Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy weekend!

And as it's a rainy, soggy, grey, bleak, chilly weekend, here's some appropriate artworks to cheer your icy nose and toes! Sweet colours, pretty rainclouds and some very cool tights...


Perhaps I should try this look. Currently, I'm finding myself looking frighteningly similar to the Michelin Man. And although I may not be able to control the prettiness of the clouds, I'm fairly sure discovering red gumboots will be a touch easier. Tights? Hellooo Alannah Hill.

But maybe they're just better at being cold and looking cool (geddit?) in Norway. That whole "snowing" thing. Mighty cool creative folk there too, as we have genius-ly discovered here. So wrap a scarf round your head (nose hole. Important.) and trip on over to Annette's store at Tell her how cold it is here. Although she'll likely not have too much sympathy. I do believe it's a pinch chillier there.

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