot on pretty much everyone else...

So it's a Friday (thank GOODness...), it's raining, and although we've seen a few of miss Stephanie Williams photos, these ones have red lipstick in them which, coincidentally, has something to do with the title. Handy! Perhaps someone should do a study on how wearing red lipstick maketh a lady cheery. I do believe during a recession lipstick sales go through the roof (yep, I research), and I also believe this has something to do with the fact most recession's happen in winter, ergo, colour on our lips instead of our hips is a much easier way to brighten the day (research people, research), not to mention less scary. Fuschia pants, anyone?

I'm much more of an eye person rather than a lip person when it comes to le makeup, however! Matching lips to the bouquet? Love it. It's not something that will really translate into a Saturday night out (unless you do carry a bouquet with you on weekend social outings, in which case, someone may need to tell you all those winks you're getting from the group of guys over there in the back corner may have something more to do with them believing you to be a hen, and not your fabulous matching coral lippy), but a picture that has inspired me to perhaps try a 'coloured lip' next time a par-tay come along.

Now obviously Hils here does not have a red lip going on. Ignore that, and look at how pretty she is! Now, I do choose to believe that if you were in a shoot for Neiman Marcus your chances at looking all vintage-y and polished and lit with the natural sun that fills your grand living room would be slightly higher. Mainly I just have a bit of a crush on her, but she also looks very old world Hollywood beautiful, which, in turn, brings us here to...what's this over here!? A picture of Amy Adams...with red lipstick! The sense making returns! Hurrah!

I guess this one pretty much speaks for itself. And the side part and soft curls, gloves (bring back gloves I say), and the probably very expensive car are all helping her out here. But hey, if the Red's out there can pull of a red lipstick and look this amazing, it's getting more likely I'll give it a shot.

And lastly, but not leastly, Veronica Lake. Now. Clearly this is a black and white photo (I MUST plan these images better...), but I'm fairly sure by her minxy look right there, that the only thing that would inspire it would be a deep cherry lip colour, and perhaps a good looking studio guy who was a little excited he was involved in said photo taking, and had scored a date with Ronnie for next Tuesday night. But mainly the lipstick.

So. As I was deciding exactly what point I was making, and how to wrap it up with a witty and sharp final paragraph, I've decided from now on, we'll have a 'Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot'. Like the one on Marilyn Monroe's face, but, uh, here. Which means I shall try to be somewhat helpful and a little more technical in the next 'Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot', and include images that actually work together. Genius!

So feel free to get very excited, and perhaps ask Suze on reception if you can borrow her red lipstick, as you'll be going out tonight to make everyone fall in love with you, and your smashing red lips.

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  1. have also chosen to hang up my red lipstick. just doesn't suit. beautiful photos : )


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