Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A very long post. Gosh!

If you've been worrying yourself about the erratic nature of my posting lately, I'm writing this to calm your fears. If you've not noticed, but enjoy new posts, this will be fun for you too! And if you don't care either way, um, I'm not really sure what to say to you. But anyway, the reason for my tardiness in said posting comes down to me being just a bit busy. Good busy. Fun busy. Work busy. But still 'so busy I can't remember if I've washed my hair once or twice, and I really don't want to wash it three times' busy. So here's a quick rundown of whats been going on. Shall I give the list a title? I think I shall.

Fun things keeping rubyandjoy on their toes!

- Styling for Sparkle Cupcakery advertising shots early next week, involving meetings at the bakery (if you've not had one of these scrumptious cakes before, get thee to the Sparkle place and order 6), parking tickets from the Surry Hills parking inspectors, runsheets, phone meetings and briefs. Oh, and cupcake tasting. So far...Oriental flower rocks my socks the most. YumMO!

- Prepping for Sparkle shoot (could have gone in previous post, but just so much fun I think it deserves it's own little dash). Sydney Antique Centre for mirrors (found a beautiful large bevelled treasure...fingers crossed I'll get to keep it!), that funny old antique centre on Mathieson Street in Marrickville, borrowing from MUD Australia (pretty...), trauling around Bondi Junction, popping in to Paper Couture with all their papery delights.

- Flower markets for several events this weekend made all the more exciting by my new gumboots! Found some incredible goodies to have fun with, this is definately the time of year for flowers. Well, anytime of year would be. Otherwise I'm kind of shooting myself in the foot there. But so many wonderful things to be discovered! This morning I even had to have help to my van! Giant red Gymea lillies, mossy green Loqaut leaves, creamy white camellias, anemones as far as the eye can see in pinks and purples (my favourite!), and blushing pink rhododendrons. I also spotted some lilli pilli berries which I'm tres excited about! And yes. I get excited easily.

- This blog, because it's just so much fun :)

- Meeting the lovely Mallory at and being inspired by her creativity

- Dusting of my old SLR film camera and getting crafty with filters and DOF (Depth of Field...I did not know what this was until yesterday, thanks Kim, but it sounds fancy eh?)

- Getting all prepped in the lead up to the lovely Mel's wedding this weekend. Loads of fresh flowers, all in fresh greens, creams and deep slate. Yes. I'm excited again.

- Tax. Blech.

- Doltone House Bridal Expo...woo! We're not "technically" exhibiting, but shall have a few of our goodies on a couple of the lovely vendors tables. Look out for the rubyandjoy cards. That's us.

- Other things that may not take up a whole dash, but combined will (or have forgotten to add them to other dashes)...painting backgrounds, washing van (very cool van this!), becoming a finalist in the 2009 Business Achiever Awards for the North Shore (woo!), painting canvasses, corporate orders and deliveries, Gymea lily wrangling (those things are HUGE!), vase pickups and drop offs, a visit to the new Donna Hay store (ahmaaaayzing. Go there and do not buy anything. I dare you), chocolate tarts from Bourke Street Bakery (er, plus a lemon tart and rhubarb flan-y thing. I did not eat them all to myself, but I will say I tasted each one, and they were gooood), booking tickets for the Sydney Fashion Festival, finding a date for the 2009 Business Achiever Awards dinner (anyone?), meeting lovely new brides, falling down, and cleaning my bathroom (it's gross).

I've just realised how long this post is (SO many exciting things!!), so I shall leave you with this gem of knowledge. Tax time is easier if you don't wait until NOW to fill in your MYOB. Tax. Hell.

SO! How's your week been?
ps - lets make this a weekly thing...this rubyandjoy update. It's fun. For me, anyway...

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  1. Ooo when I was in Sydney recently I went to Sparkle and had one of their gluten free lavender cupcakes. So yummy!


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