Saturday, March 30, 2013


Yesterday He died, tomorrow He will defeat death. Today, we wait...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

counting the days...

Oh YES there are!
Tomorrow - Hair coloured. I'm almost at the stage of it looking like my roots are on purpose (eg balayage, dip dye etc), however, they're not. It just looks bad.
Next Friday - Harrowgate with my cousin. We're of on a road trip and I'm tagging along to support THE Ebba Goring as she exhibits at the British Craft Trade Fair. No need to explain the many levels of excitement that shall entail!
Two weeks and four days - AUSTRALIA! FOR A MONTH! Am I excited? Yes. Have I started packing? Yes. Am I going to be pasty on arrival? Very.
I hope you've got lots of lovely things coming up too! And if not..I give you full permission to start planning some now. STAT!
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Friday, March 22, 2013

the school...

I have had the curious delight of seeing many an instagram picture and reference to 'the School' of late, and apart from wishing my socks of I was there, taking part in the fun, I was also intrigued as to what it actually was. Well! HOW did I miss it?! To be fair, I've not been in the country. 


So please excuse my very late uptake. And, as they have just turned one, let's blow up a balloon and throw some confetti in the air (go on, it'll be fun!) to celebrate their craftiness!

Get your cute self over there and you will have awesome amounts of fun. Megan Morton, super stylist, has started up top notch workshops for all. Sharing is caring, and if you're interested in screen printing, shibori, flower fun and all manner of other brilliant crafty bits and bobs, you should check it out. That's an order! Not really, that be a bit bossy. But I promise, you will love it. 

I'll just be here. Wishing I was there. 

image via - the School

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

chin up...

Even if you had a cereal down your chin, fall into the wall, kick your toe on the bed kind of morning.
Yep. Even then.


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Monday, March 18, 2013

hello darling...

Recently I saw a few of my friends had like posts by Darling Magazine on facebook, and I, not being one to be purposefully left out, jumped onto their website. 

And I found THIS! Their mission. And I fell in love. 

I'm still discovering, but check it out here. They're based in America (sad face), but there is a LOT available online (v. happy face). Go forth and unearth the loveliness that awaits! And then, if you're in the UK, have a pear. They're AWESOME right now.

artwork credit - Angela Duncan via Darling Magazine

Friday, March 15, 2013

happy weekend!

Happy weekend! How will you be celebrating? With day time fireworks? Me too. But if that doesn't pan out for you (or I), let's make a list of all the lovely things we would like to do, yes?

Spring cleaning! This is probably only lovely in thought, not so much in action. But HOW GOOD it will feel when I'm done far outweighs the sneeze-a-thon that will precede cleanliness. It shall include carpet washing, window wiping, wardrobe cull, and lots of windows being open. For this to happen, of course, it must reach over 2 degrees and quit snowing.

Walking. I do love a good walk, and it seems we're in a good spot for it. Always accompanied by a good sandwich and a flask of tea - which one has to eat in the car, because it's too cold to be sedentary in the wilderness. 

Reading. The house is filled with afternoon sunlight (yes, that's a miracle in itself), and from where I sit on our comfy wee couch, it's pretty cosy. Curled up with a cup (or 3) of tea, a good book and perhaps a few blankets - sounds like bliss!

Eating. Obviously.

Gardening! Or balcony-ing? De-winter-ing our balcony. All legitimate words. At the moment it's a cluster of sticks in pots which is looking very sad and neglected. Except for, excitement upon excitement, my 3 pots of tulip bulbs, selected carefully and brought home all the way from Amsterdam. Lovely parrot-y ones in pinks, oranges and reds. Knowing my luck they'll be in full bloom while I'm away for a month, so I am fully prepared to pay someone to come and take good photos for me. Payment shall be in the form of the joy you will feel on beholding the magnificent sight of aforementioned tulips. Pretty generous, eh? 

Crafty-ing. Husbando will say, 'Nicola, stop working so hard!', and I'll say, 'Fetch me a biscuit!'. Not really. I'll say, 'I'm not working hard!'. And then we'll fetch a biscuit together.

Let's be honest, probably about 7.2% of that stuff is going to happen, and it won't be as pretty as pinterest makes it look. However! I like to dream and I like to plan, and so - voila! 

I'm off to sort my socks. My weekend of awesomeness starts NOW! x

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

what's your favourite?

As a florist I get to work with the loveliest and most beautiful of flowers! *high five* When I was working full time in floristry, I used to get asked a LOT which one was my favourite, which was always impossible to answer. I love the colour in parrot tulips and their thick curly petals, I love big lemon lilies which smell so sweet, and November lilies too. I love deep purple violets and creamy white gardenias. I love big bowers of blossom and bushy hydrangeas. I love the colour and delicacy of poppies and big full garden roses. But one of my top favourites (because I can't measure them any closer than that!) is these purple anemones. LOVE EM!

Apparently other folk are quite keen on them too, so much that they've written poems about them! DH Lawrence did, but it's a bit terrifying, so we'll brush right over that.

What's your favourite? x

image credit - to moi!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Spring is springing here in Blairgowrie (sort of, not really, but I'm being optimistic!), and with the snowdrops everywhere comes the baby cows! Wee highland coos to be exact! Husbando does love visiting the farm. He even got to chat with this fine fellow today! I stayed huddled in the car.

It's really quite chilly.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

weekend thoughts...

In the mood for...
An indoor tree.
A brightly coloured or prettily patterned teapot.
More time to read.
Sunshine to warm my bones.
The ocean.
A rest.
A holiday.
6 weeks and 1 day until we leave for Australia.
But until then, about this tree...
image via d a b i t o on flikri

Saturday, March 2, 2013

free shipping for australia...