Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RSFF Friday night review

It is that time of day where I have a few spare moments, and the memory of a sieve, and if I don't write anything right now about my fun Friday night it will vanish clear from my mind never to be heard of again. Which in all honesty, could be a good thing, as I'm about to bore you pantless (please keep your pants on) with my incredibly non knowledgable take on the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival (Friday night). And a wee disclaimer - as I was incredibly unorganised, these pics are not from the actual show, everything was a bit of a blur, and if I'm being all open and honest, I'm not even sure this outfit from Ellery (above) was trotted out on the catwalk (good blogging eh?!). BUT! Most importantly, the rest were, and if you could wear bronze leggings well, would you not?!

SO! Ellery...we start with them, as it has been decided they were my favourite of the night. All neutrals and golds and light blues and creams. I'm a neutrals girl through and through and absolutely loved the little party frocks with detailed stitching, and the cream blazers. Also? Their collection is called 'Je Suis a Vous' and as I'm a little French mad (more in a stripes and bicycles way and less in a croissant hat wearing way), well, they had me at hello. Or if my Babel yahoo translation is correct, they had me at 'I am has you'. Right.

My favourite dress of the evening! Deserving in an exclamation mark as it was one of those moments where you get ridiculously excited over a frock and all manner of sensible things float out of your mind in a puff of smoke (not literally. That would be alarming) never to be thought of again. You KNOW?! From the footloose and fancy free duo at The Cassette Society, we like!

Favourite dress number two from the evening! Now, clearly this is not a dress I could wear. I, like, eat. BUT! The colour of the fabric is gorgeous and all the ruching and the sleeves and shoulders...it's so feminine but clean cut. Somewhat like a cucumber sandwich. But not. Therese Rawsthorne is one clever muffin!

The heels of death. Now, for some reason unbeknownst to me, I can only put 5 pics per post. I would have loved to have put a couple more on here from Bec&Bridge, like their tasseled mini skirt, rust harem pants and textured crops, but I feel I should share with you some hero worship to the models that managed to not only stay alive while trotting down the catwalk, but look insanely hot while doing so. Bravo, dear models. Bravo.

And the shoes! The shoes are covered in flowers! Now, I'm very anti toward artificial flowers, so it may seem nonsensical for me to love these shoes. And it may also seem nonsensical for someone to actually COVER shoes in flowers, make a dress out of giant pom poms and knit an octopus hat, tentacles and all. Hello Romance Was Born! The colours were beautiful, the textures incredible, and the sea creature hats very weird.

Brief summary...
People watching is awesome. Orange tights, socks with heels, ruffles on dresses, heels galore, body suits and womens tuxedos. Bewildered looking tradies. A security guard who knew what a blouse was. No one falling down...how DO they do it?! Perrier to start (took one for funsies as I never turn down a freebie, secretly, I hate sparkling water), sat nice and close to the designers and some folk that were a little *cough* high, watched the standing room girls shift their weight as their heels started to ache, goodie bags of fun, and a McFlurry drive through on the way home. Favourite part? One of my besties El and her comments. Girls nights out are fun.



  1. Where's a photo of YOU though??

  2. No photos of me unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever way you look at it...), but I wore my ink blue skinnies, white singlet with big black lace bow sewn on and Bec&Bridge blazer. Black flats, hair out and thick liquid black eyeliner. I just wrote that and re read it and it sounds pretty cool. Not so much in reality ;) This is why it's only in print :D


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