Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A conversation...

Paris 2005
Mon ami: Um, so you know photos are supposed to be focussed, right?
Moi: Pft. Yes.
Mon ami: And you know that these aren't, yes?
Moi: Pft. Yes.
Mon Ami: Did you forget to focus, but decide to love this photo anyway?
Moi: Er. Yes. Oh look! Another one!
Edinburgh Christmas markets 2005
Mon ami: Hmm. Yes, but do you actually know how to use a camera?
Moi: I can NOT believe you just asked me that.
Mon ami: They make my eyes hurt.
Moi: OOH there's one here too!

London...from the Eye
Mon ami: I'm leaving.
Moi: Pretty...


  1. i LOVE this post! the green photos you commented on are deliberately blurred but people keep asking similar questions! don't they realise we're being all arty?!

  2. exactly!! its CLEARLY an art form! Even if my camera only does it sometimes... :)


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