Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot..

I'm not sure if you've noticed (and unless you're kind of close to me, geographically, you probably won't have), but it's been, like, warm. Maybe not so much today, and maybe not so much yesterday, but the day before THAT was absolutely lovely. Now, this is a very short Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot, mainly because my brain is a little bit fried, and also because when I'm not well I tend to make no sense. Crazy. I know.

So this beautiful collection of photos, borrowed from (no idea what they do, but brilliant site, it made me happy), is something of a premature Spring time inspiration board, if you will. Now, I won't be sticking bundles of bloomin in my hair anytime soon, I'm already in a contest known fondly around here as 'how much can you look like a scary Rudolph', and I fear said bundles would only make me win. Which is not really what you want. No winning. A backwards contest, yes, and not fun at all. Why DO we have this contest?!


I do feel like this is something to incorporate into my daily wardrobe. More of an 'I've been frollicking in the fields and look flushed, pretty and WHAT'S THIS?? The fields I've been rolling in came with me!', and less 'Coco told me to take one thing off, but I desperately wanted to keep the 70% of my accessories wardrobe ON me!!' Although they would die pretty fast. Maybe it's something that can only really be used in a suitable fashion after one has ACTUALLY been frollicking in the fields, perhaps having a few minutes here and there so sip mountain water and make daisy chains. What fun.

Now, the skill level on this is something to be noted too, because if you can get your bloomin to look like a heart on your head well, you're one mighty clever flower headpiece heart shaper, yes siree. Perhaps you could even teach me one day...


  1. Fox Sports? Not a link I expected to see on your blog... good to see you branching out! Ha ha.

  2. lol, I was very confused for a minute there. All fixed :)


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