Monday, May 31, 2010

Tea for Tuesdays on a Monday!

Something of a random selection of images today. But I do quite like them. And I'm hepped up on cold & flu drugs. So it actually makes complete sense to me. And as it is raining raining raining today, and my throat is hurting hurting hurting, I do believe it is time for tea tea tea.
And some chocolate.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

No makeup.
Do it.
Go on.
I dare you.
One day I will. I have my moments when I think I will. Sometimes I even get as far as not putting any on when I hop out of the shower. But then 10am hits and OH my WORD. And as I prefer not to scare small children my no makeup makeup usually consists of the following. Some delightfully rosy posy tint from Benefit, just a little bit of bronzer to minimize the whole me looking like death thing, and if necessary a teensy bit of Benefit Ooh La Lift. Good stuff that. Tops name too.
But one day I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
Almost definitely.
If Monica Bellucci can, then so can I.
Happy weekend my lovelies xx
images via French Elle

once upon a time...part two...

once upon a time a boy met a girl. a girl met a boy. the boy chased the girl around the country side. the girl was a bit thick and didn't realise the boy quite liked her. but after she realised he had missed the football for her, without the teensiest of complaints, it became pretty clear. they spent some time in the land of red buses and paddington bear, travelling back to the land of haggis and tartan. the days flew by and the girl came home to the land of sun (apparently) and sand, with the promise of a visitor in the coming months. skype became her friend. 'out of area' phone calls were the best kind of phone calls. her blackberry lived in her hand. you might even say she became 'tech savvy'. oh yes! savvy. then good news came from the boy in the land of black pudding and bagpipes! flights had been booked! a countdown began! the girls house became suspiciously clean.

iceland. volcano. cancelled flights.
we don't like volcanoes.

so after a slight delay and much consumption of chocolate the boy walked through the gate in a flurry of excitement and nerves and running without tripping. the girl was very happy. the girl tried hard not to crash the car. the girl was random drug tested on the big shiny bridge across the harbour. 'can they even do random drug tests', thought the girl? apparently so! the boy and the girl spent 2 weeks skipping around town. the boy refused to eat vegemite toast. the girl made the boy pavlova. the boy decided he might prefer melbourne. the girl made him eat vegemite toast. dinners, sunsets, friends, movies, music. the girl wasn't sure if this adventure with the boy could top the adventure in the land of black cabs and big ben, but it seemed it could only get better.

all too soon the boy had to head back to the land of heather filled moors, leaving the girl behind. so the boy and the girl said goodbye at the place where the big shiny birds launch themselves into the sky. the girl doesn't like goodbyes. but the girl also knows she'll be seeing the boy again soon. the boy is even more lovely than before. the girl will spend this week drinking tea and eating obscene amounts of chocolate. but this girl knows the happy butterflies still outweigh the sad butterflies, and that one day soon (hopefully very soon), she'll be running without tripping through another airport straight into the arms of the boy.

and it will be better than anything.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guest Blog :: L'heure bleue

Why hello. You know, people often ask me, where's your perfect getaway? And I always say, the beach.
A holiday to me involves the sun, surf and sand. Lying in the sun, covered in 30+ sunscreen mind you. Surf. Isn't it lovely to look at? So relaxing. Sand. Castles. Must build grand estate that would make Kevin McCloud shed a tear. Anyway, recently I was snapped enjoying the rays in a quiet secluded location.
Ah...who am I kidding. These are some pics of the stunning Isabeli Fontana, recently photographed for the June/July 2010 edition of
Vogue Paris. I like her style. must work on beach attire. Note to self.

I had you going for at least a second, right? half a second?


Monday, May 24, 2010

pottery pretties...

if i had my own kitchen...
if it were filled with yellow rays of sunshine on bright summer days and a giant green warm hob on rainy winters days...
if i made pies and tarts and flans and muffins and all kinds of baked treats...
if i had dinner parties overflowing with sangris and inside fairy lights and tapas...
if i had fresh flowers in mismatched cups and mugs on my bench every week...
and if i er, had money...
my kitchen would be filled to overflowing with all kinds of beautiful, cheery, colourful Samantha Robinson pottery. FILLED!

Sniggle time...

picking out all the stars that we like
between finger and thumb
you laugh as you pass me the night
as if it's too fragile to hold

and i hold it so close to my chest
with your hands in my hands
you say this is just how we'll rest
until the light turns to sound

snow patrol - dark roman wine

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

pretty picture...

people should hang lights more often. lights everywhere. lights down staircases. lights on mirrors. lights on fans, on ceilings and on doors. candles too. there should be more candles in the world. sweet smelling and fruity smelling and vanilla smelling. maybe even figgy smelling.

here's some other news. i bought myself a giant freddo, you know, to save the children, for later in the day. i ate it before 9am. i can get another one, right? it's for the children.

Guest Blog :: Floatable Fashion

Would have made for a rather fun photoshoot. Imagine..


images via :: coute que coute

Guest Blog :: Craving...

I would like to be baking right now. Baking and eating. And sampling. Just to make sure things were being cooked. Correctly. So they would taste delicious. For other people... yes..


images via :: maria grossmann

Guest Blog :: Magnificent Macaroons

Morning to you all on this some what dreary Wednesday. It's rather dull outside...but on a cheery note, I've stumbled upon what seems to be a little slice of heaven! If perfection is what you're after... enquire within.. A combination of fabulous interior design, anal retentiveness (I like a tidy work place and this fits the bill) and a love and appreciation of macaroons can all be experienced here at Theurel and Thomas. Inventors of heavenly goodness and seriously sleek interiors. Mucho impressment! It will mean a wee bit of global trotting to experience this place. But heck, it's winter and Mexico this time of year is lovely.

Not hungry. At all.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What would your list be?

Ingrid Michaelson - Let Go
Angus and Julia Stone - Babylon
Joss Stone - 4 and 20
A Fine Frenzy - Ashes and Wine
Carla Bruni - You Belong to Me
A Fine Frenzy - The Beacon
Cat Power - Good Woman
Kate Miller Heidke - Our Song
Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me
She & Him - You Really Got a Hold on Me
Rachael Yamagata - Be Be Your Love
Sia - Lullaby
Snow Patrol - Dark Roman Wine
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Stars Fell on Alabama

Add fluffy patterned rugs, big ugg boots, mugs of hot chocolate and a snuggle buddy if possible, and you just might have one of my favourite days. Ever.

ps - I have smashed my blackberry. And am annoyed Vodafone will not just give me a new one. This is how it works, no? No. Darn.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Braid your hair. Go plait crazy.
It'll be loads of fun.

image via fashionshot

I've never been cool...

...but going to Melbourne sure makes me wish I was.
Now to find me some lacy collars, polka dot tights and a jumpsuit or two.
And perhaps a big woolly coat. Freeeezing!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guest Blog :: Chilly!

Morning! Soooo did not want to get out of bed today! It’s so chilly now and my doona and I are quite attached to each other. Or at least we were this morning until the very last possible second. My motivation to leap out of bed? Not sitting in horrendous traffic over an hour each day. The later I leave, the worse it gets. Which is quite cruel really. And inconvenient. Especially as it messes with my warm as toast factor. So in order to remain warm during these frosty and inconveniently early morning starts (ok granted I could away to Bedfordshire much earlier) I’ve compiled a helpful list of things for toastly warming oneself this winter. I seem to be enjoying lists these days. Anyway...

Socks, long ones. Stripes are best. Stockings work too. Ones with pretty patterns or if we are going ‘skin’ coloured opt for the ones that don’t look like you’re wearing fake tan. Not such a good look.

Tea is a must. Lemongrass + ginger, raspberry, chai...anything scrumptious.

Scarfs times a million. Fashionability + practicality can merge. Oh yes.

Scones + jam. Let’s face it, fresh from the oven they make any rainy cold day 100% better.

Hope you’re keeping warm + Happy Wednesday!


headpieces! flowers! pretty!

it would appear i'm slightly distracted by the arrival of the boy.
and as a profuse apology i shall extend the hand of flowery tulle headpieces and beautiful dresses.
i know.
i'm pretty nice eh?

images via Chris Nicholls

Friday, May 7, 2010