Tuesday, August 4, 2009


After our brief and shining (ha!) moment in the sun, it seem we're back to temperatures reminiscent of the cold snap of '64. Chilly times, those days. And so, being the kind and generous friend I am, I thought I'd share this woolly delight with you! Rey, at greybirdtextiles, is an incredibly talented Scot whom I've recently had the pleasure of meeting. She hails from the Highlands, and creates these toasty looking woolly bundles. This here is called 'Chilli Spice', which in itself is enough to get me wanting a roll or 5. She has loads of creations, all handmade, and unique in their colour, just waiting for you to fall in love with them and send off a request. Much like a mail order bride. But different.

So, as Rey is Scottish, and therefore one of my favourite people, I'm actually considering learning to knit, simply to use some of her amazing creations. You should too. We could have a knit off. Do you think we could have snacks?

Have a peek at http://www.greybirdtextiles.etsy.com/

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