Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog award! Excitement plus! Chocolate time!

The lovely Nicola (awesome name) at Concrete and Honey just tagged me for a blog award! Imagine a mini celebratory champagne party happening in the rubyandjoy studio now, if you will. Or me sitting at my computer with a lone party popper. Either or. Anyhoodle, now I get to thrill you with a few interesting (depending on how dull your day has been) facts about myself. Woo!

  1. I enjoy singing loudly in the van. If you see me doing this around Sydney, I'm not yelling at you in a road rage-y manner, just enjoying the Twilight soundtrack
  2. I'm really bad at computer stuff. I was really excited just now when I figured out how you make a word a link. Yes. It took me that long (I also can't make the numbers of this list the right font, but we'll tackle that another day)
  3. I'm a chocolate fiend
  4. I love being at the beach on a rainy day, or lost in the bush on a sunny day. There is no peace or awe like it
  5. I have my own business. rubyandjoy. It's awesome
  6. I'm real good at being subtle
  7. I've never been kissed
  8. I've wanted to be a florist since I was a wee bairn. The passion keeps growing (like a flower...HA! I rock at jokes too...) and blooming (double ha!) and I don't see it ending for a good long while
  9. I secretly would love to have a column in a magazine/blog somewhere
  10. I fall down a lot

Part two! Lovely pretty cheery blogs (my goodness it's a handy title!) that bring me cheer when I visit.

  1. Little Jane St my first online friend, and a clever one at that. Beautiful pics and lovely treats to buy
  2. Where the Lovely Things Are title says it all really...
  3. Max Wanger yes, everyone has probably seen it, but MAN he takes incredible pictures!
  4. Bits of Beauty the lovely Jenn with some gorgeous finds
  5. Wedding Style Guide when a beautiful magazine skips into online...loveliness!
  6. SevenEight paper prettiness and inspiration
  7. My Polaroid Blog some uber pretty polaroids (another self explanatory title)...
  8. Amour Amour more beautiful wedding themed inspiration
  9. EmmyRoseER, Letter Bird Lane, Huetopia...not blogs, but some of the best stationery in Sydney, with some of the loveliest people in Sydney (EmmyRose site is coming soon, get excited!)
  10. And a pinch more wedding fun Portobello Style, Polka Dot Bride, and Alannah Rose.

Sorry if I've forgotten anyone that is quite spectacular and clearly deserved a spot can blame it on my foggy mind. Seriously. It's like a sieve. And yes, I cheated a little with the addition of non blogs and extra mentions, but my goodess. There's just. So. Many! And I'm living on the edge.

Let me know if you know any lovely bloggy treats, and extra special thanks to Concrete and Honey for my first blog award! I think I just found another party popper...


  1. Oooh yes! Fellow Chocolate Fiends UNITE!!! Yeah!

    I looked at your shop, what lovely arrangements! Wow!

    Hahahaha, I laughed so hard at your comment on my blog about your city being full of hugs, but "not in a creepy way". I am glad you added that part. But when I think about it, it's sad that we live in a time where hugs can be creepy, isn't it?

  2. Thank you so much! & I too am a chocolate fiend.... as well as a loud car singer. Sometimes I sing so loud and so long that I'll arrive at my destination with a slightly weaker voice & a sore throat, haha.

  3. Thank you from all of us here at Style Guide. Such a lovely gesture!!! And to all those chocolate fiends (us incl.) keep your eyes peeled for our spring issue. We've taken chocolate above and beyond! YUMMY!! xx

  4. Dionne - heck yes! There should be a club! We could have badges!! Perhaps there needs to be a support group...;) And yes, it most definately is. I'd be trying to remember Miss Congeniality's SING moves if a stranger tried to hug me. Although it'd probably end with me being more injured than them. Embarrassingly clumsy :)
    Mallory - I'm so glad I'm not the only one!! And the best feeling is singing loudly with the windows down on a sunny day. Unfortunately not for those in surrounding vehicles. Ah well. Share the joy, I say ;)
    Style Guide - Can't wait. More ways to inhale chocolate. I'm in.

  5. thanks for sharing. another choccy fiend here :) and thanks so much for the bloggy love xx


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