Monday, August 24, 2009

Kate Spade

I love Kate Spade. Well. Not so much Kate Spade. As much as I'm sure she's a lovely person, I may withhold judgement until I've met her. Which, as an aside, is not happening anytime soon. Unless she is a secret reader of this blog, which, depending on how you look at it, is either very likely, or not likely at all. All about your point of view I guess. I'm choosing to believe she is, and gets up early every morning, not to create and design and be generally quite fabulous, but to read lovelyprettycheerythings. Yessir. So. This cute little case is brilliant just as is, but it also has lovely little treats inside in the form of pencils, an eraser and a sharpener! I'm always one of those folk that when is given a bag or purse, waits a couple seconds (to be polite), then digs in to see if the present continues in side. Pathetic, I know. But no need here! I already KNOW there's stuff inside! Good one, Kate. Also, this would be a super cool gift if you had a friend called Kate.

Notecards. Now Kate, as you read along here, and no doubt pick up on the mistakes gaLORE I've made about your product (my researcher is me, not so reliable), I assume you'll remember we like note cards here, and have posted on them a couple times. Don't be offended, I do not discriminate when it comes to notecards. The more the better I say! And yours are pretty cool. I like the 'for no particular reason' one. I believe more gifts and notes should be given for no particular reason, so it really fits in well with my beliefs. I love it when stuff comes together like this.

This is here, mainly because if I had dated the love of my life, married him in an old cathedral followed with a gorgeous outdoor marquee reception featuring FORESTS of flowers, lived happily together while we both worked hard and passionately at our careers, came to the point where we wanted to have children (I would want 3, he would want 4), planned the babies room, dealt with being a fatty and knowing it had nothing to do with the 7 chocolate biscuits I'd eaten that day, gone through labour (probably not the quiet kind), become the best mum ever (*cough*), decided after the youngest was 5 that it'd be nice to have a date night, well, it'd be kind of cool to have this to leave for the babysitter. And also? I love the green. Kate Spade green it is. Lucky that.

Canvas Becca Pencil Case
Idiom Notecards
Babysitter Message Pad

All from Kate Spade New York at

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