Sunday, July 26, 2009

Real Weddings...Dana and Hunter

There is nothing I don't love about this wedding! You can feel the happiness radiating through the photos, all drenched in sunlight and colour. I believe your wedding is about you and should reflect who you are in the tiniest detail. Like here! With all the colour and music and garden-y delights! Weddings should be fun and lovely. Yes. Full of smiles and hugs. Unless you don't like hugs. In which case, just smiles (and perhaps an awkward pat on the shoulder).

Thankyous to Dana and Hunter for sharing your delightful wedding snaps, and to their brilliant photographers Sarah and Dan at Chennergy Weddings. Go to their site. Read about them. These are some seriously cool folk, who not only are ridiculously talented, but are spreading the love in ways that, if my heart could sing, it would be belting out a jazzy number right now. But it can't, so it won't. But I'm fairly sure the pictures speak for themselves. So pretty!

Feel free to pop over (do it) and say hi. Ask them if they'd like a cup of tea. Although if you're at their place that could get awkward.

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