Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

As this blog is full of very serious and insightful articles, all based on fact and lengthy research, I feel it only appropriate to write another cutting edge article filled with er, insight and fact.
So! As my research has shown, the spelling of the word balayage/balliage has yet to be confirmed and as my research is always faultless, I'm going to switch between the spellings, just to keep you on your toes. Fun AND educational! Well. Not really educational. Or fun. But let's not get too bogged down in the details...

For those of you who know me (hi, Mum), you will know I have recently converted from the hotel of 'Blonde with fringe' to the penthouse apartment of 'Brunette and oddly length-ed growing out mid way fringe'. Good times. After pushing through that whole 'you've COLOURED your HAIR!!!', 'Er, yes' thing, I've decided I quite like it! I have also named this Summer the 'Summer of Brunette and oddly length-ed growing out mid way fringe'. I'm pretty clever with names like that. But anyway. Lately, after seeing SJP looking all minxy and Carrie-like on the set of the new SATC movie (yay!), I thought to myself, "Why did no one tell me Citroen's have super magnetised windescreens and my e-tag wouldn't make that cool beepy noise!?". But also, "I like her hair!".

And also, when I posted about the super cool Alexa Chung um, a while ago, I thought, "I like her hair!". My thoughts are pretty indecipherable (don't worry, it should become clear where this is heading quite soon) sometimes. And then WHAM (here it is)! I decided this unspell-al-able technique of balliage would be my next hair-type adventure! Weeeeee!

Then I saw Daria Werbowy and thought, "Heavens! Perhaps one has to be good looking to pull off balayage."

But then I saw these chickies and thought, "Nah".
Ha! JOKING. I am curious though. If balliage if a bit of a Victoria's Secret "thing", does this mean one would need have a team of people throwing silver and gold confetti over oneself every time one would step out of one's house? Because that could be something of an OH & S issue. Just saying...

Happy weekend xx
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tis the season...

Not so sensible brain 1 - PARTY SEASON!!!! wooooooo!!!! Oh! OH!! Party shoes! We NEEEED party shoes!
Sensible brain 2 - Is it nap time yet?
1 - Flowers!!!! Romance Was Born?! REMEMBER!!!? Ok. So we can't afford them, but OH! Flowers on shoes...BLISS!!!
2 - Seriously. Nap?
1 - We'll have to come up with a plan. I'm thinking LOUD colours, and BRIGHT flowers, and LOADS of texture and silly fun things that are SO illogical and have the potential to cause full scale falling down humiliation but would just be SO. MUCH. FUN! FRILLS!!! OhohOH! LOADS of FRILLS!
2 - We have no money, you remember this, right?
1 - I don't NEED money!!! You can't put a price on FUN and COLOURFUL party shoes that'll transFORM me into a glamourous hottie!!!
2 - I don't think the sales assistant will feel the same way.
1 - When are we going??? WHEN?! I want SHOES! PARTY SHOES!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
2 - Oh my word.

1 - LOUBOUTINS!!!!!!!!
2 -Oh. We're still going.
1 - Ok. Okokok. So they're over 3 grand. But it's like buying ART, RIGHT???!
2 - No.
1 - And they're in SO MANY DIFFERENT COLOURS!!! It's like a party on my FEET!
2 - Why do you keep yelling?
1 - Because these may just be the COOLEST SHOES EVER!!!
2 - Right.
1 - Maybe I can MAKE some!!! OOOeeerrrr, they're so pretty...
2 - Do you remember the quilted Chanel handbag 'I can sew chains' fiasco? DO YOU?
1 - No.
2 - I don't believe you.
1 - Pretty shoes!!! OOH! OOH! PARTY SHOES!!!!
2 - Aaand we're back here.

first image via thesydneygirl
Louboutin Dillian pumps.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The rain to the wind said,
"You push and I'll pelt."
They so smote the garden bed
That the flowers actually knelt
And lay lodged - though not dead.
I know how the flowers felt.

Robert Frost

Image found via le love

Monday, October 26, 2009

Listening to...

Carla Bruni
Comme si de rien n'etait

Perfect rainy day office music. Even perfect-er with a pain au chocolat. Indeedy.

Real Weddings | Soph and Dan

The shoes! The shoes!
Red done right excites me just a little bit. It's such a tricky colour to use, but done well can look absolutely fabulouso. Example one...this delightful wedding of the lovely Soph and Dan. Made their own with brilliant details, these few snaps are a little peek into red done right. Ooh. That would make a good title...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Italian Vogue Bride September 2009

One of my MANY gifts brought back from the European travels had by family was an Italian Vogue Bride magazine. SO many gorgeous dresses and laces and textures! And, being the super thoughtful person I am, I thought it only fair to share some with you! You're excited, I can tell.

I also thought if imperative to ask the question, if one was to make a trip to Italy, strictly to look at bridal-like inspiration, this would be a tax deductable work...thing, would it not?

ps I've always been quite definite about my dislike for dresses that are short at the front, long at the back (the Mullet tried to sue some time back in 1982 but failed due to insufficient evidence it 'owned' a description), but something about this one makes me love it. Don't get me wrong, I won't be wearing one, I don't think ever, but I really love this image. Vogue just rocks my socks a bit.

For a grey morning...

Just a couple of the many beautiful pictures snapped by the uber talented and super well travelled Ryan Ahern. Bringing some colour to a dreary morning (since 1989! Kidding...). Get out your compass and head over to his website or blog to see some more of his brilliant work, or head back to bed. It's rainy.

Sunday loving...

Found via le love, latest blog crush xx

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend loveliness...

From Style Me Pretty, one of the most gorgeous wedding blogs around, comes this beautiful collection of Vera Wang dresses. So beautiful! So textured and detailed, I love them all! Not the same way I would love a block of haighs hazelnut clusters right now, mind you, but OH the PREttiness!
Jump on your weboplane and shoot over to for a whole lot of lovely xx
ps - if someone doesn't make the dogs next door a WHOLE lot quieter within the next 2.7 seconds, I will not be held liable for what I may or may not do.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Good Friday morning muffins! You guessed it! It's time for me to share my pearls of wisdom with you about skincare! Except instead of pearls inside this mushy and slightly warm oyster shell, it's just me rubbishing on about something I know nothing about. Are you excited? ME TOO! So lets dive straight in shall we? And perhaps keep the ocean themed comments to a minimum.

SO! As the weather has decided to up and leave its sanity behind and take us on a merry journey I like to refer to as 'the ending of the world', my skin has decided to go a little berko in it's confusion. I know how it feels. Is it warm? Is it raining? Is it raining and warm? Or raining and cold? Will it be rainy and cold this morning and then lightnering and hot this afternoon? Or will it be sunny and cold this morning and windy and rainy this afternoon? My goodness. It's almost cause for a sick day. Anyhoodle. Methinks it's time for some tender loving care. And where best to start than at the good old Body Shop. This product here is tops. Not only is it hugely effective in moisturising and healing too, it's a pretty pink colour! Swell!
Now I've not actually used this lovely little pot of goodness in my wonderfully colourful 23 years, but I've heard SUCH good ravings from the beauty types, and I'm SUCH a sucker for sweet advertising, it seems only fair to include it here. Philosophy have some beyooootiful products, especially their yummy smelling shower and bath washes. Hello Mr Gingerbread Man. Super duper pressies that smell like a frosty white Christmas* laden with eggnog, fluffy pines trees and open flame fires. Except we're in Australia. But heck! Don't let that stop you! If Hope in a Jar can provide a miracle cure for confused skin, Mr Gingerbread Man can bring visions on caroling and berry covered wreaths, I'm sure of it!

I have a jar of this on my bathroom shelf, brought all the way from Sephora in Paris. Oh how I love Sephora with its shiny rows of lovely pretty things, sweet scents and best of all, bags full of freebies! But this little goody has carried me through many a season and shall continue to be used whenever I feel the gusts of Autumn, the smells of Spring, the rains of Winter, and whatever the hoolio it is we're experiencing now. It's downfall? No pretty smell. *sigh* But not to worry, the Clinique folk will probably read this blog, realise their mistake, ad get cracking on a new formula. Yep. No doubts about that. Use it! Use all of them! Or your trusty olive oil. Just don't be getting kissy with anyone, you will smell like a salad and most likely be a little slippy. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And then, voila! You shall look like this!!! Except more like you.

And if all else fails, get thee to a Benefit store, ask the lovely lady at the counter for some Posietint, insert hi-larious play on words joke (Benefit...Posietint, rhyming, good one...), purchase, and rub into those lovely little cheek bones of yours. Get glowing (see what I did there) and try it. It'll be fun. And not only will it be fun, it'll be like you went on a holiday, without going on a holiday at all! Brilliant! Wait...
* Christmas!!! Yay!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sweet smelling lilacs...

Once upon a time, in a meadow full of sunshine and rainbows, the Anemone said to the Lilac,
'I just don't get it! I used to be her favourite. She'd go on for days and days, waxing lyrical about how wonderful I was. Now it's like I'm a forgotten Summer love...'
The Lilac was deeply uncomfortable, and if it could, it would have blushed a deep Roma tomato red, for it knew it was her new favourite.
'I'm so sorry my dear Anemone', said the Lilac, 'if I could change things I would, you have to know that!' The anguish was clear in it's mellifluos voice. 'I guess we just have to realise she's a fickle fickle woman, swayed by the seasons and the new lovelies that come with them.'
The Anemone responed, between sobs, 'I guess you're right. Lilacs can be so wise. I guess I had hoped when I caught her eye this year, her affections might stay with me a little longer...'
The Lilac brushed it's sweet smelling purple petals against the Anemones dear little face, and said 'Don't fret my sweet. Sooner than you know, August will be here again and she'll be shouting from the rooftops how much she adores you.' The Lilac made a solemn promise to the Anemone it would come to pass.
At this, the Amemone cheered considerably. It raised it's little tear stained face towards the sun, and began to notice the colours surrounding it in this wonderfully musical field. And it knew, with heartfelt certainty, that come August 2010, her love would return.
The Lilac and the Anemone became the best of friends, and decided to make gumdrop buttons for everyone. And they all lived happily ever after.
The end.

Sniggle time!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Real Weddings

Our first gorgeous Real Wedding from Caroline Tran, super duper photographer and very lovely lady. How beautiful is this wedding! A backyard reception with ALL the trimmings. Candles tied with satin ribbon and string, hanging lanterns in the huge leafy trees, lace and textured linens, a gorgeous cake plus lovely mini cupcakes, and of course, a stunning bride and a handsome groom, sharing their dream wedding with us. Absolutely beautiful!

As an aside, I bought my first red lipstick yesterday. Like, bright red. I think it's called Strawberry Suede, which is an odd name really. Can't say I've ever seen suede in the hue of strawberry, and I imagine it would be somewhat garish. But now I have it, do I dare wear it? It's weighty decisions like this that keep me up at night.

Check out the gorgeous Caroline Trans work here or see her newest work here. Feel free to ask her where those giant balloons come from. I'm dying to know, and it would be FAR to straight forward for me to ask.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Scarves a-plenty

Gorgeous orange silk scarf from Venice...

Beautiful grey cashmere scarf from Edinburgh...

My family are very good to me. Not good enough to take me with them. But very good nonetheless.

Best food in the world...

If you've not tasted these, you haven't lived.

Now let's find a way to ship them Australia. In bulk. I'm thinking I become friends with either Marks or Spencer, and employ some kind of blackmail scheme. I was told there was a flaw in this idea. I don't see it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pretty weekend picture...

From the gorgeous Caroline Tran begins something I would like to name 'she has beautiful pictures and you will see lots more of her lovely work'. I'm good with words like that.

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

It seems fitting to take inspiration from the woman that creates some of the most beautiful gowns...I'm going out on a limb here...ever. And as it seems fitting, we shall! Hurrah! This ad (above), when I saw it, made me all nostalgic-like. I had this torn from a magazine and stuck on my wall many a year ago. I think I liked it because she looks so happy, but also because they seem to fit together like a puzzle which, for my romantic soul, quite simply made me happy. Don't be concerned for my sanity, I'm quite aware this was a photo shoot and he could have been one of those guys that likes wearing tartan on a regular basis which a Vera Wang model would NEVER go for. GOSH no. But I love that image. The sweetness and innocence is just lovely. And as this a is a beauty post, can I please draw your attention to her hair, a middle part, all lovely half uppy and half downy. And HEAVENS! It's a tulle headpiece! Maybe this is where my obsession came from. OH the pieces are just falling into place! And they're heavy so best to carry a hard hat.

The name of this perfume would quite honestly be enough to make me purchase sight un-sniffed. Hair still all lovely and half uppy/downy, but a little grungier. And I quite enjoy the smokey eye with the peachy lip. She looks so classic and vintage. I'm sure she whiffs of bouquets too. The wild kind, just after it's rained. OH to live near a flower field...

Vera likes her models neutral-ly, you may be picking up. As everything else is a party for the eyes, what with the gorgeous dresses and beautiful scents, it seems quite intelligent to stick with a natural face. Bravo, Vera. Bravo. This is a smokey eye done with taupes and beiges, with a little brown smoodged in there. Very wearable for your wedding, 'specially if kohl and the word 'liner' FLIP you out and create a bridezilla monster deMANding a new makeup artiste imMEdiately otherwise you SHALL NOT be exiting your hotel room. Finger combed hair is fun too. Very pretty and feminine at the front and classic at the back. Like a mullet. But not.
And ooh to be swinging from a tree hanging chandelier in the sunny afternoon, in a pretty frock whilst wearing a crown! I would most likely get tangled in the branches and end up needing an SES team to help me down, which would probably dampen the festive fairytale mood a tad. Ground based activities seem to be best for now. Less fun, but life retaining. I can assure you, however, if I was to be suddenly granted a day of graceful life to swing through trees, I would most definately have sea-salty texture-y hair, lovely shaped and filled in brows, and a glowing complexion. And probably a camera, because no one would believe it was possible.

And to add a little minxy minx to our pretty Vera ads, we have Ms 'I have my hair swept back and lots of eyeliner with bronzed cheeks because when I'm wearing heels and my nighty I like to be able to sweep out the door at a moments notice to a cocktail party with a quick switcheroo of underwear to frock'. Or something.
Happy end of weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cuteness factor is somewhere near DEFCON 1.

Oh my word. Well. There are no words. This little muffin is nicknamed Doink by his equally sweet little sister, and just by the by, has some seriously cool (and colour coordinated) toys. It's possible I may spontaneously combust from the overwhelming *OHHHH* that these pics inspire, so I shall introduce you to the highly talented and super lovely photographer Michelle Fiona. You can have a peek over
here at her gorgeous work. Lovely. Lovely lovely lovely.

Sweet summer oranges...

One of the many gifts I received when my parents returned from their wonderful overseas adventure (I've taken photos, there is present posting fun to be had. Yippee!). Scent from London feels somewhat more exotic. I'm not sure why. But I'm hoping that by introducing this as my new 'daily scent', I'll start to look like this. I'm pretty sure that's how it works. Buy perfume, look like ad.
You may not recognise me, but that's ok. I'll smell like sweet summer oranges...

Pretty little pins...

I've decided what I want my wedding dress to look like! Again! Please don't freak out, I work in the wedding industry. Flowers and fabrics and lovely delightful details of the most gorgeous weddings around are thrust routinely under my nose. I've never been one to have effortless self control (hello chocolate), and with all these beautiful ideas swirling around my teensy little office amongst boards of inspiration and piles of magazine clippings, I'm left with no option but to surrender (and hope to goodness it's thought of as endearing and not 'psycho wedding nutter phase one'). Obviously I can't tell you what it will look like because it's incredibly fashion forward, fabulous and Vogue will want it when it's made, but also because I'll probably change my mind. But for NOW! Holy 1980's batman, this dress is PERFECT!

This really has nothing to do with these fabulous hand made blooms (or does it?), but it's something that caught me off guard yesterday and has excited me just a touch. Let's just say this dress will have something of a flower theme. A cool flower theme.

Oh looky here! Now that we're talking about cool flowers, some might say it would be an excellent chance to talk about these cool designs by A Alicia! Brilliant! All of my clothes are a tad on the dull side (wearing navy excites me) and so discovering these gems has been quite exciting! SO beautiful, to be pinned on your lovely smocks, frocks and tops, and now creating beautiful little buttonholes if you're after something a wee bit different for your wedding. Pop by her online store here and run your fingers (metaphorically, unless you're super clever, or in her living room) over these beautiful little blooms. Delightful!

I wonder what 'psycho wedding nutter phase two' would look like? Probably best not to think about it...