Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flowers in my house this week...

Flowers make me happy. Which is just as well really. Wouldn't do to have a florist grumbling about her flowers would it? As amusing as it would be. So I'm thinking we should make this a regular post too, you know, because all my other regular posts have been so er, regular *cough*. But heck, I have loads of flowers lying about (in water of COURSE), so why not share the love!? And on such a rainy day, if you get really close to them, and drink in all their colour and field-like smell, it might just feel like you're lying in a warm sunny paddock filled with happy poppies somewhere in continental Europe. And the best part? You won't look weird at all.


Your comments make my day. Seriously. It's a little pathetic... xx