Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh so pretty...

There is something to be said about a pretty, feminine, beautiful dress. That something might be, 'why don't you have one, you weirdo'. It could be 'nothing will make you feel as lovely as wearing a dress that has gorgeous fabric and an incredible cut'. Or it could even be 'stop wearing pants loser*, and enjoy the fun and frivolity that comes with wearing a beautiful dress that floats in the breeze on a sunny whimsical afternoon'. Just guessing though.

Sarah at sarahseven (not sure what that stands for, will ask), handmakes all of these incredible dresses to order. Every ruffle, every fold, every beautiful pleat. And the best bit? A percentage of her sales go to Compassion and IJM. Fashion with heart. We like. So swing by her shop at and have a peek at the amazing Ruffle Shirt, the Tea and Crumpets Bustier and the Tulip dress. And all of the other pretty things of course. Maybe even send her a message saying how clever she is. She'd like that.

*People who wear pants are by no means losers. Pants are cool also.
Top pic - Powdered Sugar
Bottom pic - With All My Love

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