Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm sure there's a proper name for cake topper's...

As we've already featured one swish cake topper, I've decided to go crazy, let my hair down a bit, and feature another one! Exciting, yes?

These lovely little owls (ooh! Birds! Do I sense a theme, I think I do!) were part of Johanna and Norris' wedding which was had on a beautiful, sunshine-y beach, and featured loads of fresh green orchids. Kate Harrison, being a photographer and all (and a super one at that!), has snapped these cutie's, knowing that clever people such as yourself would be looking for gorgeous pics like this to brighten their day. And as talented as Kate is, she even managed to get the little girl owl winking! Tops!

If you'd like to say, 'Why hello there Kate, I would like to second your super-ness, and tell you how grand your picture on this blog I read is looking', then you'll be needing this..., and as an extra treat, listen out for a very cool song which will greet your little ears when you visit. If I was better at my job I'd tell you who sung it.

I guess we'll never know.

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