Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot

Hello there! Today, we will look at how an incredibly good looking woman can be so versatile! Imagine David Attenborough, if you will. Except replace the wildlife with beauty talk, and the knowledgable er, wildlife man, with a twentysomething who doesn't even know if her skin tone is pink or yellow. What if it's BOTH DAMMIT?!

If you direct your eyes upwards (tricky, but stay with me) to the poor quality photo I found on google images, you'll find a piccy of Sienna Miller. Why? Because she's what I'm posting about! Weeeee! Now. To begin, I like the beehive. It's that whole 'bedhead/volume without being frizzy' thing. I can get volume, however it is always, without a doubt, partnered with frizz. I can get sleek and straight, however, it will always be flat and stringy. I've stared long and hard at my hairdresser while she blow dries, and I've yet to learn her secret. I should probably stop though, I think I'm freaking her out. I also like the smudgy eye makeup. Smudgy is good.

Pretty daytime Sienna! Hair is blonder, less smudgy eye time, and pretty pink lips. I'm also having a bit of a crush on all things navy at the moment, it looks AMAYYZING next to peaches and pinks. Like here! Woo! I also believe she may be growing out her fringe...something I am going through at the mo. It's ok though, I have a support group.

Covergirl Sienna! And not the makeup 'Covergirl', just to clarify (*phew*), but one of the many many covers she's been on. I like it. It's very similar to the previous pic (my bad), but just goes to show she seems to be able to pull of just about any kind of blonde. What would you call this colour? Wheat? Honey? Caramel? How the hell are there so many words for blonde. Maybe this post should have been on hair colour. Damn. Fail.

Bendy Sienna! Now, I'm not really sure what is going on here. Perhaps the art director had a moment of brilliance and rapturously whispered, 'what if we try...wait for it! Bending. Over. Backwards. HEY??!?!'. I looove the makeup here though, so flawless, especially if you look at it upside down on a slight angle so that she's actually upright and your forehead is grazing the edge of your desk. It just looks amazing. And you do too.

And movie Sienna! When the Edge of Love came out with these two lovely muffins in it, I was so excited to see it! I still haven't. But! This picture has kept me somewhat enthralled. Is it just me, or are Kiera and Sienna (totes on a first name basis) making what my grandma wears look hot? That peach pleated skirt, I swear she has one just like it. I'm also a fan as I would very much like to bring back wellies into everyday wear. Comfy AND functional! Anyway, this post definately should have been about hair, because I think the thing I like the most here is their crazy curly locks. Must be the Irish countryside that does it naturally. Or is it Scottish? I MUST go and see it.

SO! To sum up, Sienna Miller is ridiculously good looking. I also like her clothes. And if you've just read all that, I fear I may have wasted your time...

Happy weekend!


  1. I rested my head upside-down on the desk, and I'm not totally convinced that that is Sienna Miller?
    Also, I swear she stole that top look from you.
    And the 2nd, 3rd, maybe not 4th (but is that really her anyway) and definitely 5th.

    Actually I've noticed that you get girl-crushes on ladies who look more than a little like you!! Like Shelley Craft. Do you have a girl crush on Anne Hathaway? I do, and I think she looks like you too!

  2. Sorry for taking so long to reply, I almost choked and died when you said I looked like her.
    I DO have a crush on Anne Hathaway, but only when she doesn't have red lipstick on. Weird. I also have a girl crush on Jennifer Aniston, but I know for SURE I look nothing like her. Damn pasty skin. TAN dammit TAN!


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