Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guest Blog :: ice ice baby

Stop. Collaborate. And listen… If this doesn’t add frost to your windscreen I don’t know what will. I think that works? No? Maybe? In any case, if you’re enjoying the current winter wonderland, perhaps you will enjoy these fine ensembles, pictured above. FYI.. My scarf, hat, beret and beenie collection is growing as we speak. Gloves are also on the list. Pretty sure certain body parts are also growing due to increased consumption of hot chocolate and other fine and well deserved treats. Oh wells!

On a more serious and political note.. we should give honorable mention to Australia's first female Prime Minister Ms Julia Gillard. What up..
Secondly, having the privillege and honor of access to millions of potential (notice the use of the word potential) readers, I would like to take full advantage of my favoured position and make a request.

Dear Julia...I would very much appreciate it if, as our new Prime Minister you would kindly introduce a new work place agreement. That is, we agree to all wear uggboots to work during the cooler months. My toes would be mighty grateful.

Also, Nicola...can't believe I'm about to ask this...but when you go to Scotland, could you be oh so kind and return with the gift of some summer?

Thank you Ladies.

Happy Wednesday!


images via :: fleur wood

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