Monday, July 20, 2009

Love excuses now!

Good morning! As the weather man tells me it's supposed to be a lovely warm day outside, and I huddle pathetically in front of my heater...again, it seems quite logical to be sharing these sweet notecards from, and imagining myself being one's sun. BE the sun, I AM the sun.



  1. How cute are they?? I want never know when I might need them! I do that everytime I buy stationery.....hence the piles of beautiful notebooks I have at home ready for the day when I "need" to use them :-)

  2. Oh me too! Except I can never find good writing paper and I'm almost out. Disaster. It's always fun, though, having a pretty notebook in your handbag. You know, for when those brilliant light bulb moments happen and you need to write them down somewhere, and LOOK AT THAT! Pretty notebook to the rescue. See? They're a work expense ;)


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