Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little Jane St lovelies...

When I first started peering apprehensively into the blogging world, one of my favourite and loveliest discoveries was Little Jane St, and more importantly, the lovely Alarna (of Little Jane St. But you probably got that). 'So many beautiful crafty things!' I thought to myself. 'So MANY beautiful crafty things, in fact, that there must be a flaw here somewhere...' I incorporated my shifty eyes into this thought process, to add some intrigue. And it seems there is. All the handmade pretties (plus Alarna, she's kind of vital to this whole thing), reside in sunny Queensland. Good thing a while ago some guy/girl invented post offices. And post boxes. And stamps come to think of it...

Send her an email, give her a call. If you have her mobile you could text. Or even send a picture message, just for funsies. But make sure you say hi for me, and remember, I want the heart garland. *good one nic, subtle, don't think anyone picked up on that...*

pictures taken from Little Jane St blog


  1. Hi Nic:) You are the sweetest EVER.. and thank you for your lovely post on LJS!! Keep your eyes peeled for a special delivery to you from me xx

  2. oh my gosh I'm so excited!! thankyou! i feel like a little kid at Christmas! pft who am i kidding i feel like ME at Christmas! :) it's all true, definately. I only wish I could come visit at the markets...OH to be selling non perishable items! xx


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