Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cute as a button! Or a card...

I will never get sick of romance. No siree. I watched The Young Victoria last week which led to many a rant on why men don't write romantic letters and dedicate Schuberts Love Song to me dammit! If anyone (Rupert Friend included) was to play such beautiful music 'with me in their heart', well, lets be honest, I wouldn't stand much of a chance. Unless he stuffed up the cadenza. I'm quite fussy you see.

Pop over to Ghost Academy and say ahoy hoi to the delightful Megan. Not only is she skilled with the card printing equipment, but I believe she makes a mean cup of tea. Brilliant!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pretty pictures...

Perfect! Gilda on the season now, a super special favourite of mine, resembling bushy green hydrangeas, and mint! People! Put mint on your tables! Herbs! Go nuts! Herb nuts! Nuts with herbs! Keep the goats away though. That could get messy...

Pretty picture...

But which is the wall and which is the flower?! Ooh. Mind games of the floral variety. Excellent.

Pretty picture time!

As mentioned previously, due to my unrivalled talent 'forgetfulness', I do not know where these pictures came from. All I know is I saw them and liked them, a lot. I also know that getting peanut butter in one's hair is not typically the best way to prove your ladylike-ness. I'm pushing for change.

Monday, September 28, 2009

It's a love heart kind of day...

I've no idea where this dress came from, or who made it (if you know write their name on a paper aeroplane and aim for my head), but I'm fairly sure it's one of the coolest dresses ever. One can never have to many love hearts*.

*Unless they're the deadly Amazonian frog hunting kind. Then you probably wouldn't want any...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blog loving...

SO I thought it high time I fling some blog loving from my windows, much like a parade located in a small European town, perhaps somewhere in Italy. I shall categorise, partly to make it easier to read, but also so I can come up with fun and lengthy category names. Excitement plus.

Spectacularly beautiful, wonderful folk that have links to either rubyandjoy or lovelyprettycheerythings. We love them.

Pop to
amour amour blog, and
Wedding Style Guide Magazine for some link loving and some topso inspiration.

Brilliantly creative, lovely folk that have written about rubyandjoy or lovelyprettycheerythings in such glowing terms we were left in such a blushing state that someone actually asked the other day if we were tomatoes. Well that's not true, but they were thinking it. I could see it in the eyes. We love them anyway.
Skip along to
Bits Of Beauty for some super cool inspiration, creativity and some more lovely pretty cheery things.

Super special folk elsewhere on le web that are uber creative, talented, and have offered pretty little links to us, even with the whole "tomato" thing. That just proves how indeedly super they indeedly are.
Hopscotch it over to
Huetopia for some of the most delightful and beautiful paper treats you may ever lay your eyes upon.

If I've forgotten anyone please send a note, email, or skywrite and I shall quicksmartly add you to our splendid little list. And if you pop in to say hello to these lovely little munchkins remember to be polite, say hello, and compliment their shoes.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Zac Posen S/S 2010
Zac Posen S/S 2010

Little piggy 1 - OOH OOH OOH OOH OOH!!!! Bright colours!!!!
Little piggy 2 - Oh settle down. Whats wrong with black anyway?
Little piggy 1 - Oh COME ON! Are not a leetle bit excited? We've been mourning for MONTHS now!!!
Little piggy 2 - Stop yelling.
Little piggy 1 - Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeaaase let us be painted in bright cherry's and raspberries and apricots for Spring!
Little piggy 2 - They're fruits.
Little piggy 1 - My goodness IMAGINE the possiblities that come with colour!!
Little piggy 2 - Colour makes me feel ill.
Little piggy 1 - I've been black for months! Are you not going to even try a shimmer-y gold-y apricot, even for me?
Little piggy 2 - I don't care much for you.
Little piggy 1 - This is why you like black huh?
Little piggy 2 - I'm not sure if you've noticed, but we don't actually get a say in what colour we're painted. It would be kind of cool if someone wrote about us though, and what we thought. Spoke up for the little guy you know? Although it probably wouldn't be very helpful, what with you liking fruit salad brights and me liking shades of black.
Little piggy 1 - OHHHHH to be a bright shade!
Little piggy 2 - You're a little strange.
Little piggy 1 - Perhaps you're dead inside!
Little piggy 2 - And this would be why no one cares what we think...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vogue plus one beautiful Emma Watson

Hey Em, Vogue calling, you wanna come in and shoot some pretty frocks? Hair, makeup, it'll be gorgeous. Fabulous lighting, all very Victorian. It'll all be about you. You and the frocks. The frocks. You. Fabulous.

While we have you, we might pop you in a field of bluebells for Teen Vogue. You're ok with this yes? No hayfever? No worries love, you'll look gorgeous. We'll go royal. Royal in a field. Gorgeous.

Peppermint Magazine Issue 03

I found this magazine while at Borders the other day looking for some inspiration. It's made of paper. It has 'pretty crafty' on the cover. I believe that makes it safe to say, if you like pretty things and/or crafty things, it may be worth checking it out.

Also? I went to the cinema* by myself last night. Absolutely loved it. Apart from when the credits started rolling and everyone else in the cinema realised I was a loner. But a cool loner, I'm sure.

*Try it. Old fashion cinemas are heaps funner.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My favourite kind of wedding...



Sweet Peas

Pieris Japonica

Blown roses and Geraldton Wax

The bride requested her bouquet be big, loose, messy, pretty and beautiful. The bridesmaids were to be one type of bloom each, all in whites, each looking like they'd been picked from a field (more I'm wearing a floral cotton dress, a floppy hat and riding my bicycle, less we decided to get married in Vegas - let's get some freebies on the way). Vaucluse Gardens were draped with white paper lanterns and masses of babies breath lined the aisle. I've been trying to figure out a way to describe the theme for the wedding. Modern Field? Field Chic? I may have too much time on my hands...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Farm/backyard fresh yummies

I've been feeling quite domestic goddess-y of late, which I believe has something to do with the fact I harvested 14 lemons from our lemon tree on Sunday afternoon (and not so much to do with the lack of clean glasses). Although I had nothing at all to do with growing them I was happily chuffed with my bounty. I had a moment of sheer terror (it's been quiet at home lately...) when I realised I did not have a clue how to carry them inside, but solved that by tucking them all in my skirt and using it as a basket. Now, if you're imagining a lovely floral printed cotton skirt filled with yummy yellow fruit please keep that image in mind (much prettier than what actually happened). Short black dress. Not much room for lemon holding. At all. Especially not 14. But I prevailed. The neighbours laughed (I'm sure I could hear the snorts and giggles). Why I didn't just walk upstairs and get a bowl is a question I am only just now asking myself. This in itself may be a concern, but I have always been a stubborn one tripper. If there are 23 shopping bags I will load up and bring them all in in one go. I may lose all blood circulation in limbs but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Live life on the edge and all. I'm still yet to decide if this trait can be considered lazy or determined. I like the sound of option B.

Anyhoodle. Sunday afternoon my friend El and I ventured out to nursery land in the smoke and rain (I know, confusing) to enjoy some yummy scones and tea. Domestic goddess-y feelings continued when on the way back we stopped at a road side market and bought little bags of strawberries and tomatoes...weeeee! Something very satisfying about buying farm fresh produce. What I'm going to do with all my tomatoes, strawberries and lemons is as yet an unanswered question. Probably should have thought that through. Oh well. I'm sure worse things could happen. Like I made a lemon cake last night and have just realised I'll have to eat it all. Damn.

Lovely pretty cheery song...

As I lay awake last night listening to the strange noises in my house, figuring out where my nearest weapon lay, whether or not I would have a chance to put on shoes before I made a mad rush for the back door and whether to go run past the next door neighbours with the dogs or the next door neighbours with the rocky cliff, I decided to calm myself down by planning my wedding. Gold star for logic. I decided this song would feature heavily, perhaps even as a single CD for the bonbonierre. Now, obviously, songs featured in my wedding would have to have a special meaning for both myself and husband, and as I'm single and may end up marrying a celtic cross heavy metal loving hippy that may have an aversion to lovely songs such as 1234, I make no promises this will actually come to fruition. This is when I got distracted by more loud noises, and decided I should focus more on escape plans rather than what shade of peach my bridesmaids would be (the dresses, not the bridesmaids themselves).

Listen to it, you'll love it. And if you don't? I may not invite you to my wedding. I'll send you the gift registry though. I'm pretty thoughtful like that.

Oh. And I'm pretty sure the loud noises were possums. Large possums.

A few more favourites...

Tommy Hilfiger

Nanette Lapore

3.1 Phillip Lim

L'Wren Scott

Diane von Furstenberg
Because one can always dream...

Spring Ready to Wear 2010 - Oscar de la Renta

I guess the one thing that's obvious from looking at these pics is that Oscar must have read my post about braids. Clearly. He has done something of a revamp with the fabric woven through them (bravo), even matching the colours to the frocks, which looks absolutely wonderful! But I guess we should also say those are some seriously beautiful pieces. If we must...

Spring Ready to Wear 2010 - Marchesa

I imagine if I ever needed a frock for the Oscar's the lovely folk at Marchesa would be on the top of my list to plead with. 'Who are you?', they would ask. 'I write the blog lovelyprettycheerythings, have you not heard of it?', I would answer. 'No.', they would say.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

As exciting as my comments have been about the fabulous frocks being trotted about at the Spring Ready to Wear shows, I'm sure if you've been paying attention at all, you will have noticed I know nothing about said shows, and am probably offending people left right and centre with my pathetic commentary. However! Pretty dresses are fun to look at and wish for, so I will push through (phew!). And as it's Friday, it's now time for our beauty post! Something that could be compared to asking a monkey to explain the new season trends. Not that I'm a monkey. Heavens no. But like a monkey, I tire of bananas easily*. And don't know much about beauty trends. Thank goodness I'm not a monkey, then, and can use my many other talents (many) to find pictures and write absolute rubbish about them! Weeee!

I'd quite like to compare this chunky eyeliner to the Camilla and Marc runways at RAFW, especially with the clean face and neutral lips. It just looks like so much fun! I tried to do the chunky eyeliner thing at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival but I don't think my eyes appreciated it, as they didn't SPARKLE like they do here, and I wanted them to SPARKLE dammit! Oh well. Perhaps I'll try the quiff next. I imagine it will end up looking like I have an American football trapped under a birds nest of hair, but that's what being young and experimenting is all about eh?! Footballs and birds nests. Yes siree.

*DO they tire of bananas?

Image from

Spring ready to Wear 2010 - a few favourites...


Rebecca Taylor

Max Azaria

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Rebecca Taylor

New designer crush - Rebecca Taylor
Scariest models with prettiest dresses - Temperley
Sweetest shoes - Rebecca Taylor
Favourite dresses - Rebcca Taylor (remember how I just said I had a crush...?)
Blocks of chocolate consumed today - one and a half (it's the bubbly stuff, half as bad for you)
Music playing - Regina Spektor and Kate Miller Heidke
Summer swimmer freakout level - high
Item I would love to arrive unbidden in my letterbox - Rebecca Taylor shoes
Likelihood of that happening - unlikely
Spelling of likelihood - harder than it seems.

Spring Ready to Wear 2010


Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

Bagdley Mischka

Just between you and me, I'm a little excited. I have my parents on the hunt for orange leather accessories all over Europe (this is stressing them out I'm told. Not that they can't find anything, but there are just so many lovely things to choose from. I feel no sympathy). There's nothing orange in my local little Westfield. And then I start to look at the new Spring Ready to Wear pretties, and I spot a common theme! Orange! This means either I'm way ahead of my time and deserve medals (preferably the chocolate kind), or the media has subliminally been feeding me images of gradually stronger orange accessories so that in time I'll believe it was my own idea to go nutso on citrus coloured goodies. I choose to believe option A.

And here's little Thursday treat for you!
'What did the chick say when it's mother laid an orange?
Look at the orange marmalade!'
Ha! Oh google...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pretty pictures 3

And if I had the patience to do this, I would. Especially at twilight. Or dusk. Or sunrise. Any of those pretty moments of the day...

Pretty pictures 2

When I figure out where on earth it is that the sun shines like this? I'll let you know. Pretty...

Pretty pictures

So I've got quite a few pretty pictures that I see and love and keep to paste over my walls and inspiration boards, and I thought I would like to share some. Only problem is I've no idea where they came from. SO! No hard feelings, and if you see any of these photos and think 'Jimmy Crickets! This blogging woman awesome! AND is ripping me of!', please accept my apologies and perhaps a bag of cookies*.