Monday, August 17, 2009

Frea. king. out.

Ok. So at the time, I thought it'd be a grand idea to pop along to the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival. Girls night out, enjoy a complimentary blow dry, some champers. The one thing, the most important thing, that didn't even rate a glimmer on my periphery, was that at a fashion show, PEOPLE WILL CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE WEARING. Caps lock on and everything. And now, as the festival gears up to open tonight (I'm not going tonight, not important enough, will be skulking in the back on Friday), it has hit me like a mac truck screaming towards me in a dream sequence, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! Again, caps lock. Now, this could be easily rectified, I hear you thinking as you roll your eyes in an exasperated fashion, except I have no time to shop between now and then. And you can guarantee, if I did find some time to saunter along Oxford Street, I would end up purchasing something that I thought was cutting edge and flattering, which in actual fact looked like I'd fallen down, got caught in the shower curtain, run out of time and decided to work with that. I will also have been up since 3.30am that morning, and as I will be slightly less than coherent, it is necessary this is planned otherwise it could eventuate in me ACTUALLY wearing the shower curtain and thinking it's a swell idea.

Gosh. Disaster ahead.

On another note, I posted about tulle headpieces a while back and how I simply LOVE them but everyone seems to think that by uttering 'tulle', 'headpieces' and 'love' in the same sentence I'm certifiably mad. I'd post a link here but I'm a bit computer dumb. ANYhoodle...this pic is from last year at the Rosemount Fashion Festival (Loveable)...and WHATS THIS???! Tulle headpieces! It makes me happy.


  1. just wear sunglasses and pout like you're sucking on a lemon. oh, and ignore anyone who talks to you - you're too important. you'll be fine. :)

  2. omgsh im just wondering do you know how to do that tulle headpiece? it would be amazing if you do know (:

  3. hello lovely michelle! to me it looks like one long piece of tulle wrapped around the back of the head and tied in a massive bow. but you could easily make one on a comb or to be pinned in by taking a piece of tulle, forming a bow, stitching to hold the shape, and then popping it in your (now beautifully adorned) hair! voila!
    ps - i take no responsibility for the outcome...please don't sew it to your head. give it a go...who know's what MASTERPIECE you'll create! x


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