Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

I can feel you judging me already. But OH how I love The Hills. I've not watched any of it in order, so have no idea what on earth is going on 99.72% of the time, but there seem to be lots of beautiful people doing not much and talking about each other. Gripping television. Why they've not won awards yet, I don't know. Maybe they have! Most likely.

BUT! As this is a beauty post, and therefore should mention beauty, let's do that! I do very much enjoy Ms Whitney's smokey eye here. She's a bit of a favourite 'o mine is Whitney. Once I figure out the intricacies of the shiny people on The Hills...onto The City I go. Nothing like having some goals. I do however find myself severely lacking in advice or tips here, because most times I try the smoodgy eye thing I end up looking like I've been punched in the face whilst in the midst of vicious and highly intense discussion on whether Spencer and Heidi should reeeally be together. So here is a quick little video from the lovely ladies at primped to give you some tips. Because you don't want to look like you've been punched in the face whilst in the midst of a vicious and highly intense discussion on whether Spencer and Heidi should reeeally be together. No siree.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In honour of my brother who is returning to London town and the chilliness that never fades, I have choreographed an interpretive dance incorporating songs from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Motorhead, with a fusion of folk, belly, and liturgical dance. It's a shame you can't see it. It really is.

In other news, I am very much enjoying the pears at this time of year. Pears, and tights. Oh how I LOVE Autumn!

Happy almost Friday! xx

Guest Blog :: Am i too late?

Hello lovely people!!

Hectic of all hectic days, weeks, months, and I didn't get to post a little something for you today! It made me so sad : ( too much indoorness today…and for that matter the week. One must take advantage of some midday sun, especially during these unusually warm times. Enjoying April sunshine immensely I am. So If I hold up my end of the bargain and get some sunshine and Vitamin D during my lunch breaks the rest of this week…will you? I promise to do so fully clothed if you promise too.

Do hope your Wednesday was wonderful.


Image via Renior. He was French.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The greatest love story ever told is your own.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I would like a pencil skirt please...

Oh please. Please? Can someone please teach me how to do finger waves? And how to wear a really good shade of red lipstick? And how to wear tights without getting runs in them first wear? And how to wear a hat on a jaunty angle? And how to look so good walking across the tarmac in an army supplied uniform. Top gun music, anyone?

I feel much to insignificant to say anything that would be appropriate to the magnitude of the sacrifice made by our ANZACS, but suffice to say this weekend is always one which makes me very very grateful for them and all that they did.

"They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them.
Lest we forget. "

Thursday, April 22, 2010

cheats Friday...

Pretty purply wedding flowers and gorgeous rosy headpieces for The Knot mean you get a lovely picture for Friday's blog. I know. It's hard for me too. But we'll get through this together.

super beautiful image via michellefionaphotography

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

pretty picture...

pretty shoes...

ps - although none of you offered me your latest in teleporting technology (which I'm so ok with), those big shiny metal things seem to be taking to the skies again which can only mean one thing! Duty free will be popular once more! But also. The boy might be arriving on our sunny shores soon. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease...

Louboutins via betsywhite

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guest Blog :: what have you done for me lately?

Good Morning!
With all this talk of ash and clouds, airspace and Iceland…I thought I would venture out and pay homage to the great country that Iceland is and hand out some bigups (gosh I sound so street) to the stuff that Iceland has brought to the world. Thanks for the ash and holdups – not really, but hey Iceland has some good points, it’s brought great things to this world we live in. what are they?

Eyjafjallajokull volcano To be honest, I didn’t know they had one. But cool. And now I do. I think the world got an education.

Has to be said, she’s unique. Gifted even. How many Icelandic singer-songwriters, actresses do you know?

Sigur Rós
The strange ethereal sounds of this band are a little mystifying upon first listen. But I like.

And for those trivia fanatics – some little known facts about the country
- Dried fish was used for money in the country in 1413.
- Beer was banned in Iceland until March 1989. (not so devo about this... but maybe a tragedy for some?)
- Rabbits were imported to Iceland from Spain in 1976. Some were later released into the wild and began to compete with the native puffin birds, which breed in burrows.

Thanks, Luce I’ll add that to my pile of things I never needed to know, but now do.
You're Welcome.

Oh and good news –
Heathrow is open for business! Woot!

Happy Wednesday All!


PS. Thanks wiki and others.

Sunshine award...

In the midst of a (metaphorically) grey week, I've been nominated for a Sunshine Award! And from none other than the lovely Denise over at Little Pheasant, florist extraordinaire and New York friend from over the seas. I had to do a little research but it seems a sunshine award is 'awarded to blogger's whose positivity and creativity inspire others', and am very chuffed to have received this cheery orange daisy!
Pop over and have a look-see at Denise's blog...she's one clever lady. And if you're ever in Brooklyn NY be sure to stop by. She'd like that. Take cake. I think she'd like that even more.

And now for my nominations, where you can find...

beautiful inspiration at amouramour
even more beautiful inspiration with Little Jane St
even even more beautiful inspiration at my polaroid blog
gorgeous weddings at polkadot bride
inspiration and a good sniggle at the sunday project
beautiful flowers at little pheasant
super lovely photography at michelle fiona Photography

aaand I'm sure there are loads I've forgotten, but I'll add them as I think of them. My mind is a foggy mess to which I shall self administer chocolate. So! Enjoy! Say hello to these lovely ladies for me. And looky here, I do believe it's time for another pot of tea! And chocolate...


via lelove

Sniggle time!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Waterproof IS sometimes best...

Not as excited as this lucky lady with her new top loading washing machine...

And somewhat more blue than the crying lady with the smoodgy eye makeup and mucho cool wall paper.

The boy was going to arrive tomorrow. But due to Eyjafjallajokull (helpfully pronounced ay-ya-FYAH'-plah-yer-kuh-duhl. Did you get the emphasis on FYAH?) being a wee bit testy and deciding to shoot ice shards into the greater universe that has been postponed. Fingers and toes crossed please. I'd quite like to see him again. Soon. Also...if you do happen to have a hovercraft, jetpack, very fast boat or plane with captain who quite enjoys a low altitude, please do let me know.

Thank you for your assistance in advance.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

With inspiration taken from Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2010 Ready to Wear. As is the case with all of my looks. Obviously. Ha! Not really. Am much to low maintenance. And poor. And quite like wearing pants. Which we'll get to. But this Friday has flown around (yay!) and as it's getting chillier and darker it strikes me as being very appropriate (and because all the people that actually know about beauty are saying the same thing) that it might be fun to glam things up a little with your slap. Rosy cheeks, red lips, liquid liner. Which is not so low maintenance. Reeeally should have thought this through.

Take these lovely two ladies, ready for their close up in gay Paree, nice variations in colour for the blondes and brunettes amongst us (my GOSH I think of everything...). Whenever I wear red lipstick I become extremely aware of my lips, which is a somewhat unusual feeling. But it is a very handy trick when I've had several loooong days and the bags under my eyes rival those big brown ones in American movies at the local supermarket, drawing attention away from said bags to bright lips. Even if I feel like death! Good times.

And these are just in here because if I became friends with the lovely lads at D&G and we were hanging out in Morocco or wherever one of their many properties is, drinking mojitos, and offered me my pick of their latest, I would be all 'Stefano, Stefano, I would NEVER abuse our relationship by taking free clothes from you and mooching of your generosity! But if I must, I've marked in your lookbook the things I would like, and written my size next to them. And my mailing address.' And Stefano would be all, 'I know your size.' And it would be a little awkward. But then lunch would be brought out and it'd all be ok.

Pants optional. As always.
Happy weekend! x
pics via

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guest Blog :: A little bit of sunshine goes a long way

Happy Wednesday All!

Today is a splendid day - Why? Because I've declared it to be so. Or perhaps it's because I can't help but feel bright and cheery looking at these lovely pics from this outdoor wedding. I know, this is Nicola's domain, clearly! And not mine, because I've never been the type of girl with the stack of wedding magazines under her bed. Nope, pretty sure I had shoes, dolls and various other bits and pieces.. so it's weird that Nicola and I are friends really because we are complete opposites in this department (for starters...she knows what she's on about) but I like photos and these ones especially. (Oh and we're friends because - well in case you haven't noticed, she's awesome) Bright happy fun sunshine yellow times - who could resist?! Not John Denver. Or Little Miss Sunshine. Gosh that was a good movie. (Note to self, must watch more Steve Carell movies)
Besides..I've always liked tree houses.


Photocredit ::

Monday, April 12, 2010

beautiful books...

As the Summer breeze turns chilly and the blue skies get darker and the thought of baking pies becomes a very good one indeed, there's nothing better than curling up in a lamp lit room filled with yummy candles and tasty snacks (hello gym membership) and books that are filled to bursting with their pretty and inspiring pictures. And being the super generous person I am, I thought I'd share a few of my favourites! I know. It's exciting.

At the top is one of the best illustrated books I have in my stack by the cosmetic queen Natalie Bloom. Full of prettiness! Then there's any cookbook by Tessa Kiros...just so beautiful! I only have Apples For Jam, but I could sit and look at it for days. The colours and the photographs are so gorgeous...I've pretty much forgotten it's a cookbook. And the best bit? The food is sorted by colours! Genius! And then Ms Carla Coulson beguiles us with her beautiful photos in My French Life and Italian Joy, two of my treasured possessions from when I got the staff discount at Borders. Ahh staff discount, how I do miss thee.

So! As it would seem I'm 24 on the outside and 76 on the inside, I hereby allow you on the next rainy and chilly night to stay in, bake a pie, read a good book, wear your daggiest/comfiest trackies, and hope to high heaven no one comes to your door. Enjoy! x

top image from lets shop
3rd & 4th image from Penguin

Sunday, April 11, 2010

sideplate pretties...

Good Monday morning! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend filled with Autumnal goodness. Thought I'd share these very pretty side plates from Cath Kidston, UK floral print genius. Very sweet and perfect for all those yummy baked treats that go so deliciously with chilly afternoons and copious cups of tea!

Cath Kidston Provence rose side plates from the Lark store (4a Duke St, Daylesford) - $14.95ea

Friday, April 9, 2010

sniggle time...

Happy weekend! xx

Friday (because it's almost the weekend!) beauty post...

Good morning my lovelies! I hope we're all enjoying the 4 day week, and that it's Friday already! Let's give 3 cheers for that! Although not literally, people will think you're odd. Unless you work in a party hire store. Then you'd just be a really enthusiastic employee, and might even get a raise. Or maybe some helium balloons. Either way, what an exciting end to the week!
I think we've missed the Friday beauty post 3 times now? But now (as was part of the plan), it'll be like the surprise package that came in the mail or the coffee your friend brought you back after lunch, and will make you think, "Golly, I do enjoy surprise packages in the mail!", or, "Golly, I do love Magda in accounts and her skim no froth lattes with 2 sugars!". Except you'll be thinking "Golly, when I clicked on that blog link I though I was going to somewhere that would be cool and exciting!". Ha! Gotcha.

Inspiration today has been taken from our much loved songbirds! Which, funnily enough, wasn't going to be at all about red hair. But I do see a theme emerging! Having always wanted bright orange hair, I think it's a sign. But let's first take Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy (see video below) and her fiery locks. It looks brilliant. And I want it. But I'm quiet enjoying being low mainty with my Garnier box brunette and am thinking this would take a leetle bit more that $14.95 every 2 months. Darn. Perhaps I could try some kind of natural henna type thing. Oh yes. I can see it going brilliantly wrong already...

Next up is Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley, who is quite the cool rock chick. And may have been pants-less pre Gaga. I'm not sure if it's part of the deal. Become an indie/alternative mucis star...dye hair red. It seems like a natural progression. Maybe I have a secret untapped desire to be an indie rock star? I should look into that. But if you're not going to dye your hair red, maybe settle for the pants-less thing? Much less confronting, easy for anyone to pull off, and super comfy. Unless you're on a bus with pleather seats in Summer. Not so pleasant.

Miss Regina Spektor. Awesome musician, one handed glove wearer. And hair that could be described as what we in the biz call a 'reddish shade'. I wonder if she's gone pants-less. It does seem to be the thing to do.

Uber trendoids Angus and Julia Stone. I don't imagine she's ever gone pants-less. To be fair, I would say being more folksy and less rocksy would probably have something to do with that. Her hair isn't red. Let's pretend it has been at some point. She'll probably be reading this and thinking, "Nic! Remember!? That party at Mac's place in June last year? It was definitely red...", and I'll be all "HECK yeah!" while wondering when Julia Stone and I became friends and why I don't remember this Mac character. Intriguing.

And of course, Flo. Also pants-less. And red haired. My gosh. The urge to become a redhead is growing stronger! To be pants-less, not so much. But red haired! Yes please! And the best bit!? Being pasty has never come in handy before. I've always looked somewhat like a white jelly bean, and the weirdest part is I never wear sunscreen (don't tell)! But NOW! It's practically crying out for a red mop! Not of the supermarket kind.

Hmmm. We'll see. I do love a new hair colour! But I hope you all have a very lovely weekend. Hopefully this beautiful Autumn weather will continue and you'll be able to flash your new red locks in golden shimmering sunlight! If your hair is red.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vintage lovelies...

As it is unofficially wedding week what with the expo and me overhearing someone planning their wedding in Woolies last night*, lets continue with some more pretties from the lovely Steph at Fletcher & Grace! Such beautiful vintage pieces, plus some stunning reproductions and lovely new collections just coming in now. Bake a pie and stop in for a cup of tea, Steph would like that. Or just have a browse through the beautiful collections at her online store. Either or.

Also! My Easter eggs are almost gone. This is most sad.

*Not planning her wedding IN Woolies, but planning it IN Woolies. Just to clarify.

images (from third down)
One off vintage earrings
Hollywood Deco Leaf Statement vintage style crystal earring
One off Vintage necklace