Monday, July 13, 2009

Something creative and not at all similar to 'Happy Monday'!

I love a good market. A food market (I like food), a designer market, a second hand market. I've decided to set myself a goal of visiting at least one market every fortnight. They are colourful, and inspiring, and make me feel like I'm a creative free spirit that only eats organically and paints with colours I create myself from the clay and mud in my back garden. I even have a basket I bought specifically for market days, except it's so ruddy annoying to carry it now holds all my scarves and belts in the corner of my room, and hasn't actually seen the old booky delights and warm sugary macadamias that make me wish I had taken said basket so as to look all local-like.

So this here is Frenches Forest organic markets, which was a splendid morning adventure had with El, good looking friend and fellow market lover. The brownies are tops, the jam was fruity and tangy, and I've been munching my way through a giant fruit loaf that has made for very tasty breakfasts.

Next stop, Bondi markets! No, Glebe. NO! Leichardt food festival!! Did I mention I like food?

I also must learn how to wrap a scarf round my head and look creative and relaxed, instead of pinhead-y and weird. Tricky.


  1. You're clever. I like your photos. I want some mushrooms. I'm going to make some out of plasticine. I want to go to a market. Can you accompany me to Glebe sometime?

  2. I don't think I could eat these mushrooms, they're too pretty. Or too weird. I can't decide which one. And heck yes to Glebe adventure! :)

  3. Ever thought of using mushrooms in your arrangements? Or too fragile?

  4. Hmm, no I haven't! I don't think they'd be the best material to work with, being a fungus and all, but mainly I think they'd creep me out. Ooh looky here...I do believe we've uncovered a fear of mushrooms! Except for the normal ones. Of course. I wonder what that's called?


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