Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Hello there my lovelies! 

Well! A LOT has happened since my last post, namely that my parents came from Australia for a visit, and Autumn moved in and made herself at home. 

We had a magnificent time with my Mum and Dad, driving about the countryside and eating scones every day (no lie). It was even sunny for part of their stay - a Scottish miracle! We showed off our local area and the excitement that is tattie harvest (which I never thought was exciting, until I was walking in a field NEXT to some harvesting, and it become mega cool), we went into Edinburgh for a few nights and I fell in love with the glass houses in the Botanic Gardens. My Mum also recommended I get a job there which was a genius idea - it's warm all year round AND I would get to work with plants and flowers! I'll keep that idea up my sleeve! And I would highly recommend a visit to Scone Palace. I drive past it a lot and have never considered going in - but I say if you haven't been, get thee to the Palace! The guides are exceptional and you will want to hug them.

And Autumn...magnificent Autumn...on a sunny day. Still, I shall make the most of it with pies, 'refreshing' walks (code for absolutely-freaking-freezing-walks) and pies. I am also declaring mitten season open, some of you will be relieved to know. Apart from the smart phone dilemma (that of not being able to use one), they are exceptionally awesome. I now charge thee to take a look at Hilary Grant's website and her gorgeous knitwear, and see if it doesn't cheer you up a smidgen and make you forget you'll soon have icicles hanging from your nose. 


image via Hilary Grant

ps - Our Christmas gift list starts in a few days, so keep checking back for more brilliant ideas for gifts - made with loads of love!