Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gorgeous handmade flowers, a store in Paddington, and a very clever craftswoman.

I discovered these beauties through a friend of a friend of a friend, and am thrilled that my friend of a friend of a friend is Sasha Dalziell Bruty. I do believe she was a florist (top job that. Seems to attract some pretty cool people), and was lucky enough to spend time in Paris oogling beautiful lace and petals and fabrics that some of us will only dream of. I wonder if she tried the nutella crepes? Probably not while with the vintage fabrics. Some cranky French words may have been had. Perhaps even a croissant thrown.
But now! She has come to Paddington to spread the love (and the beautiful flowers), and is available in the Mr Rose store on Norfolk Street. Limited hours, but my goodness. You show up at the races/wedding/gym with one of these beauties, and you'll wish Sasha was your personal flower maker, making lovely blooms for you and you only. And perhaps some of your friends. But only the really special ones.
For a lovely flower, headpiece or chat, send a super friendly email to or jump online at
I think I'd like one for my lampshade.
Photos taken from Bespoke by Sasha website


  1. Loving the new title/banner thingy. Snazzy! :)

  2. WoW Nik! Great blog & Beautiful flowers indeed! Those are some amazing links to the right too - Once Wed - amorology - WOW!

  3. Thanks Lou! Praise from the ultimate blogger! Very flattered :)

  4. And the header! Very exciting...feel I can achieve almost anything now. One day day, world domination. Snazzy indeed! :)


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