Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cutest cake topper, plus I like the colour red (you may or may not have picked up on this...).

So, again, my mind is refusing to cooperate to produce anything too complex. Therefore! In protest, I am going to introduce you to an exceedingly talented photographer who has not only taken a very cool picture of birds on a cake, but also has a cool name.


Very cool name, absolutely smashing photos.

So. Many, many more to come, but for now, how cute is this cake topper!? Many thanks to Kelly and Kyle (and congratulations!) for sharing their birdy genius, and to Max (cool name, remember?), who will be featured here, if I have anything to do with it (and I think I will), ad nauseum. Get excited.


Your comments make my day. Seriously. It's a little pathetic... xx