Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's all a blur....

I'm in the middle of some exciting wedding prep, and it seems my mind has decided to up and leave in protest against the lack of protocol idea land has assumed. SO! I shall share this very cute polaroid with you in lieu of a post that will make sense.

Dave and Bronnie. Second kiss.
Cleverly taken by that guy with the good timing, Christian Wright. Patty*. Bringing back the 'roid.
*We call him Patty.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Headpieces, Jimmy Tsang, and an amazing Vinnies dress...

I've been exclaiming to anyone that will listen of late that one of my plans when I walk down the aisle is to wear a tulle headpiece. This often brings looks of confusion and concern, compacted by my trying to explain with sweeping arm movements, an excited look in my eye and a resolution to make them understand. Said folk often wander off, wondering why we were having a conversation about tulle headpieces in the first place, and how ON EARTH that could in any way look half decent. I'm left alone, wondering if my tulle hat fantasy is really THAT odd. If it is THAT far fetched. Well friends, I have news! No wait! PICTURES!!

Jimmy Tsang. Very talented photographer, lives at the very forefront of bridal fashion. Amazing photos, and...what's this? A tulle headpiece!

ps This dress was $50 from Vinnies. Not bad eh?

Jimmy's email - jimmytsang@hotmail.com
The reason Jimmy and I are friends? The tulle headpiece.

Real Weddings

Marika and Jamie are going to be our first Real Wedding's feature! I bet they're excited. Nothing like an actual wedding to inspire thoughts of fabrics, colours, music and shoes. Like here! A gorgeous Carolina Herrera dress, touches of bright red, favourite herbs as bonbonierres, recycled curtains as table runners, and all flowers and food grown sourced locally. Such beautiful wedding, captured by the incredibly talented Stephanie Williams.
Have a peek at her incredible photos over here www.stephaniewilliamsphotography.com. She's one clever lass.

I've a rather large wedding coming up on Friday, and spent yesterday afternoon threading wire through these gorgeous glass baubles. I'll take more piccies when they're all setup, but for now, here they are in their boxes. All ready to be thrown onto Magnolia branches, with little clusters of pink orchids tied all over them. Pretty!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Monday! And how good is stewed apple...

Happy Monday indeed. I've been in love with this photo for months and months now, and finally have a legit way of showing it off. Not that I took it. HEAVENS no. Christian Wright did. Clever boy. More to come from him. But for now...how awesome is this photo!? The colours, the saturation, the colours...

If you'd like to say hi to Christian, pat him on the back, make him a cup of tea, send me an email for his details. He's remarkably footloose and fancy free, is our Christian.

A (rather lovely) wedding I once worked on...

I'm a florist slash events stylist, and always get very excited when I'm allowed to create something really beautiful. So simple here, but so very beautiful! The bridesmaids wore silk charcoal dresses, there were handmade chocolates in cream little boxes, and pretty upside-down paper parasols to make everything just a bit cosier.
All photos by Blumenthal Photography www.blumenthalphotography.com.au

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The lovely Lucy. Some pretty photos. And a great use of words.

Light. Pretty. Colour-ey. We Like Lucy. Her cleverness makes us clever-er. Especially with the, er, written word.

Nikki Meyer...exceptional photographer, has blonde hair.

The details...OH the details! Nikki, being the creative soul that she is, has inspired me here with these lovely lovely images. I find myself dusting off Nanna's teacups, hunting down vintage lace and discovering a renewed love of all things pretty. I may even have to get married in South Africa...

'The one red leaf, the last of its clan,
That dances as often as it can,
Hanging so light and hanging so high,
On the topmost twig that looks up at the sky.'
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Little Jane St...loveliest creations, tops blog

Grab yourself a cup of tea and a muffin, muffin, and choof over to Little Jane St. Alarna, head designer and very cool chick, is designing away especially for YOU! Special little notes to send to your sweetheart, lovely ribbons to tie onto just about anything (psh. Everything!), gift tags to attach to that special little pressie you've just picked out, and I do believe there's some wrapping paper about to burst on to the scene.

Don't forget to pop in and have a look-see at her blog, all kinds of lovely stories and pictures are a-waiting!

Friday, June 26, 2009

'I fell slowly through the heady Summer dusk,
I plucked buttercups the colour of sunshine,
I settled in a cloud of blushing coral petals
Saturated with the heady scent of morning dew.' Anon

Pretty purple Anenomes sitting happily on my bedside table...

Nothing like some cheery flowers on the crate next to your bed (I like to think of it as 'edgy chic', rather than 'dumpster rubbish') to inspire an early morning jig. Or an appreciation for the colour purple. Each to their own.