Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A (rather lovely) wedding I once worked on...

Orange is a colour most will say reminds them of uh, oranges. Or berocca. Or a certain cafe uniform that had shirts in an orange that was brighter than the sun (why?! WHY?!!). So when this lovely bride, we'll call her Sami, let me know what colours she was working with I was intrigued. Scared, but intrigued.

But it worked! A wedding in a vineyard has taught me many things. The Hunter Valley is a long way away. Wear flats in fields. A snake causes menfolk to become manly-like and bunch together around it while achieving nothing. And bright colours rock the socks off an outdoor wedding.

In other news, it seems the sun, still being bright and all, has forgotten how to be warm. I'm thinking chocolate will help. Yes. I do believe it will.

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