Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ad's that make me want to buy their stuff...

a) I would like to be pretty, and use said prettiness to help in everyday tasks. Like lolling about in beds of giant flowers to pass the time.
b) I would like to float through the sky in a raspberry pink dress holding on to some giant lolly coloured balloons, um, and have someone whisper cherie to me, and
3) I would like to look like this when I wake up. And all I need to achieve this is my Chloe perfume, right Anja?

ps - at the markets yesterday morning, one of the growers kept calling me Bella which made me feel very special and pretty and carefree (hard to achieve at 5am). Except it turned out he thought I was from Bella flowers. Er. No. Rubyandjoy. But thanks...

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