Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some wedding themed fun... we haven't had any for a while!
A few favourite shots from some of the pro's.


I'm feeling the need for a new nail colour. I say as if I wear nail polish often. I don't. But I had you going, right? Nice mauve-y purple? Minty green? Raspberry pink? My gosh my life can be difficult.

Top image from Tec Petaja
2nd image via Martha Stewart
3rd image via Rosa Clara


  1. If I could do it again (which I would LOVE to ..... with the same man, of course) I would wear that dress in the third pic. :)

  2. Oh... and I think you should go for minty green. Yes life's hard. lol! :) ..... (& of course my nails are perfectly manicured & I'm not sitting in my trackies, drinking coffee, looking at the black nailpolish chipping off my toenails... lol)

  3. oh love it!! minty green it is! if i can make it through the 5 steps previous to minty green nails. Like...take of old polish, buff nails...hmmm...


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