Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Good Friday morning lovelies!! How are we all coping with the rain today? I woke up this morning with an unusual want for coloured wool stockings. And still somewhat confused about a dream involving mud swamps, libraries and giant floating dogs. The giant floating dogs seems to be a recurring theme. Exactly what that theme is I'm still yet to figure out. I'm fairly sure it would have something to do with coloured makeup though.
So! Seeing as how it is miserable and grey and chilly and cold outside, if you are brave enough to venture out tonight (as opposed to the sensible among us that will be having a dvd, pasta and tracky pants night) I do believe it might be time to crack out some colours! Did you hear that?? All those excited squeals? That's the sound of all your unused, unloved brightly coloured makeup throwing a party with tiny little party poppers and those weird paper horn things you blow on! They're just that excited!

I've always been quite afraid of pink eyeshadow. I'm not one to shy away from colours, I'd just prefer not to look like I'd chosen pink eye as my theme for the evening. However! I recently added to my collection a ruby grapefruit sort of colour from the makeup store (brilliant store for any colour under the sun) which, in the interest of journalistic integrity* I have only used twice. But! I love it! I have blue eyes and, in the words of frightening 'industry people', and my friend Deby, it makes my eyes 'pop'! Although Deby did use slightly different words. I think she said I looked nice.

I tried to do a smoky eye a few weeks back and was so very very excited when it worked! I had new brushes my big brother had brought me from Sephora in the USA (I gave him a list), and some Stila shadows, and gave myself a looong time to get it right. The ONLY issue being, after about 1 hour it was gone, ruined. All my careful blending (not really), wasted! Apparently I need a special eye primer to hold the shadow. What do I have to say to this? I have this to say. If you could see the amount of product I have in my bathroom crammed onto every shelf, bench and cupboard at this present time, you would agree with me that there would be something there I could use. SURELY! Also. I would like some jewel toned shadows. And what looks like some awesome liquid liner. Maybe a little too much for the movies** tonight?

I've also always been a little afraid of blue eyeshadow. 80's revival and all that. And as I was (un)pleasantly reminded not too long ago, physie quite seemed to like a good blue shadow along with some nice fake tan and backcombing like you've never seen before. Gotta love photo album night***. But heck, in the interests of holding together this horrifically unresearched post, I say I might just try it! If I start out with pink eye tonight, maybe 80's eye could work for me next week? Build up from diseases to flashdance?
So. I do hope, as always, to have influenced you in a deep and profound way with a hard hitting and informative article. And I hope you have a wonderfully cosy weekend filled with oversized doonas and hot chocolate (and colourful eyeshadow dammit!)! I am off to find out if I can get some free samples of eye primer.

*I'm no journalist, so that doesn't count. It was once.
** It IS SATC 2...
***Really? REALLY?!
**** It's my four month anniversary tonight. That's not related to anything in this post, but I'm a little bit happy! x

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