Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot!

Carolina Herrera Spring '09

Happy Friday my lovely blog readers! Although I'm trapped inside doing accounts (blech), I can see the sun is shining and being all enticing like, and I hope you have at least a little toe enjoying the glowy warmth it provides. As we're quickly approaching shiny face season (woo!), and I know nothing about how to stop shiny face from appearing (nuts!), I'm not going to write about it. Except to tell you I am a new convert to Primer (I'm told it helps), and am considering, after a lengthy and detailed discussion last night over pizza (the good kind), to make the switcheroo to mineral foundation. I'll let you know how this life changing decision affects my day to day routine when it happens (excitement PLUS), but for now, will type freely about Heidi braids. Interestingly, in all the pictures I could find, Heidi did not have braids. The deceit begins to unravel...

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Now clearly, if you were a model, and getting ready for a show, and had minions running around and primping you within an inch of your life (never understood that expression. It's like 'keep your eyes peeled' which only leads to disturbing mental images. Grosso), you would look rather pretty. However, I have been told this kind of hair is something I as a pleb am able to pull of quite convincingly, mainly because as a pleb, my hair is already a bit mussed up and ready to go! Weeee! Picture the Princess Bride, if you will. Less dirt and pigs, more fresh water and hygiene.

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Go nutso with the texturising paste (got a grand one free at the RSFF last week from Redken, I've no idea what it's called, but I'm thinking it's something along the lines of 'texturising paste'. Clever.), the hairspray and the teasing. Calm it back down with a paddle brush, and PLAIT my friends, PLAIT! As with the first pic, you can go all demure and pretty and groomed, you can go 'I've been rolling in a haystack and still manage to look hot' as per picture 2, or you can do more a bun style 'I'm a little bit high fashion, a little bit nonchalant' like pic three. You could do heapso more than these, I'm just sticking to my pictures ike a good blogger. Gold star to moi! Although it's never quite the same when self administered, is it.

And what's this?! Celebrities to enforce my plaiting is fun theme! It's like it was planned! Jen on left there is my fav, but then I'm pretty sure she could do no wrong. And yes. We're on a first name basis. Practically besties. AWESOME eyebrows. Kirsten's makeup is lovely, all dewy and fresh. What I strive to look like but generally end up resembling an overzealous 5 year old after her mums touche eclat and rosie blush has all but run out. Practice makes perfect, eh?! And in the meantime, there's always more helpful blogs than mine.
I'm off to plait. And eat. But that's fairly common...


  1. i wish someone would do my hair like that - i love it but would look like a nutter if i attempted to do it myself - p.s. i tagged you over at my blog - come visit

  2. oh me too...I either look like a severe angry person or a 5 year old, not ideal.
    thanks so much! i love it! and how exciting! am i allowed to tag you back in blogs i love? ;)


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