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Friday, July 30, 2010

Guest Blog :: Max = photography goodness

Wedding bliss
breath takingly beautiful bride
dashing groom
fabulous ferris wheel
photography fun
stunning wedding pics... the all too clever max wanger.


Friday, July 23, 2010


It's breezy here.
I like it.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

more things to love about scotland...

Because there will always be more...

  1. Shortbread
  2. Beautiful gardens filled with roses and begonias and poppies and lupins and foxgloves...
  3. Tea and digestives
  4. The words 'bonny' and 'daft' being used with high frequency, and everything being 'pure dead brilliant'
  5. £1 for a GIANT tray of fresh Scottish raspberries that can be eaten messily by the handful
  6. Biscuit tins in every single house hold filled with chocolate and biscuit-y goodness
  7. Shortbread!
  8. Big yellow number plates
  9. Electric showers
  10. Peppers, squash, and courgettes. Obviously being capsicums, pumpkins and zucchinis. Obviously.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Best chocolate bar ever...

We should petition to have these brought to Australia. Seriously.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Last time I was at the top of the Opera House in my spandex and heels I forgot my Mickey Mouse ears.
I guess there's always next time...

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Do you know what would make me feel pretty today? To pretend I was 8 years old, and running faster than my legs could carry me through a field of wildflowers growing taller than my streaming blonde hair. To play in the mud until it gets dark and my feet are so cold they'll tingle when I hop in the bath. To let my mum braid my hair not caring what it looks like but thankful it's out of the way. To make bouquets with fallen leaves and cakes with sand and water. To go on a hike through the backyard forest and climb trees and discover birds nests. Scrambling. Scrambling would make me feel pretty today.
image via keithpitts

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bonnie Scotland...

Eilean Donan Castle

Some of the wonders of Scotland that I have enjoyed of late...

  1. Chip butties in Buckie
  2. Spotting huge herds of deer on mountain sides in the Highlands
  3. Picking heather roadside and overlooking the mountains and hills that roll into the distance (Keira Knightly style in Pride and Prejudice on the DVD main menu. Yep. Just like that)
  4. Placing my rock on the pile at Cairn O Mount, after the friendly Scottish couple informed us that's what's done
  5. ''Sun baking'' on the beach at St Andrews
  6. Ice cream at St Andrews (ferrero rocher - best ice cream ever)
  7. Walks along the stone walled lanes, winding through the fields
  8. Driving past the townships of Boghead and Slackhead
  9. Not being able to understand anyone from Glasgow
  10. Early afternoon naps (I'm quite the nanna)

And many more yet to come!


Guest Blog :: Happy Bastille Day!

image via flickr

Guest Blog :: Let's Dance

In anticipation of the new flick Step Up 3D, one must prepare by familiarising oneself with the intricate plot of Step Up 2: The Streets. Yes, it was released two years ago…but I’ve been…busy and so it’s on the list. And as there may be significant changes and challenges the dance students go through – the times they are a-changing… I need to be on top of such matters before I can progress to the next film. It’s important. And so are priorities. And now that my secret love of this particular genre of movies is out... Let's continue.

Step Up 1

Step Up 2

I love dance movies in general. It's the teen drama, mixed with romance...topped off with the all essential action makes for the perfect blend of inspirational entertainment. So here goes, a list of dance related feature films that I have come to appreciate.

Strictly Ballroom

Strictly Ballroom. Australian drama, representing Australian culture and the emergence of dance culture before it became so hip as it is today. Classic. If it wasn’t for such a film as this, would the dance film genre have evolved into the world that it has become?
Save the Last Dance

And must not forget to mention Save the Last Dance, Stomp the Yard, Billy Elliot, Hairspray, Honey (gosh it’s corny but good) Saturday Night Fever, Center Stage, Singing in the Rain, West Side Story…I could go on and on, but hey! Perhaps you could let me know your favourites??

Dirty Dancing

And last but not least, I must of course mention Dirty Dancing. Alas, whilst I cannot join with the masses of fans who adore this movie…it does deserve a mention. And as it is with all these movies that take you into a world of thrills and moves you can only imagine achieving via the screen…unless of course you’re unlike me and extremely blessed with coordination, balance and rhythm.

And now I will love you and leave you with an inspiring clip to launch you in to an inspiring day.

Happy Wednesday!


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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weddings. Vogue style...

Mismatch people! Mismatch! Vogue says...

images via vogue

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

I enjoy a good rosy cheek. Yes indeedy.
A good tramping session across a muddy field complete with wellies and wild hair will give you a good rosy cheek, most definitely. Unfortunately this option isn't available to us all, and may be a little inconvenient when we need it the most ('excuse me I'm feeling a little pale, I just need to go for a run through a field, be back in a jiff'), therefore the most logical option to turn to is eating lots of red fruit!
Ha! I jest.

It's cream blush my pretties! Easy to apply, hundreds of lovely juicy colours, and will give you that 'just tramped with the sheep' look, without any need for exercise! Brilliant! Try 'Penny Lane' by Nars for a lovely pink colour, or 'Posey' by Mac for a pretty peachy flush. Or just smoodge some of your favourite lippy into the apples of your cheeks for a more cost effective solution. Keep in mind this may not work if your lipstick shades run in the 'goth punk' colour scheme. Then again, black cheeks could be coming back*...

But as always, keep in mind that I know nothing at all about any of this and therefore take no responsibility if you look kind of funny with smoodgy lipstick cheeks. But just secretly, I think you'll look smashing. SMASHING!
Have a wonderful weekend my dear readers! And if possible, go tramping. Tis mucho fun-o!
* I don't know that they were ever in...
second image via harpers
third image via marie claire

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guest Blog :: Where the details are...pretty in pink

Pink is in the detail
delicate flowers
soft and light
gorgeous textures
lovely and pure
A wedding memories are made of

images via stylemepretty

Guest Blog :: Where the wild and beautiful things are!

Out of the mid-wood's twilight
Into the meadow's dawn...

This beautiful wedding took place in an enchanted forest!
It all looks rather romanical!

Note to self...find enchanted forest...

images via


There was a program on tv the other night about suburban foxes. It involved lots of angry yelling British people waving rifles about with gay abandon. I watched the ad and was slightly frightened, and a touch intrigued. Sometimes I wonder why. Seriously. Why?

But this here fox wouldn't eat your potatoes. Or your leafy greens. He would however look smashing on your wall. Yes indeedy. No rifles necessary. Or angry yelling British people. As fun as that would be...

artwork by Darren Song

Monday, July 5, 2010

Come away with me...

To a land filled with magnificent mountains and lush green hills...Strawberry farms overflowing with ripe red fruit...Watery blue skies and full headed, sweet smelling roses...Fields of white fluffy sheep and very hairy cows... Night skies that are as bright as day...Castles, cottages and cobble stone streets...And loads of Marks and Spencer chocolate cake sponge roll thingys.

It's quite lovely.

image via weheartit

What I would like to look like whilst riding a bicycle...

... but don't.

Really, really, don't.

ps - Scotland is grand.
pps - It's even kind of warm!
ppps - Kind of...

image via marie claire

Friday, July 2, 2010


I know what you're thinking. The Warsaw Convention is an intriguing proposal signed in 1929 and is an in depth consumer rights document regulating liability for international carriers of persons, luggage or goods*. You're a clever muffin. You're most likely also musing over that lovely holiday snap of me**. Can I see? How bad will my dress tan lines be? And where is my right arm?
Whilst we all continue to muse, may I point out a few things for your note and interest?
  • I do not like Avocado
  • My feet remain chilly throughout the entirety of Winter
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with sunsets
  • I am jetting off abroad to see my loved one today
  • I have a favourite mug
  • I leave today!!!

However! Do not fret my dear readers, as I shall be continually updating you on my travels and flashing pretty pictures and lovely words across this here screen most frequently! As someone wise once said (probably me), "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail."*** Now I'm fairly sure there are paths in Scotland, but I do believe there's an adventure to be had!

I hope you all have a wonderfully Winter-sunshine filled weekend, and I shall see you soon!


ps - You may also be thinking to yourself (and quite rightly!), 'this is no Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!', to which I shall merely point out that you are correct. I'm LIVING ON THE EDGE!!!!

It's definitely time for a holiday...

* I googled.
** It's not me.
*** Or it was Ralph Waldo Emerson. But whatever...