Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot!

Because I've been to the markets this morning and have not fully recovered to full brain worker-ing levels, um, I will just tell you the things I like about the gorgeous Seafolly makeup from the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival (by Model Co). It's going to be exciting. You may need to sit down.


- Dark eyebrows. Need to get mine waxed. MAJOR conundrum. Do I squeeze one in before the show tomorrow night and try to cover the glare-y blind-y red patches with slap? Or do I act all nonchalant and if anyone questions my eyebrow bushiness (likely) simply say, 'Dahhhling! This is how it's DONE!' and look at them with a delicate mixture of superiority and pity? Tricky.

- Glossy wavy 'I haven't tried at ALL!' hair. Love it. Tried to do it. Can't.

- Colour. Colour, colour, colour. Wore a bright coral watermelon-y colour on my eyes to a wedding a few weeks back, just on the outer of my lids. Got lots of compliments. Freshened my face. Relief, really, because it could have gone horribly wrong. But I LOVE this! And I always love at shows how they have colour underneath the eye. When I try that I tend to look like I've been punched in the face. Or like I have pink eye. Ha!

- Flawless skin/foundation. Not really sure you can get one without the other. In fact, if you went down to the park, they'd probably be the two wanting to get on the swings, but not wanting to let go of the other's hand cos they're besties. Obviously this wouldn't happen, we're talking about skin and makeup. But thought a visual might help.

And the best bit? With what could be considered quite scary makeup...she looks hot. And makes me want to go a little nutso with the pink eyeshadow. And also, once more, figure out how to do those DAMN CURLS!

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