Wednesday, October 26, 2011

where ARE you?!

Excellent question! I am HERE! I have moved house into a lovely little cottage, complete with cosy bay windows overlooking beautiful bare trees waving about in the Autumn gusts, I have finished up my previous job-let, and have opened this delightful little store 'Create' with my friend Lesley. Currently listening to Madeleine Peyroux and sipping on some green tea, after the madness of the past few weeks, this feels very nice. If you're local, pop by, I'd love to meet you and say hello! Apologies once again for lack of blogging (do they have an award for worst blogger ever?), having moved we are internet-less for another few weeks, and I refuse to let it send me absolutely nutso! So until I'm once more able to get online from the comfort of my own very comfortable cottage, I shall get back to stitching, sewing and creating!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

paper lovelies...

It is slowly but surely coming to my attention that Christmas is just around the corner...and I am EXCITED! Being a newly married and first-timer-out-of-home, I need decorations, stat! And whilst I have with me my treasures collected over the years, there a a few things that my crafty self may need to get cracking on. Stockings (a Christmas necessity), a suitably festive advent calendar and very importantly, a lovely wreath! Now, while I'm getting tres excited about the idea of holly, red berries and a dusting of snow, I have decided an indoor wreath might look quite festive as well! I'll let you know how the holly goes, quite spikey I fear...

And thrown in just for fun, the most beautiful quilling I have ever seen, most likely due to the fact it is Hermes quilling, and therefore super duper awesome. Created by the magnificent Yulia Brodskaya, it would appear quilling is back. If only Hermes had asked me when I was 9...

ps - the all white one? Made from cupcake wrappers! Genius!

Lovely crafty bits and bobs, from the top, Martha Stewart,,,

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hello there! Once again, I need to apologise for my tardiness with posting...there has just been too much excitement, and two extremely special visitors from my sunny homeland! My attention has been on many cuddles and smiles with my new baby niece (who just by the by, is the cutest baby in the world. The WORLD!), and lots of catching up with my sister dear. There has also been the excitement of moving myself into a lovely little shop front! 'Tis all very new, and shall take a few weeks to shiny up and fill with delightful things, but we do have the smallest of selections in our pretty little etsy store, so do pop by and say hello! We're also moving next weekend into the loveliest of lovely cottages just down the street...featuring a second bedroom, a laundry (my word how I've changed), a beautiful spot to sit outside, and a bath tub! SO! Whilst I'm creating many a lovely thingamabob for our lovely new store, packing bags and scrubbing down the walls, cleaning away the sweetest baby paraphernalia and learning what cold really is (crikey), I'll be keeping you up to date! AND letting you in on some new lovely creations I've discovered over here..exciting!

Some important information!
There is snow on the hills and many ice-y toes in my shoes.
Christmas is only 77 days away.
AND! Babies in the bath tub are veery slippery. Yes indeedy.

I hope wherever you are you are warm and feeling inspired! x

pic via weheartit