Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We went and chose our tree today! It shall grow happily until we come back to chop it down and bring it home and merrily merrily decorate it!!! Huzzah! OH how I LOVE this time of year!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

aaand because shipping is quite expensive!!

DO come along! And share the details with all of your lovely friends! It'll be a wonderful day, and believe me...I have a lot of stuff. Lots of new frames still in their packets, gorgeous vintage bottles, thousands (literally) of magazines...fashion, beauty and bridal, hundreds of cd's (thank you ipod!), a rather brilliant beach umbrella, loads of beautiful vandoros ribbon and SO much more! I'll keep you updated as the list grows! Do visit, and make yourself known!
Spread the details my lovely readers, I have no storage!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

and the winner is!

As there were only two lovely entrants in our delicious cake-y giveaway, I feel a consolation prize is in order! Yes indeedy! As we've never had a haiku here before, I think our lovely Katura! wins the cupcakes! Congratulations!!! And Kelly Jones, do not fret! There'll be a little something in the mail for you too.
If you could both send through your mailing addresses to nicola@rubyandjoy.com.au that would be swell! I'll get your goodies in the mail right away!
Congratulations my lovely readers!
image via martha stewart

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

an announcement...

to my dear and lovely readers.

i don't know how many of you have followed the 'once upon a time's' that have graced these pages over the past few months (if you haven't you should. just saying), but i consider myself to be the luckiest girl in the world. i also consider potatoes to be one of the greatest foods of all time, but that's another story (or post, if you're really lucky). in the space of a year i have travelled the world a few times, met so many lovely new people and been challenged my my obvious lack of any kind of Scottish accent. seriously. it's awful. BUT! best and most wonderfully of all, i fell in love with the man i will spend the rest of my life with...and am still overwhelmed with the goodness of it all.

before you die from mushiness (tis a rather dangerous disease, beware), there is something you should know. he lives in scotland. one of the most beautiful places on earth, and if you believe braveheart*, one where perhaps they should wash more often. i jest. obviously we're in more modern times now, and washing is more frequent. it's a land i have always loved, which is quite lucky. i like black pudding and haggis as much as the next girl!**. and how does a marriage work long distance?! and oh yes! the pin begins to drop, or fall, or whatever say you! YOU live here...HE lives there!!! whatever is going to happen???

well. i'm moving to scotland!

it's thrilling and exciting and terrifying and wonderful and very far away and not very far away at all and might mean i have to eat haggis (NEVER!) and means i will be cold forever but also means i will be with my husband (not yet, once we're there...obviously) which will be better than the grandest heart bursting thing in all of the world.

it also means i'm doing this a lot at home. nrroooooommmmm!!!

I'M kidding. i don't have long socks. and so i hear all three of my readers gasping, 'but what will happen to this blog, and your business!?', and to that I will say this. this lovely little blog of mine shall continue (woo!), and over the next however long i'll still be rambling on about whatsoever i feel like rambling on about (most likely weddings...8 weeks and 2 days!)! but the delightful flowery nature of rubyandjoy will come to an end. but wait! there is hope! the delightful flowery nature of rubyandjoy will live on (what?)! just in a less flowery manner (ah ha!). i shall keep you all updated, but keep your ears to the ground or your eyes peeled (yuk) or however you feel like keeping in touch, and you'll be the first to know what rubyandjoy embarks upon next from the snowy moors of scotland! it will be exciting, i've no doubt.

but i have been bursting to tell you all (hi mum!) since the boy (now my fiance) and 1 booked our tickets, and so here it is! who know's what is yet to come! i have a sneaking suspicion it will be the best.
* have watched. is quite gruesome really.
** this is a lie

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

birthday treats!

One of the many lovely gifts I received for my birthday! I have been spoilt! Spoilt rotten! It's brilliant...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's coming!

Last week my mum and I were innocently eating lunch (after a wedding dress fitting...OH so exciting!) when we discovered the cafe had made (and were selling...the excitement continues!!) itsy winsy fruit mince pies! I can not explain to you how very exciting this is...my first mince pie of the season! Christmas is coming! I'm off to put all my carols on the ipod! And find the stockings! And overuse exclamation marks!

image via taste.com

Friday, November 19, 2010

*****FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!!!!!*****

My lovely friends and readers! I am huddled in front of the heater and I find it absurd...ABSURD! It's Summer time! I'm supposed to have naturally lost 10 kilos because I only feel like eating leaves and cress* because it's so warm, but NO! You want to spring heat upon me whilst I'm still finishing of the chocolate cupcakes without fear of the humble bikini because it's still chilly! Well...BRING IT ON! And while I finish ranting at the sky and lick the delicious icing of my fingers...may I offer you a $25 voucher for the tastiest cupcakes in Sydney at Sparkle Cupcakery? Yes? Alrighty then. Consider it offered! Keep in mind my lovelies, it's a Sydney based shop...but enter away! It's our last giveaway for a wee while, so go nutso! Entertain me with your wit and charm! In 25 words or less. I'm very busy munching on cakes you see...
Winner will be announced next Friday, which coincidentally will also be the same day I announce to myself inside my head (it's a rather exciting place) that the boy will be back in two weeks! For now it's three...but that's gives us enough time to fix this weather...DOESN'T IT!!!?
Enjoy the weekend sugarmuffins! xx
ps - even if you don't win, go to Sparkle...you won't be able to resist xx

*I don't know what cress is, but I imagine it's quite green and stringy. mmm.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

and i do quite wish the boy wasn't going home today...

Friday, November 12, 2010

oh dear...

I've neglected you again! I promise I have good reasons though! After hanging out with Ingrid Michaelson last night (with my fiance, it was one of my favourite nights yet!), I was then at the markets this morning (nothing like 3 hours sleep!), followed by an evening out for my birthday tonight, which will then be followed by brunch tomorrow morning to celebrate the big quarter of a century (woo!), then tomorrow evening I'm going on a date! With the boy. Just to clarify. Then Sunday we're having our engagement party!
No? Not convinced?
How about I'm going to try and make this cake.
My mouth is watering.
After all, it seems we're having a cake themed week!
The BEST kind of week!
Enjoy the weekend my lovely readers! And the SUN! Excellent...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This has always been my dream cake.
Without the gold ribbon.
And perhaps half of the layers.
Who am I kidding.
I want the layers.
Just imagine. In my mind it's layers and layers of the lightest sponge imaginable, that's fluffy and sweet and filling and vanillery and melts in your mouth. In reality that would lead to a very unstable cake. But just imagine...


Never in a bajillion years did I think I would have to plan most of a wedding in 2 weeks. Heck no. But it is wonderful! It is also taking up my hard hitting journalistic blog time! Will you accept my apologies? I promise to not not post again! Does it make it better if I tell you I bought my wedding shoes yesterday? They are possibly the coolest shoes in the world. If ever there was a reason for not blogging, it's cool wedding shoes. But I am sorry. Hug yourself from me. And if people look at you strangely, it's probably because you're hugging yourself.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wedding loveliness

A gorgeous wedding, a beautiful bride, and a wonderful day!! All photos by the uber talented Michelle Fiona Photography (who just by the by will be snapping merrily away at our own nuptials...excellent!)!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Apologies for the delay in announcing the very lucky winner for our Little Jane St giveaway! A morning of quick 'let's just see what's out there' wedding dress shopping on Friday turned into 'this is the one!' and a weekend following of wedding excitement! But there are no excuses! For when Little Jane St goodies are being given away hearts are waiting in anticipation!!*
SO! Without further ado, our lucky winner this time round is Amanda Thorson! Very honourable mentions to go to Anna and Claire - completely understand the moving away thing, Beach Tropic - I cried when I read yours (see astrix-ed point), Vera B - I love my Nanna too!
And to everyone else who entered, thank you! Keep your nose to the ground (my, we have strange sayings) as a delightful new giveaway will be popping up this Friday, for those with a sweet tooth!
If Amanda could email me her mailing address at nicola@rubyandjoy.com.au I'll get these lovely treats from the delightful Little Jane St in the post pronto!

*I'm quite emotional at the moment.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

possibly the most exciting thing ever...

Oh yes. I get to go wedding dress shopping tomorrow. The excitement just might be too much. Seriously. I think I need a lie down. Wedding dress shopping! To good to be true...
bottom two pics - vera wang
3rd pic - emanuel ungaro

Monday, November 1, 2010

wedding fun!

I've always wanted to give seeds as a bonbonniere, and here's one someone else prepared earlier! Everyone keeps telling me to get the big stuff sorted first...but it's always been the details I love! Chocolate too. I've always loved chocolate. It seems I may be purchasing suck-in undies for my wedding dress.