Monday, July 20, 2009

Real weddings. So beautiful...

I'll start this post by briefly saying I watched Twilight for the first time this weekend just gone. Yes, I am a bit slow in getting there. Yes, it made not much sense having not read the books. Yes, it is a teenage cult thing, and the movie was a bit rubbish. But I will say this. Robert Pattinson. PHWOAR!

Moving on.

Hopefully everyone had a lovely weekend! I was quite excited the sun seemed to remember why it exists and decided to warm my tootsies while I read the paper. Cosy! As for these real weddings, there are simply so, so many beautiful ones to share, only amplified by the gorgeous photography. So here's another one (just in case you were wondering exactly what was going on here)! So simple, and classic, and just beautiful. I love the lace tie up on the back of her dress, you can NEVER have enough lace*! And the beautiful sun drenched photos, high five Ms Williams! And um, the sun. So many thanks and lollipops to Holly and Ed for having such a stunning wedding, and for the red lipstick. Very kind of you to match several of our themes.

*You can.

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