Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh My Hair!

Hair solutions. And Happy Friday by the way! So I'm sorta getting on top of this fluff-pot hair business, but those who have seen me this week, feel free to disagree. And let’s talk more on people who just seem to have great hair all the time with out trying. I'm going to be one of those one day. Oh yes. And here are my favourite do's of now and I'm sure just they step towards the mirror, take out their comb, advance towards styling and. Stop. Like the Fonze, and say, "hey….. " (perfect)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What to wear?!

Hello lovelies, do hope you had a very happy Australia Day! Lots of beer, pavlova and prawns on the BBQ. (Please tell me you read that as just prawns going on the BBQ and not beer and pavlova..just checking) I am however completely confused by this current weather we are having and quite frankly, so is my hair. It's a fluff-pot of mess and flop and not even in a Kate Moss I'm so cool I just hopped out of bed look but I'm perfectly styled in an understated cool, chic and sophisticated way. Annoying right? So where to look for inspiration and hair product that will actually do what it says on the tin? Well, let's solve the clothing issue first and go here. Always fun to trawl through the outfits on The Sartorialist, even if they are slightly inappropriate to wear on a 30 degree, muggy day. : )

All photos courtesy of The Sartorialist.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Australia Day!!

Hi everyone! Happy Australia Day!! What are your plans for today? A trip to the beach? Lamingtons? A BBQ? Cricket? Hottest 100?

Whatever you find yourself doing... Have a great day and don't forget your sunscreen!

Photo credits: 1. Out of my mind, 2. One Blue Wren, 3. Redcipolla.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Friday it's almost the weekend!

Morning!!! I'm soooo.... due for a catch up on sleep, coffee and general lazing about and listening to tunes. Speaking of which, I'm listening to Andrew Bird who seems to get up to a lot of whistling and still manages to be cool. How is that?? I could happily sit and listen to his chilled out tunes all day. Perhaps this weekend calls for a picnic rug some tunes a book and some take away coffee and yummy treats? Yes, yep. I'm fine with that. My suggestions are sure to do the trick. What will you get up to this weekend? Happy Friday all.
Lucy xxx

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I likey

Happy Wednesday All! And hello Alarna! I checked out the lovely items you posted from Brisbane and I do like, very much. Especially the little bunny from Edward and Lily! So I thought I would follow suit with some items from designers that I have been checking out.

Meredith from Woolly Mammoth creates beautiful and unique hand-knitted beanies for kiddies, teens and adults. Made from hand dyed yarns these beanies will warm up any little noggen! (It has been unusually cold this summer teh heh..) And I have recently heard from Nicola who has been snuggling up in woolly things to brave the freezing temperatures of London. Perhaps we should send her one!

I'm also loving these items from textile geniuses, Umbrella Prints. These clever ladies are based in Adelaide. I love their fabric designs and cute little toys.

And cute little earrings and bags from lilypad designs. Ooers.. Well, that's all for now. Have a splendid day from me! xxx

Monday, January 18, 2010

lovely, pretty, cheery things in Brisbane!

Well hello everyone and Happy Monday!! I am Alarna from over at Little Jane St and I will be doing a wee bit of guest blogging whilst the lovley Nic is having fun on the other side of the ocean! For my first post I thought it would be nice for me to show you some lovely, pretty, cheery things from my side of town - which is Brisbane, QLD! - in the form of some of my favourite local indie designers....

Friday, January 15, 2010

This is M. Sasek

Nicola has inspired me with her travels and brought back memories of these lovely little children's books that I used to adore. Aren't they lovely! Does anyone else remember these or am I alone?? Well, M. Sasek appears to have a series of fabulous location related reprinted books, that I was completely unaware of till now.. But here are some of my favs and oh so appropriate and timely : )

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday it's almost the weekend post and Festival Fun!

Hello!!! Lucy here. Well, I'm excited for the weekend, not sure about you! And Gosh I miss Nicola already! It was lovely of her to invite me to write stuff on her blog. I will try to make it as interesting as possible AND if you do happen to start falling asleep, please be polite and pinch yourself and at least pretend to be interested in my ramblings. Speaking of which, I have been enjoying partaking in the Sydney Festival shenanigans. Hearing the delightful sounds of Al Green. Lovely man. Just lovely. And what a VOICE!! Music to make you sway to... I think I'm having a moment.

PLUS I discovered (I know I'm terribly late to this) Patrick Watson who has this whole dreamy cinematic sound thing going on. Very cool man. Very cool. (And polite. Perhaps because he's Canadian?) Infact I think it was a prerequisite to be in the crowd that you had to be cool in order watch the cool and polite, Patrick Watson. just as well I fit that description! Few! Did anyone else manage to get along to any Sydney Festival goodness?

And, Nicola if you're reading this - (jealous! wish I were there) I hope that London is treating you well. Do say hello to her majesty! Toodle pip!


Monday, January 11, 2010

au revoir!

So as rubyandjoy have not been shut for approximately 2 years, we (I) thought it would be swell if we (I) closed shop, grabbed our (my) cameras and went on something of a holiday! I sleep with my blackberry, so we'll see how we go. But here's the good news! There'll be some new lovely sweet peas dropping by to show of some of their pretty snaps and lovely stories, and because I'm super organised with a capital S (and O), I've already saved some lovely tid bits that will be published at whim for you to treat your pretty eyes with! Huzzah!

So while we're off gathering gorgeous inspiration, re training our bodies to sleep, sourcing beautiful vases and props, experimenting with Ms Diana+F, and enjoying a good old fashioned adventure, make sure you keep visiting! I'll feel spectacularly unloved if you don't! I'll be attempting to upload some of my adventure-ful snaps (especially if we make it to La Tour Eiffel, oui!) with stories and little updates as we go.

We'll be back in blogging action on the 15th Feb, but will be in touch if you need anything at all! In le meantime (I'm practicing my French), say hello to the incredibly talented and super lovely Alarna of Little Jane St (visit her, buy her stuff. It's neat) and the incredibly wonderful and witty shutterbug Lucy. Hello Alarna and Lucy! Be nice to them, they'll rock your socks.

Lots of love to all you blogging lovelies, I'm sure I'll see you soon! xx

Pretty pictures...

String love.

Pretty pictures...

Black and white love.

pretty pictures!

Vintage love.

image via ilslajacobs

Sunday, January 10, 2010

At first sight...

Oh how I love this picture! I was going to write a story to go with it, but I think I shall leave that up to your witty and intelligent minds. Here's to love at first sight! And nice hair! But mostly love at fist sight.


Who am I kidding, it's all about the hair.


Thursday, January 7, 2010


Because at this current time I am simply obsessed with dreamy lovely snaps. And these fit the bill. Not sure which bill. But they fit it. Yes siree.

ps - I got a teapot for Christmas. Have been making tea in a coffee plunger for quite some time now. Much easier this way. The teapot way. Will try take a photo on Ms Diana. Probably won't turn out as super lovely as these here but I'm ok with that. Just.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Paper pretties!

Oh be still my heart. Paper art. Goodness that's a rhyme! This has inspired me. Walls covered with paper flowers. When I move to larger studio where there is actually wall space, these pretties will be everywhere. You'll be all 'I can't SEE!' and I'll be all 'Der. They're my wall flowers'. Genius.

Image via Bespoke Letterpress Boutique


No idea where it came from. Love it.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Diana fun times...

I received a Diana+F Edelweiss for Christmas (weeee!) and it would be an understatement to say both that I was excited and I ate a lot. But lets focus on the former for now, even if the latter is the elephant in the room (geddit? geddit!?!). So. Even though the first lab I went to hurt my photos and cut off the lovely blurry edges (I want blur!! Blur is good! BLURRR!!!), I thought these were ok to post. I'm rather fond of the first one. My next 'series' (I'm, like, totally an artist) is of flowers. Weird huh! Maybe I should have been a florist...

Monday, January 4, 2010


So when the lovely ladies at Lola&Bailey sent these over, not only did I fall in love with these sweet little totes, I was also super excited at their look book layout! It's meant to be! Ha. Ok, yes, I spelt out r&j. No really. But would've been cool, no? I'm also strangely itching to get myself a yellow trench coat...

SO! When the need next arises and you're thinking 'gosh darn, if only I had a handy but uber cool looking bag for my books/skinny jeans/organic fruit/cookies I baked for the office', get thee to the Lola&Bailey store! Not only do they have just about the best name ever, they're super nice to match. They don't have cookies though. Tis a shame...

from top... 'r' tote, '&' tote, 'j' tote. All from Lola&Bailey. And I completely understand you could have like, totally figured that out yourself. I just wanted to say Lola&Bailey again. Seriously. Coolest name ever.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We're baaaaack!

Well. Technically I'm back. But that's neither here nor there. And now we're wasting precious time discussing here-ness and there-ness when what I would really like to be discussing is YOU! How were your holidays? Still on them (I hate you)? Never had them (I hear you)? Wish you could dance the flamenco? Me too.

I do hope your Christmas and New Years were absolutely spectacular! I was at a lovely little apartment in Kirribilli for the fireworks which was absolutely delightful! Being in the vicinity of people throwing up on the way home, not so much. And Christmas was loads of fun! Twas my little nieces first, and my goodness was she ever spoilt! It's ok. I dealt with it. I can live with a little less love...

So while you get the violins and tissues out, I thought I'd show you a few pics of what we got up to after dark! Well doesn't that sounds creepy... And here's some good news! After sparklers are dropped in the ocean a couple times, they still work! Also! When throwing a sparkler out of the shot, best not to throw too high. They land in trees. Bad things can happen. They didn't. Maybe it had something to do with the ocean? Intriguing...

ps I struggled to do my y's, j's and a's backwards. Trickier than you'd think. Or maybe not. But tricky for moi. I got chocolate right though. It's an important one.

Photos by Lucy. She's clever. And brings snacks. Maybe her name should be Lucy Awesome. Just saying...