Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun weekend music

I heart Zooey Deschanel. Interesting piece of trivia. Her and that chicky from Bones are sisters. True story. I know. Hard hitting journalism at it's best.

I'm pretty sure if we met or were introduced through mutual friends (there has to someone somewhere THINK woman THINK!), we'd become besties. And not only do I love her in movies (she played a part in the great brunette decision of '09), but apparently she's a smarty pants in the region of music too. And this is no slashie combo, heck no! As I am not musical in what some would call a "good" way, all I can tell you about this cd is that it makes me happy, relax-y, chillax-y, and continues to inspire in me a pining for previous generations.

Listen to it while enjoying the mild(er) breezes this weekend whilst you stroll gaily about your sunshine filled boudoir*. Or whilst working. Either or.

*Interestingly (again!), this cd also makes me snoozy, toasty and snuggly when it's dark and grey and rainy outside. A multi seasonal cd...I think SO!

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