Friday, July 17, 2009

I've never been one to paint my face...

Until NOW! Actually, that's not true. But if I was the type who could confidently stroll about in a nonchalant fashion with lovely little droplets of peach and raspberry (ooh hungry) and shimmery golds on my face, well, I would. Collar's of lovely summery flowers would look smashing too, again, if I was someone that could do it without feeling like a swarm of bees was about to attack. But the thing is, after my genius idea last week of making Friday a regular beauty themed post, I realised I'm quite el crappo at said makeup and everything involved. Therefore, I've in mind more of an inspiration-like show and tell of things I wish I could pull of, but can't. Or only could if I was in a foreign country where no one would know me, and would mark my wierdness down to cute intercontinental idiosyncrasies.

SO! Picture numero uno has some lovely little peachy colours, which apparently suit everyone. Seriously, try it. Gold can be fun. Flawless skin (damn her) also helps, but I've recently discovered a double edged sword-like attack which I am giving you permission to try at home (excitement!). Fact. Vitamin C is good for you, and for your skin. Fact. Vitamin C chewable tablets are tasty, just like sherbet, and have health benefits (woo!). So, vitman C serum on the face, vitamin C tablets for dessert, and WHAM! You'll be looking fabulous (if not a little orange) in absolutely no time at all! Take that tired looking skin!

Shu Uemera courtesy of

Now, I've also not really been one to stick peacock feather on my eyelashes (shocking I know), but, again, perhaps it's time to try something new. I did purchase a navy eyeliner a couple days ago which has made for much fun in my slightly mouldy bathroom. Blue eyes, navy liner, not too shabby. I love the colours in these lashes, very strong and pigmented. And OOH! I do believe that's gold glitter on right-ys face! I love it when my pictures work together. It's strange though, something in me is dying to try the whole 'feathers on my eyes' thing, although I do get the feeling I'd end up looking a bit like a cross between Big Bird and Edna Everage. Perhaps something to steer clear of.

Dsquared2 2008
Now, obviously this chicky here heard about my double sided vitamin C sword for flawless skin and got herself some quick smart. Obviously. And brilliant hair, one of those hairstyles you do with your hands and it looks amazing, but then when you try to recreate with pins, it fails miserably. But if you think I'm out of depth with makeup talk, I'm seriously in trouble when it comes to hair, so let's just say I like it, and move on to something I know arguably nothing about. Good-o. I do believe this is what is called in the biz, a 'focus on the eyes'. Eyeliner that only the incredibly talented could get even (I can't. I've tried. Many times. It still looks wonky), and WHAT'S THIS?! A golden shadow on the eyes that could only be one thing! Gold eyeshadow!

Use it. It's good for you. Just like vitamin C.

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