Wednesday, May 29, 2013

big blue skies...

Hello there my lovely readers! 

How have you been? Australia was MAGNIFICENT - of course! And I can't believe how quickly a month can fly by when you're having fun. And much fun we did have! There was a mini break in the Hunter Valley (excellent food), swims in the ocean a-plenty (definitely looked like a British tourist there), coffee/lunch/dinner/brunch/food with friends (the LOVELIEST of friends), and time spent with family that was pure gold.

The sky - OH the sky - was big and blue, bright and blue and big. There was fabric sourcing with my Mum which was akin to Christmas (oh. my. word.), gardening with the family at my parents new house (watch out for the funnel webs...ehhh pardon?!), cuddles with friends new babies, live jazz at the local pizza spot, and thousands of hugs from my nieces. There was SO much more as well, but I shall stop there, so as not to become a waffler. Is that even a word? Yes. We're going with yes.

And now we're back here! I do believe there has been two notable sunny days, which were concluded as being 'Summer'. To which I have thrown my fists up at the sky and shouted 'WHY?!'. Internally of course. And who knows, lets think positively! Tomorrow might just be a cracker (of the good weather type, not the water type)! Rubyandjoy is back in the swing of things with much sewing and taking over of the entire house with 'projects', which husbando is loving. There are exciting things afoot and I'm all about sharing! Market days, new products, Christmas scheming already (OH YES), merchandising and new stockists, there is much to be thankful for. And our wee balcony is bulging with new plants, which although is very exciting for me and my love of all things flora (not the margarine), means we sadly can not both be outside at the same time due to space restrictions. It's a pot plant tetris world we live in, and I love it!

And so I wanted to say a big hello, I've missed you, and HAPPY SPRING! Unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere. Or if you're up the road from me and it's still snowing. STILL SNOWING.