Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paris 2005

Due to business (see below), posting will today be something of an opposite to yesterdays, with er, less words. So here's a holiday snap I took while in beautiful Paris, it's one of my favourites. When camera focussing goes wrong and it turns out oh so right. But anyway, must run, happy almost Friday!
ps - and I'm still reeling from lugging that Gymnea lily around. They're HUGE!!!

A very long post. Gosh!

If you've been worrying yourself about the erratic nature of my posting lately, I'm writing this to calm your fears. If you've not noticed, but enjoy new posts, this will be fun for you too! And if you don't care either way, um, I'm not really sure what to say to you. But anyway, the reason for my tardiness in said posting comes down to me being just a bit busy. Good busy. Fun busy. Work busy. But still 'so busy I can't remember if I've washed my hair once or twice, and I really don't want to wash it three times' busy. So here's a quick rundown of whats been going on. Shall I give the list a title? I think I shall.

Fun things keeping rubyandjoy on their toes!

- Styling for Sparkle Cupcakery advertising shots early next week, involving meetings at the bakery (if you've not had one of these scrumptious cakes before, get thee to the Sparkle place and order 6), parking tickets from the Surry Hills parking inspectors, runsheets, phone meetings and briefs. Oh, and cupcake tasting. So far...Oriental flower rocks my socks the most. YumMO!

- Prepping for Sparkle shoot (could have gone in previous post, but just so much fun I think it deserves it's own little dash). Sydney Antique Centre for mirrors (found a beautiful large bevelled treasure...fingers crossed I'll get to keep it!), that funny old antique centre on Mathieson Street in Marrickville, borrowing from MUD Australia (pretty...), trauling around Bondi Junction, popping in to Paper Couture with all their papery delights.

- Flower markets for several events this weekend made all the more exciting by my new gumboots! Found some incredible goodies to have fun with, this is definately the time of year for flowers. Well, anytime of year would be. Otherwise I'm kind of shooting myself in the foot there. But so many wonderful things to be discovered! This morning I even had to have help to my van! Giant red Gymea lillies, mossy green Loqaut leaves, creamy white camellias, anemones as far as the eye can see in pinks and purples (my favourite!), and blushing pink rhododendrons. I also spotted some lilli pilli berries which I'm tres excited about! And yes. I get excited easily.

- This blog, because it's just so much fun :)

- Meeting the lovely Mallory at and being inspired by her creativity

- Dusting of my old SLR film camera and getting crafty with filters and DOF (Depth of Field...I did not know what this was until yesterday, thanks Kim, but it sounds fancy eh?)

- Getting all prepped in the lead up to the lovely Mel's wedding this weekend. Loads of fresh flowers, all in fresh greens, creams and deep slate. Yes. I'm excited again.

- Tax. Blech.

- Doltone House Bridal Expo...woo! We're not "technically" exhibiting, but shall have a few of our goodies on a couple of the lovely vendors tables. Look out for the rubyandjoy cards. That's us.

- Other things that may not take up a whole dash, but combined will (or have forgotten to add them to other dashes)...painting backgrounds, washing van (very cool van this!), becoming a finalist in the 2009 Business Achiever Awards for the North Shore (woo!), painting canvasses, corporate orders and deliveries, Gymea lily wrangling (those things are HUGE!), vase pickups and drop offs, a visit to the new Donna Hay store (ahmaaaayzing. Go there and do not buy anything. I dare you), chocolate tarts from Bourke Street Bakery (er, plus a lemon tart and rhubarb flan-y thing. I did not eat them all to myself, but I will say I tasted each one, and they were gooood), booking tickets for the Sydney Fashion Festival, finding a date for the 2009 Business Achiever Awards dinner (anyone?), meeting lovely new brides, falling down, and cleaning my bathroom (it's gross).

I've just realised how long this post is (SO many exciting things!!), so I shall leave you with this gem of knowledge. Tax time is easier if you don't wait until NOW to fill in your MYOB. Tax. Hell.

SO! How's your week been?
ps - lets make this a weekly thing...this rubyandjoy update. It's fun. For me, anyway...

Monday, July 27, 2009

When you see the word 'live', do you say live or live?


I've been to the Tate Modern. It made me feel cool.





Quattro Stagioni

Morning! I'm going to start this story at the very beginning, as I was once told it was a very good place to start. Can't quite remember by whom however, but we shall push on!

There once was a young girl who had grand ideas about the adventures she would partake of, once she was old enough, and had more than $3.15 in her piggy bank. She dreamt of rolling, lush mountains in Austria, wildflowers as far as the eye could see in Germany, brilliant white snow falling softly on the window panes in Scotland, and munching on pastries as light as a feather in a jazzy cafe in France. Little did she know she would be lucky enough to enjoy these dreamer's delights, with SO much more added in. Like exploring tiny little boutiques while living on Upper Street in Islington, sipping a minty mohjito with the lovely Carrie in a small pub discovered by chance, and eating fresh mountain strawberries in Austria while hiking in thongs. Not the best outdoor footwear, she would agree now, but at they time they seemed quite satisfactory. And perhaps the best of all, a discovery of cakey chocolately delights, manufactured by the GENIUS Marks and Spencer, to be eaten by the tubful.

One of these adventurous days, whilst wandering around London town, she started to trek towards the Tate Modern. 'I'm an artist! Well, sort of', she thought to herself as she slipped her way in her thongs over the bridge. 'I also must consider new footwear', came next, with 'cakey chocolatey delights would be stellar right now', followed by 'the Tate Modern! Splendid!' She walked hesitantly towards the large glass doors, aware that walking into sheet glass was not uncommon, and was met with the hush of creative beings that have been silenced by pure inspiration. The cavernous hall drew her in, and she lay her eyes upon artistic delights that both inspired and confused her. But it was a collection of four paintings hung side by side that caught her eye and her heart. The colours, and the text, and the emotion all captivated her. She sat in front of them, considering how they each individually caught a moment in time and threw it into the viewer's mind with stunning accuracy, and yet, as a whole, they encompassed an entire year of change and similarity.

She didn't want to leave, but the guard was looking at her suspiciously and besides, she was hungry, so she picked up her things and hesitated as she turned. The colours reached out to her, the fast and brusque brushstrokes held her attention, and she realised she was seeing art for real, for the first time. 'Because really', she thought to herself, 'seeing real art has nothing to do with seeing at all.' She thought how clever she was for thinking this profound thought, and decided if given the chance, she would write this down sometime.

And so, the young girl headed back out into the bright grey light near the Thames and slipped around a bit more, with an eager spirit for more adventures, all the while repeating over and over in her head the name of the artist she would never forget. Cy Twombly.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Real Weddings...Dana and Hunter

There is nothing I don't love about this wedding! You can feel the happiness radiating through the photos, all drenched in sunlight and colour. I believe your wedding is about you and should reflect who you are in the tiniest detail. Like here! With all the colour and music and garden-y delights! Weddings should be fun and lovely. Yes. Full of smiles and hugs. Unless you don't like hugs. In which case, just smiles (and perhaps an awkward pat on the shoulder).

Thankyous to Dana and Hunter for sharing your delightful wedding snaps, and to their brilliant photographers Sarah and Dan at Chennergy Weddings. Go to their site. Read about them. These are some seriously cool folk, who not only are ridiculously talented, but are spreading the love in ways that, if my heart could sing, it would be belting out a jazzy number right now. But it can't, so it won't. But I'm fairly sure the pictures speak for themselves. So pretty!

Feel free to pop over (do it) and say hi. Ask them if they'd like a cup of tea. Although if you're at their place that could get awkward.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot..

I'm not sure if you've noticed (and unless you're kind of close to me, geographically, you probably won't have), but it's been, like, warm. Maybe not so much today, and maybe not so much yesterday, but the day before THAT was absolutely lovely. Now, this is a very short Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot, mainly because my brain is a little bit fried, and also because when I'm not well I tend to make no sense. Crazy. I know.

So this beautiful collection of photos, borrowed from (no idea what they do, but brilliant site, it made me happy), is something of a premature Spring time inspiration board, if you will. Now, I won't be sticking bundles of bloomin in my hair anytime soon, I'm already in a contest known fondly around here as 'how much can you look like a scary Rudolph', and I fear said bundles would only make me win. Which is not really what you want. No winning. A backwards contest, yes, and not fun at all. Why DO we have this contest?!


I do feel like this is something to incorporate into my daily wardrobe. More of an 'I've been frollicking in the fields and look flushed, pretty and WHAT'S THIS?? The fields I've been rolling in came with me!', and less 'Coco told me to take one thing off, but I desperately wanted to keep the 70% of my accessories wardrobe ON me!!' Although they would die pretty fast. Maybe it's something that can only really be used in a suitable fashion after one has ACTUALLY been frollicking in the fields, perhaps having a few minutes here and there so sip mountain water and make daisy chains. What fun.

Now, the skill level on this is something to be noted too, because if you can get your bloomin to look like a heart on your head well, you're one mighty clever flower headpiece heart shaper, yes siree. Perhaps you could even teach me one day...

Saturday eve...

Make a wish, it's the weekend! Except for people that work in hospitality. Or public transport. Or retail. Or healthcare. Gosh. That went wrong.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Selma Blair. With parachute.

I've recently decided I love my brunette hair (having just swapped over from the blonde brigade), and have been looking for fun ways to play with the new look. This could work. I'm pretty sure this is what I would look like had I just landed on a distant beach from the sky in my heels.

Just saying.

Vanity Fair, October 2008, photo by Norman Jean Roy

When note writing and photography became friends.

I always get excited when I meet someone that a) loves flowers, b) inspires me with their creativity, and c) doesn't think I'm an absolute nutter (this is yet to be confirmed). And these postcards, all beautifully created by Nicola (TOPS name) at, are so deliciously dreamy I wanted to show them off. And also? I'd like a petal cake.

When a camera has a name the same as one of my friends...

It seems I have a lot of very clever friends that are super handy with a camera, and have been inspiring me left, right and centre. But mostly centre. And this post doesn't really have anything to do with them, except that it features a camera. And a very cool camera at that! Quite often I will write about something I know nothing about, and this little bloggy delight is no exception. This here is the Diane camera, which specialises in taking blurry and vintage-y and colour-y snaps. The kind of pictures I'd like to take on my SLR except it's too smart. Damn you auto focus!

So I've my fingers crossed in the hope that the camera fairy will send one to me. In the meantime, I'll just wave my SLR around at alarming speeds, hoping to outsmart it. My influence on the photographic world will be felt for years to come I'm sure.

Image taken from
If you'd like to purchase possibly the coolest camera ever, look here

Monday, July 20, 2009

Real weddings. So beautiful...

I'll start this post by briefly saying I watched Twilight for the first time this weekend just gone. Yes, I am a bit slow in getting there. Yes, it made not much sense having not read the books. Yes, it is a teenage cult thing, and the movie was a bit rubbish. But I will say this. Robert Pattinson. PHWOAR!

Moving on.

Hopefully everyone had a lovely weekend! I was quite excited the sun seemed to remember why it exists and decided to warm my tootsies while I read the paper. Cosy! As for these real weddings, there are simply so, so many beautiful ones to share, only amplified by the gorgeous photography. So here's another one (just in case you were wondering exactly what was going on here)! So simple, and classic, and just beautiful. I love the lace tie up on the back of her dress, you can NEVER have enough lace*! And the beautiful sun drenched photos, high five Ms Williams! And um, the sun. So many thanks and lollipops to Holly and Ed for having such a stunning wedding, and for the red lipstick. Very kind of you to match several of our themes.

*You can.

Love excuses now!

Good morning! As the weather man tells me it's supposed to be a lovely warm day outside, and I huddle pathetically in front of my heater...again, it seems quite logical to be sharing these sweet notecards from, and imagining myself being one's sun. BE the sun, I AM the sun.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Love notes. They do still exist!

Woo! It's the weekend! And to celebrate I'll not write anything more apart from how these lovely cardboard notes made my day when I discovered them. And they're not even written to me. Hmm. Perhaps I need some help. If I told a psychologist I believe true love can be found on a cardboard note, do you think he'd be concerned? Don't answer that.

I've never been one to paint my face...

Until NOW! Actually, that's not true. But if I was the type who could confidently stroll about in a nonchalant fashion with lovely little droplets of peach and raspberry (ooh hungry) and shimmery golds on my face, well, I would. Collar's of lovely summery flowers would look smashing too, again, if I was someone that could do it without feeling like a swarm of bees was about to attack. But the thing is, after my genius idea last week of making Friday a regular beauty themed post, I realised I'm quite el crappo at said makeup and everything involved. Therefore, I've in mind more of an inspiration-like show and tell of things I wish I could pull of, but can't. Or only could if I was in a foreign country where no one would know me, and would mark my wierdness down to cute intercontinental idiosyncrasies.

SO! Picture numero uno has some lovely little peachy colours, which apparently suit everyone. Seriously, try it. Gold can be fun. Flawless skin (damn her) also helps, but I've recently discovered a double edged sword-like attack which I am giving you permission to try at home (excitement!). Fact. Vitamin C is good for you, and for your skin. Fact. Vitamin C chewable tablets are tasty, just like sherbet, and have health benefits (woo!). So, vitman C serum on the face, vitamin C tablets for dessert, and WHAM! You'll be looking fabulous (if not a little orange) in absolutely no time at all! Take that tired looking skin!

Shu Uemera courtesy of

Now, I've also not really been one to stick peacock feather on my eyelashes (shocking I know), but, again, perhaps it's time to try something new. I did purchase a navy eyeliner a couple days ago which has made for much fun in my slightly mouldy bathroom. Blue eyes, navy liner, not too shabby. I love the colours in these lashes, very strong and pigmented. And OOH! I do believe that's gold glitter on right-ys face! I love it when my pictures work together. It's strange though, something in me is dying to try the whole 'feathers on my eyes' thing, although I do get the feeling I'd end up looking a bit like a cross between Big Bird and Edna Everage. Perhaps something to steer clear of.

Dsquared2 2008
Now, obviously this chicky here heard about my double sided vitamin C sword for flawless skin and got herself some quick smart. Obviously. And brilliant hair, one of those hairstyles you do with your hands and it looks amazing, but then when you try to recreate with pins, it fails miserably. But if you think I'm out of depth with makeup talk, I'm seriously in trouble when it comes to hair, so let's just say I like it, and move on to something I know arguably nothing about. Good-o. I do believe this is what is called in the biz, a 'focus on the eyes'. Eyeliner that only the incredibly talented could get even (I can't. I've tried. Many times. It still looks wonky), and WHAT'S THIS?! A golden shadow on the eyes that could only be one thing! Gold eyeshadow!

Use it. It's good for you. Just like vitamin C.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Abstract painting is for everyone*!

After the incredible paintings by Victoria Webb on my previous post, I've decided to continue the paint like fun and talk about er, paint, some more! I've been asked to paint (there it is!) some canvasses for my cute-as-a-button-but-less-plastic-like brand new niece and the walls of her room. Exciting yes. And also? Terrifying. I did an art major work at school, and have fun with multi-media creative bursts, but painting? This means it has to, you know, look like stuff.

Not so!

Enter abtractedness**!! Bravo for paintings that leave you free to imagine and feel the colours and textures for yourselves without the constraints of something that looks like something! Mine started off being sunshiny yellow with cute pink bumblebees fluttering about. Now, not so much. But it doesn't matter, right!?


"Everyone wants to understand art. Why don't we try to understand the song of a bird? Why do we love the night, the flowers, everything around us, without trying to understand them?" - Picasso
I love that art truly is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe my niece will actually see bumblebees! Hmm. We can always hope...

And yes. I am using Porter's wall paint for my canvasses. I like the colour. And it was free.

*This may be a lie
**I studied English also, yes, but in art true creativity is only hindered by such "rules" yes? Yes.

Furiousdreams...colour is good for you.

Mount of Venus

Dusk at Strybing
Featuring today on this wonderful blog of blogs is Furiousdreams Victoria Webb. Brilliant artist, lived in Italy, wears hats. I absolutely love these canvasses, so drenched in colour and richness, and so vivid. Don't know much art talk but will just say these would make me very happy were they sitting merrily on my wall, singing blues, reds and greens at me, and whispering peaches, yellows and pinks into my mornings. Very happy indeedy.

If you'd like to be serenaded by your paintings in the mornings, afternoons, or twilights (friends will most likely be alarmed, always best to warn them. Nothing quite like the first time you hear an artwork sing at you, I'll say that), grab hold of your keyboard and patter over to or Try and copy them, and I promise you, there'll be no singing. And a painting that doesn't sing at you? Just not worth it.

ps I've also discovered Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong make possibly THE best Winter music. They're no painting, that's for sure. But I think it's fairly safe to say something along the lines of apples and oranges...

A (rather lovely) wedding I once worked on...

Orange is a colour most will say reminds them of uh, oranges. Or berocca. Or a certain cafe uniform that had shirts in an orange that was brighter than the sun (why?! WHY?!!). So when this lovely bride, we'll call her Sami, let me know what colours she was working with I was intrigued. Scared, but intrigued.

But it worked! A wedding in a vineyard has taught me many things. The Hunter Valley is a long way away. Wear flats in fields. A snake causes menfolk to become manly-like and bunch together around it while achieving nothing. And bright colours rock the socks off an outdoor wedding.

In other news, it seems the sun, still being bright and all, has forgotten how to be warm. I'm thinking chocolate will help. Yes. I do believe it will.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Something creative and not at all similar to 'Happy Monday'!

I love a good market. A food market (I like food), a designer market, a second hand market. I've decided to set myself a goal of visiting at least one market every fortnight. They are colourful, and inspiring, and make me feel like I'm a creative free spirit that only eats organically and paints with colours I create myself from the clay and mud in my back garden. I even have a basket I bought specifically for market days, except it's so ruddy annoying to carry it now holds all my scarves and belts in the corner of my room, and hasn't actually seen the old booky delights and warm sugary macadamias that make me wish I had taken said basket so as to look all local-like.

So this here is Frenches Forest organic markets, which was a splendid morning adventure had with El, good looking friend and fellow market lover. The brownies are tops, the jam was fruity and tangy, and I've been munching my way through a giant fruit loaf that has made for very tasty breakfasts.

Next stop, Bondi markets! No, Glebe. NO! Leichardt food festival!! Did I mention I like food?

I also must learn how to wrap a scarf round my head and look creative and relaxed, instead of pinhead-y and weird. Tricky.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy weekend!

And as it's a rainy, soggy, grey, bleak, chilly weekend, here's some appropriate artworks to cheer your icy nose and toes! Sweet colours, pretty rainclouds and some very cool tights...


Perhaps I should try this look. Currently, I'm finding myself looking frighteningly similar to the Michelin Man. And although I may not be able to control the prettiness of the clouds, I'm fairly sure discovering red gumboots will be a touch easier. Tights? Hellooo Alannah Hill.

But maybe they're just better at being cold and looking cool (geddit?) in Norway. That whole "snowing" thing. Mighty cool creative folk there too, as we have genius-ly discovered here. So wrap a scarf round your head (nose hole. Important.) and trip on over to Annette's store at Tell her how cold it is here. Although she'll likely not have too much sympathy. I do believe it's a pinch chillier there.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Red lipstick looks weird on me, hot on pretty much everyone else...

So it's a Friday (thank GOODness...), it's raining, and although we've seen a few of miss Stephanie Williams photos, these ones have red lipstick in them which, coincidentally, has something to do with the title. Handy! Perhaps someone should do a study on how wearing red lipstick maketh a lady cheery. I do believe during a recession lipstick sales go through the roof (yep, I research), and I also believe this has something to do with the fact most recession's happen in winter, ergo, colour on our lips instead of our hips is a much easier way to brighten the day (research people, research), not to mention less scary. Fuschia pants, anyone?

I'm much more of an eye person rather than a lip person when it comes to le makeup, however! Matching lips to the bouquet? Love it. It's not something that will really translate into a Saturday night out (unless you do carry a bouquet with you on weekend social outings, in which case, someone may need to tell you all those winks you're getting from the group of guys over there in the back corner may have something more to do with them believing you to be a hen, and not your fabulous matching coral lippy), but a picture that has inspired me to perhaps try a 'coloured lip' next time a par-tay come along.

Now obviously Hils here does not have a red lip going on. Ignore that, and look at how pretty she is! Now, I do choose to believe that if you were in a shoot for Neiman Marcus your chances at looking all vintage-y and polished and lit with the natural sun that fills your grand living room would be slightly higher. Mainly I just have a bit of a crush on her, but she also looks very old world Hollywood beautiful, which, in turn, brings us here to...what's this over here!? A picture of Amy Adams...with red lipstick! The sense making returns! Hurrah!

I guess this one pretty much speaks for itself. And the side part and soft curls, gloves (bring back gloves I say), and the probably very expensive car are all helping her out here. But hey, if the Red's out there can pull of a red lipstick and look this amazing, it's getting more likely I'll give it a shot.

And lastly, but not leastly, Veronica Lake. Now. Clearly this is a black and white photo (I MUST plan these images better...), but I'm fairly sure by her minxy look right there, that the only thing that would inspire it would be a deep cherry lip colour, and perhaps a good looking studio guy who was a little excited he was involved in said photo taking, and had scored a date with Ronnie for next Tuesday night. But mainly the lipstick.

So. As I was deciding exactly what point I was making, and how to wrap it up with a witty and sharp final paragraph, I've decided from now on, we'll have a 'Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot'. Like the one on Marilyn Monroe's face, but, uh, here. Which means I shall try to be somewhat helpful and a little more technical in the next 'Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot', and include images that actually work together. Genius!

So feel free to get very excited, and perhaps ask Suze on reception if you can borrow her red lipstick, as you'll be going out tonight to make everyone fall in love with you, and your smashing red lips.